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  1. S

    Question Looking to upgrade aging PC

    I have had my PC for almost 7 years now and it has been holding up... for the most part. I have been playing most games on medium to low settings and for newer titles, I have been forced to scale down my resolution to 1280 x 720. In games such as CS:GO I can consistently get around 120 fps on...
  2. GamingEnthusiast420

    Cooling Loop monoblock not compatible with mobo's IO shield... HALP!

    So I'm making a custom loop for my PC and it says on the monoblock desc. that its not compatible with the I/O shield of my mobo, what do I do??
  3. A

    Multiple monitors for Nvidia GTX 980 and Radeon 290X

    So... my computer just died, which is what I expected to happen after nearly 6 years of non-stop computer problems. At least I'm hoping that my hard disks survived the whole fiasco (my external one did for sure) since the data is more important to me than anything else. Now that being said, I...