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    [SOLVED] what is the best setting for network buffer?

    I play valorant on the Eu server and i always get 180+ ping (im from Mozambique) and there is a "Network Buffering" option, which should i select, "Minimum, Moderate, Maximum"? like what would be best?
  2. B

    Question wi fi stops working every few minutes

    my laptop hp stream laptop 11-ah1xx has a huge problem the wi-fi keeps shutting down for no reason. sometimes it stops but the wifi logo still says that its connected to my wifi. then there are other times when it'll show that my wifi has no internet (the temporary solution is to disconnect and...
  3. ATI7000

    Rise of tomb raider keeps on crashing

    heres the Appcrash report can anyone please point whats cousing this problem black screen sound stilling playing runining on windows 7 64bit Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=131011564930355191 ReportType=2 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=3aba7bfd-de46-11e5-914a-f079595ef10b...
  4. K

    GTX 970 Motherboard compatibility

    Will a GTX 970 work in an old Foxconn G31MX motherboard? I'm expecting the answer will be no but i'm pretty broke right now and would prefer not to upgrade if at all possible
  5. A

    'American Megatrends' CPU Fan Error

    Hey guys, I have just recently built my PC but almost everytime I start it comes up with the American Megatrends CPU Fan Error screen, then sends me to the bios.. it says the fan is spinning at around 600rpm, is it actually a problem with the fan or is it something else? I'd like to state that...