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  1. orioch

    Question PC unusable until windows explorer is restarted in task manager

    Hello everyone! To start off, here are the specs: specs (pcpartpicker), and the PC in question is my fiance's. More often than not, when my fiance boots up his PC, it will go to a black screen and show a loading wheel cursor for an indefinite amount of time. Restarting windows explorer on task...
  2. A

    Question Ethernet speeds inconsistent

    My ethernet speeds for my desktop continue to drop. I'm unable to watch netflix and youtube. Downloads take a while to complete. Currently I have gigabit ethernet speeds from verizon fios 940/880. On my family's mac, the speeds seem to be limited to and get 100/100 however this is likely due...
  3. R

    Question Need help troubleshooting buffering issue

    Please delete if not allowed I have Amazon Fire TV Stick that I "Jail broke" to get access to more shows and sports. I have a YouTube TV subscription and everything works perfect on the Firestick. I have Gigablast (Cox) plan. I use Nord VPN to connect to the closest city to me (Dallas), but I...
  4. deNameMo

    [SOLVED] PC Video or Stream completely stops when browsing

    It's late right now so I apologize if I don't reply right away or provide insufficent information and will fix that in the morning. My pc or rather entire network has been acting extremely weird for a couple weeks now. Nowadays whenever I have a video or even worse, livestream up and even just...
  5. Hadeus

    Question Videos buffering on every software, playing while buffering with no sound

    Hey, I had an incident where I got my PSU a little bit damaged from pulling the wire but had it successfully repaired. Afterward, I started experiencing some issues. The first thing that I noticed was that I had trouble launching Apex Legends, it launched with no sound and froze in like 10...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Only Youtube is my buffering problem...

    I see all kinds of problems and fixes for my constant buffering on YT, but I thinks this is a next level problem. I play a video, goes on for 30-60 seconds and won't preload further and then buffers infinitely. I go back 5 seconds and then it will preload again and I can watch for another 20...
  7. D

    Question HELP ME!!!!! I KNOW NOTHING....youtube acting really funny. Hard to explain.

    This is a tough one. I will do my best to explain it clearly.. Firstly, this is my first build by myself. System specs are: AMD Ryzen 3900xt MSI 5700 RX MECH OC EVGA SuerNOVA G3 850w 80gold plus MSI B550-A ProSeries Corsair Vengeance LPX DDr4 2 x 36GB 2400mhz Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu...
  8. F

    Question Stream lagging

    I have a laptop and a pc and a pretty good internet connection. Everytime when I watch twitch or any other streaming site I have no problem loading and watching but when I try on my pc its starts lagging the moment I start watching. They are both connected by a ethernet cable.
  9. A

    Question youtube streams fine but twitch suffers

    hi there, i am able to watch 1080p60fps streams just fine on youtube using chrome but Twitch buffers at even 360p.i tried firefox yesterday,still the same issue. what could be causing this issue?
  10. T

    Monitor says no signal after installing Rx 460

    I recently installed a new gpu into my PC and a power supply. When I boot the pc up it says no signal on my monitor I have it connected with a single link dvi cable. The light on the graphics card is glowing so I am assuming that that is working. I had integrated graphics on my PC before and I...
  11. M

    HP Pavilion a6745f with MS-7548 mobo - BIOS

    I went to HP's website to see if there is a new BIO's and it said Version 5.13 Aug 2, 2012 So I go into my BIOS and it states Version 5.13 but 05/07/09 Should I just install a new BIOS?
  12. D

    Help powering 2 GTX 980 Ti with a CoolerMaster V1200 Platinum

    Hello everyone So here's my problem... I am using 2 GTX 980 Ti in SLI and have the Cooler Master V1200 Platinum to power them. Each card has one PCI-e power cable running from a 6 pin output on my PSU. This cable has one 6 pin connector on one end and two 6+2 pin connectors on the other end...
  13. H

    an external graphic card

    i have intel i3 350m and want to make it playable upto battlefiedl 4 and so and i want graphic card that will do external help needed