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  1. NomadACB

    Question !!Budget Build Need Help £450-£600!!

    Hey Pros, Like the title says! I need some expert help creating a Gaming PC Build on a budget of £450-£600?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Many Thanks in advanced!!
  2. A

    Build Advice Recommendations for a budget build ?

    Hey everyone, So a friend of mine decided to get rid of some things including pc parts. I managed to save some. Was wondering with just a few more things, including used parts, I could build a working pc out of them. Here's what we got: i7 4790 single 8gb ddr3 so-dimm ram (2) ddr4 8gb ram asus...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Best components for my build ?

    Im new to pc building and im not 100% sure this are the best parts for my build. The budget is 1700€ Is there something you would change from my build ? if so, why ? I would also like to know if i should get a cpu cooler or is the stock cooler from the 5600X enough ? Here is the build...
  4. milleniumxxx

    Question new build need help and advices

    hey guys in june iam about to switch to pc and its my first time to build one with a 3600 + 1660 super for only 1080p60fps pure gaming. my question is it a good choice to build it at that moment ? iam scared to build it and just in septembre when new amd stuff comme's out i'll have to rebuy...
  5. M

    Question Need Help With Build

    I need help with a build. I started one, but I don't think its good enough. I would like to be able to play games (like Rust, Fortnite, PubG, etc.)as well as do school work with no lag. I want a new keyboard, mouse, and monitor. My budget is $1000, however I can go over by a little if needed...
  6. U

    Safe to connect USB hub to adapter with more amps?

    I need to attach 10 USB 3.0 external hard drives which are powered over USB, to a powered USB HUB ( http://www.orico.cc/goods.php?id=5547 ) but it's adapter is only 12V 3A so it does not give enough power to use all 10 drives at the same time with it. Is it possible (ie. safe) to attach it to a...
  7. L

    RAM frequency not maxing out

    RAM frequency only maxing out at 1200MHz when i have 4 2400MHz Sticks. I have the hyperx fury ddr4 2400MHz ram Cpu-z screens http://imgur.com/a/Vvuw4
  8. C

    Cant get low enough resolution

    I just bought a Sanyo HD flat screen. I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ57 laptop. I have no cable service, and am trying to connect laptop to computer using VGA cable. I run on Windows 7 home premium. I made connection between both but tv says to change PC input signal resolution. I called Sanyo...