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    [SOLVED] i need help to build my pc

    I am planning to build a computer and although I already have in mind most of the components, I cannot decide on the power source and I am not sure of the compatibility of the hadware so I leave you a list of what I have in mind to help me to check the compatibility of everything and to find the...
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    Question Just built a system, have no Idea whats wrong

    I am devastated rn. So, I just built a system and since the video card didnt arrive yet I unplugged the video card from my old pc (old oc is fully functional) and plugged it in my new system. To my great dissapointment, it didnt post. So, I plugged it back ang guess what, my old video card...
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    Question Building My Second PC, Thoughts?

    Hey there, I'm building my second PC and I'm very inexperienced so I was wondering if my build looks good/if there are any red flags. I'm doing streaming/recording/editing/rendering etc. full time. Here's the parts list: Case: Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB Tempered Glass Gaming Case Case Fans...
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    Help: Building PC for R Programming / Algorithm Trading

    Budget = Unlimited As the title says, I'm going to be building a dedicated computer for the algorithm trading I'm going to be doing through R. Just had some questions when it comes to hardware and what I should prioritize: - GPU: single 1080 or 1080SLI (is R or computer programming in...