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  1. Barry Cupas

    Question Advice Needed

    Hey Guys, I need some advice on this Build. Here is the PcPartPicker Link to it ; https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mmmL6R Can you see what is overpriced in this...or make some changes which can make this rig even more efficient or cut some unnecessary prices or add equivalent parts which could...
  2. Question Is possible Add FANS OVER PSU SHROUD in nzxt h510 elite?

    Hi, Is it possible to add fans over the psu shroud to improve airflow over GPU. Im planning to make REALLY long GPU base render animations and i wanted to know if this is possible to get better temps. Here: Thanks in advance.
  3. WaffleWarrior18

    Question Wondering if anyone could confirm if this build would work? This is my first ever build!

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/WaffleWarrior18/saved/y4jj23 Hello all, looking to upgrade from my very old laptop- which is barely able to do 30fps on low settings without getting so hot it shuts down. All I really want is a build that can do stable, locked 60fps at 1080p on high settings. I've...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Could you help me to virtually build a PC?

    Hi everybody, I'm gonna buy a new pc in the next 6 months; this time I won't buy a pre-built PC, but I'm gonna build one by myself. I'm starting to think which components I should buy, also deciding on the best possible quality-price ratio. I've already spotted some components such as: CPU...
  5. T

    Question New PC, Suggestions

    Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5 GHz MSI B450 A PRO WD BLUE 2 TB 5400RPM Gigabyte 500 W 80+ Bronze HyperX Fury 8 GB 3200 Gigabyte GTX 1650 4GB Any opinions on this build? Thank you in advance, new here.
  6. Niska

    [SOLVED] what you think about this build

    this not my own build its a company build and i was wondering if this build good for gaming its much cheap iam going to use it's like 2/3 months then i will change the psu and gpu dose the 350w psu work for me or i have to change it when i just buy the pc (can its handel for 2/3 months) (iam...