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    Question ~$300 gaming computer

    Ive been interested in PCs for a while when I was in my early years of middle school, now there is all this new stuff, I don’t know what to get. I’m looking to build a 300 dollar computer that can handle games like csgo at 1080p and maybe some newer titles. I can definitely live with buying...
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    Question Replace motherboard

    Salvage older system: MSI 7309 + AMD Athlon II x4 620 + 4 DDR-3 Ram + Video Card: ATI Radeon HD-5450 Video. The MSI 7309 has blown capacitors but still working for the moment. Is there a modern motherboard available compatible with the AMD Athlon CPU ? If not, can I keep most of my components...
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    Intel or AMD for next upgrade build?

    So for as long as I’ve been into PCs, I’ve always, ALWAYS used AMD CPUs. I’m fact, every PC in my household has an AMD CPU as of right now. I’m sure I’ve used computers with Intel CPUs but I’m pretty sure that was ever such a long time ago. When AMD released their Ryzen processors, I was...