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  1. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] What do you think of my proposed new build? Check out this new build. Keeping all other parts in rig. SEE RIG BELOW... CM HAF X case. 240mm side fan, 200mm front fan and 140mm front fan and rgb red and intake fans. custom loop 480mm and 360mm rads with external 480 in push pull ----8 fans...
  2. K

    Is an atom x5 z8300 good enough for 2D animation/light gaming?

    I only want to be doing 2D light animation and light gaming. I would be pairing it with a drawing tablet and a keyboard case for portability. I know 3D animation would be a big no on this pc but 2D drawing and animation can't be that bad right? Also light gaming like Minecraft, axiom verge...
  3. P

    Could use a little help with my new Fractal R4 case. Namely, LED light and the fans.

    Hello. I just had my PC assembled in a Fractal R4 case and the LED light is not working. We tried plugging it in a few ways but no luck. I am using this motherboard So far, the case seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping the...