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  1. O

    Question After replacing a motherboard, my monitor displays no signal, why?

    Hello , absolute newbie here, I recently got a new motherboard and managed to reinstall all the needed parts and wires however upon connecting the GPU to the monitor(with a hdmi cable) I get the aforementioned error. The parts seem to be working, the fans are spinning and the LEDs are lit up but...
  2. T

    Question Is this a good PC for moderate gaming? Does it have all the components to run?

    Hello, Tom’s Hardware! I was just wondering if this is all compatible together, and if it has all the components needed to build a computer. I’m new to building computers, and I’ve been doing research, and I’d just like a more personal overview of if this would all be able to be put together...
  3. R

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 A320 OR Ryzen 3 2200g B450

    Hi guys, im about going to build a pc, but i still confuse for choosing specs depends on my budget, i need your advice which one should i get Ryzen 3 2200g with B450mb or Ryzen 5 2600 with A320mb? -thanks sorry for bad english
  4. K

    Question How do I properly ground myself when building pc

    So I have a basic understanding on how grounding works... You install PSU in the case, plug it to the outlet with the PSU switch turned OFF... except in my scenario, I'll be plugging the PSU in a surge protector board with a switch on it... and then to the wall outlet... which ALSO has a switch...
  5. B

    Question Just throwing parts together.

    I'm looking to build a new PC later in the summer for around $850-$900 I'm guessing. I was just on PC part picker adding parts that looked good. What do you guys think about the build?
  6. J

    Question Use for a second PC

    Hi, I currently have a perfectly optimal pre-built gaming PC with up to date specs. I am interested in building my first PC with a budget of $500 Australian dollars max. I am wondering what I could potentially use this new pc for since I already have a perfectly fine gaming pc. I don't...
  7. K

    Question Do I need a wireless adapter for my motherboard for internet?

    Hey, I was wondering if you need a wifi adapter or some sort to put into your motherboard, i'm going to build my first computer very soon. The motherboard I will be getting is Asus Strix Z390-H and I was planning to get an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N PCIe Adaptor. Does this motherboard come with...
  8. Pythonbites

    Question Can I build my pc until my RAM arrives?

    So I ordered some RAM that will arrive this Monday, i have the rest of the parts on hand. Can I build the rest of the system early so when the ram arrives i can just put it in and boot the PC?
  9. Fatpcsnat

    Question Any problems with my PC rig?

    I am new to the whole PC buildng idea, and im not very sure of what I should check after ive finished a build. If anyone notices any problems I would be extremely greatful to hear them. Just wanted to make sure that theres no compatability problems that PcPartPicker wouldnt have told me. Thank...
  10. J

    Lost video file on USB/PC

    Hi! A while ago, I recorded a video on my PC using *ahem* Bandicam... and I moved it onto a USB for safe keeping. One day, I needed to empty the USB to use for an install of windows, so I moved the files onto a separate folder on my PC. Yet, I have somehow lost that file and am unable to find...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] Help getting two extra RGB fans up and running

    My new Christmas build is up and running great. I last built a PC over ten years ago and never worked with rgb fans. Specs: AMD 2700x Patriot Viper RGB 16GB 3200 MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC XFX RX580 8GB GTS EVGA 750 G3 Gold Case: Cooler Master H500 Mesh I got this Cooler Master LED...
  12. S

    B360 Artic motherboard and Sniper X, F4-3200 ddr4. Are they compatible?

    I have a MSI B360 Artic motherboard that I bought and am pairing it with a G.Skills Sniper-X, F4-3200 2x8 Gb memory which I have since found out is too fast for the motherboard which is rated at a lower speed. I have already had to rma the mobo and one stick of memory. Can those two work...
  13. H

    What cables do I use to connect a gtx 1070ti to the PSU?

    Hi, I bought a gtx 1070ti but I am not sure which cables to plug it in with, my power supply came with a bunch of cables but I dont know which one, if someone could provide a picture or a explanation it would be greatly appreaciated :D
  14. N

    Weird temps on FX 8350

    hello i have an fx 8350 with stock fan and been trying to overclock(wthout increasing voltage) for a while but i get really high temps, 65+ ºC in just seconds with Prime95. i tried to reduce the voltage by 0.08v and i was still getting really high temps on prime95 and CPU-Z stress test. i was...
  15. henrytcasey

    What's a Deepfake? The Scariest Fake News, Explained

    Move over, Fake News. Deepfakes can allow a fake video to be made of anyone, and it's potential is truly frightening. What's a Deepfake? The Scariest Fake News, Explained : Read more
  16. L

    Win 10 update always messes up my sleep mode

    Hi all, I really dread Windows 10 updates. I did the latest one a couple days ago and, as always, it disabled the automatic sleep mode. No matter where you set it, it keep running. The monitors turn off but not the internal processes. I ran a diagnostic and found these three drivers were to...
  17. E

    Ram help and solution

    I had a set of G.Skill sniper series DDR3 and a stick blew out so I’m running on 4 gigs and I am going to buy the exact set 4x2 I was wondering if I could add the set of 4x2 to my other set of 4x2 that is currently running 4x1 to make a total of 12 gigs of 4x3 so one full set 04 4x2 and another...
  18. F

    I remove my ram after putting back on i have black screen

    I have 4 ram installed i remove my 4gb ram to look at it after putting it back on my pc just goes black screen when i remove the 4gb ram that i have remove recently my pc will boot up. I think i have put a static charge on it is there a way to remove the static charge in the ram? Can someone...
  19. S

    Is this desktop deal good for the money?

    I'm shopping for my father in law and he needs a simple desktop PC for web surfing and streaming videos. Budget ($300- $350 and ease of maintenance (new only) are the primary requirements. I found this desktop from Micro Center...
  20. T

    How many case fans should I start off with? Specs to follow..

    Computer Specs: -Intel i7-7700K -GTX 1070 -Asus Z270E Motherboard -650W PSU -Cooler Master Hyper D92 CPU Cooler -Corsair Obsidian 750D Case This case comes with 3 fans pre-installed. If I'm not doing any overclocking anytime soon, would the 3 included fans plus the CPU cooler suffice?