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Forum discussion tagged with building.
  1. G

    Question How is my build? First time computer build

    So Here is what I’ve come up with I’m trying not to go over $1000. These are all the parts I’ve put together. I’m just trying to player modern games on high or ultra. Games like modern warfare and the new assassins creed. I will also be playing games like csgo,dead by daylight,Valorant, and WOW...
  2. G

    Question Final questions before I start ordering the parts

    So this is the final build I’ve come to Here. If there is anything you guys would recommend to save a little money or anything. I just want to play mordern games on a high or ultra setting. Would love to play war zone on ultra but with my budget of $1000 idk how do able that is. I’m new to...
  3. G

    Build Advice First time building, are there any problems with my component choices?

    https://www.newegg.com/black-corsair-carbide-spec-delta-rgb-tempered-glass-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811139136?Item=N82E16811139136 Corsair Case https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-rtx-2070-super-ventus-gp-oc/p/N82E16814137528?Item=N82E16814137528 RTX 2070 super...
  4. JustSpod

    Question Computer stuck restarting repeatedly, no beeps, nothing on monitor

    So basically a while ago, there was an incident involving a printer and my computer in which the printer was connected to my computer through a USB slot on the motherboard i/o. I went to plug in the printer to power it on, and a spark came when I brought the plug near the outlet. This killed the...
  5. T

    Question First build! Could I get some feedback?

    Hey guys, I'm about to purchase this build, can anyone give me improvements/feedback? I'd like to make sure all parts are compatible before I purchase. Thanks! https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/list/yQ4qvW
  6. S

    Question Built PC in 2014, I've been out of the game for a while. Should I upgrade off what I have or start new build?

    Hi Guys, I built this PC in 2014 and I haven't really looked at components/upgrade/what's out there since. Running into a few performance issues at the minute - Randomly freezes, cannot handle big Adobe Premier/Photoshop files, ran out of C Drive Storage I'll post my specs below but should I...
  7. A

    Discussion What's the oldest part in your current system?

    What part of your PC is the oldest? Of course, this only applies to people who have transferred parts between systems or upgraded theirs with newer parts over time. For me, I have a HDD that's about 7 years old. I hardly use it and if it died, it's all backed up. I only keep it as an easy to...
  8. PinaCaroline

    Build Advice Looking for PSU

    My Parts Hi I am completely clueless on computers, this list I have was given to me by a friend. I have everything but the psu and I can’t find them anywhere so I am hoping to find a substitute to purchase. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! I am considering Corsair 750watt txm but am...
  9. V

    Question Help building new PC!

    Hi guys! I am currently in the process of building a new PC. I have not bought any parts yet, as I have decided to wait for new GPU's to come out as I think it would be a crime to buy 2000 series when 3000 series is only a few months away! For you reference, I am thinking of getting a...
  10. Roman Levashov

    Question Help with rebuilding PC, which parts to keep?

    So long story short, I messed up. I used nail polish remover instead of propynol to clean CPU and spilled some on motherboard and the socket. My computer can not boot, as in all the lights and fans go on but the screen says no signal. My plan is to switch out both the CPU and the motherboard. I...
  11. nutberger

    [SOLVED] Computer cycles on and off every 30 seconds after new MB installation

    I have recently run into a problem after choosing to get a new case, a new cpu, and a new motherboard. When plugged in and powered on it appears everything inside the case is working, all LEDs are on but nothing shows on moniter and after around 30 seconds it shuts off, and then turns back on...
  12. N

    Question Current quest: A pseudo gaming rig for under 300 USD? (e.g. able to run Geforce Now)

    Hi people, Ok, my son's gaming rig (my old i5 + 970) died and I decided to hand down my own rig and use the salvageable parts for other machines around the house. I don't have the money to buy a new rig altogether, but while I save up for that dreadful expense - I want to create a temp gaming...
  13. E

    Question Is my build compatible? First time building a PC

    Hello all, This is my first time building a gaming PC and I just really want to make sure there's no conflict with any of the components I have selected . So I will just list the components below along with amazon links and then below my list I will enumerate a few questions/concerns I have...
  14. V

    Question Would this be an okay deal for a gaming PC, and do I need to update BIOS?

    So I'm thinking of buying this PC for 1080p Ultra gaming. Would this be an okay deal, and do I need to update BIOS if I get it? https://www.proshop.fi/Poeytaetietokoneet-DUTZO-Gamer-kokoonpanot/DUTZO-Gaming-Master/8026971
  15. V

    Question When should I upgrade my PC?

    Hi, I am currently using a very outdated system, it can still play most of the games I want (just), however, I wanting to play some more intensive stuff (such as VR) and have been deliberating an upgrade. However, I would like to reduce the amount of buyers remorse I may get, although I do...
  16. S

    Question Building a PC

    Hey, I am building a gaming PC for a friend. Plays mainly fortnite, planet zoo. Budget is around 1000 euros. I would like to get some case recommemndations (50-110€). What parts would you change if nothing? Let me know. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX RAM: Kingston 16GB...
  17. abcxyz9811

    Question Rtx 2060 Vs quadro p2000 Vs rx Vega 64 which is better for 3ds max for architecture building design?

    Hello I am very confused which one to pick for 3ds max building design basically architecture based and autocad for architecture which graphics card is batter under 30000 rs and why. And rtx 2060 is batter or quadro p2000 or Rx Vega 64 or any other
  18. KarthikNS

    Question Building a PC for Gaming

    Yo! I'm building a new PC and would love to have some input on it. CPU- Ryzen 7 3700x Motherboard- MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus GPU- GIGABYTE RTX 2070 SUPER Memory- Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz (2x8GB) PSU- Corsair TX-M Series 650W 80 Plus GOLD Certified Storage- 1TB WD HDD Case- NZXT H510 ATX...
  19. T

    Question B450m steel legend ram not going higher then 2133 mhz

    So I bought ram ddr4 3200mhz and upon installing my pc (mobo b450m steel legend) the ram mhz doesnt want to go higher then 2133 I tried putting on the xmp profile but it didn't increase it at all I don't want to do anything dangerous so help?
  20. T

    [SOLVED] I need some advice bout my personal build

    Hey, so I've built some pcs in the past and know how to build a pc but in the upcoming days I'm gonna upgrade my PERSONAL pc (upgrading almost everything except gpu) instead of some other so I'm extremely stressed out for some reason that I break one of the components so I kinda want your guys...