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  1. A

    Question Building a Desktop ,capable to upgrade components often, Budget 1000 €

    Hello guys, First of all, I apologize because recently I asked tips to build up a pc budget of 500 Euros. But now my budget is changed to 1000 Euros. I am looking to build a big pc. I will use this for workstation/graphic and video editing. Manly a lot of multitasking operations. I would...
  2. T

    Question New PC, Suggestions

    Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5 GHz MSI B450 A PRO WD BLUE 2 TB 5400RPM Gigabyte 500 W 80+ Bronze HyperX Fury 8 GB 3200 Gigabyte GTX 1650 4GB Any opinions on this build? Thank you in advance, new here.
  3. Niska

    Question what you think about this build

    this not my own build its a company build and i was wondering if this build good for gaming its much cheap iam going to use it's like 2/3 months then i will change the psu and gpu dose the 350w psu work for me or i have to change it when i just buy the pc (can its handel for 2/3 months) (iam...
  4. R

    Question Stuck between ONLY these two motherboards.

    Help me with which one to get! I ONLY want these two.. well one of them. This is what I am looking for. Unless there is something wayyy better but not more than $300 then so be it! Send it as well. But for these two which one is better for gaming, streaming, overlcocking RTX2060 and 3000mhz Ram...
  5. R

    Question Is a New computer w/ old gpu until new one comes?

    Alright so I am building a new cpu. Have spent over $1,200 on it already. Obviously I need budget money so I am waiting to buy my NEW GPU by march 14th when I get paid. I have an Old GTX970 laying around. Duhhhh I am excited to boot this thing up and play!!! Would it be fine to use the old...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Build suggestion for these two budgets 1200$ and 1800$!

    Looking for two builds on both of these budgets. RTX cards and I7 8700 preferred. Except Monitor and HDD.
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Build for a friend

    So my friend said that he wants to buy a pc for 700 euros ≈ 792 dollars I came up with this if you have any suggestions feel free to tell them CPU : Ryzen 5 1600 CPU COOLER : Ryzen 5 1600 stock cooler MOBO : MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard RAM : G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 8 GB (2 x 4...
  8. danny6431

    Question Friend wants to build a gaming pc for $1400-1500.

    He doesn't need anything RGB and stuff like that. All he demands is that it has water cooling. Thanks.