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  1. E

    Question New Build Input

    Hi there! I’ll keep this as short as possible but I’m planning my second build of my life and it’s a hefty investment and would love some feedback. It is going to be a primarily gaming rig fyi. so here are the specs -CPU: Either i9 9900k or 3900x -MOBO: z390 MSI Godlike or x570 MSI Godlike...
  2. T

    Question Could someone build me a PC?

    Hello! Could someone build me a PC? I wouldn't say I have any preferences but please keep in mind that my budget is $1300 maximum (a bit higher is still okay), RTX 2060 or something newer and preferably an Intel CPU. You guys probably know a lot more than I do so feel free to replace any of...
  3. B

    Question just some advice and information about my build

    My build I'm looking to do just looking for information or advice out there about what graphics card to go for and overclocking potential Artic 750w gaming black Asrock b450m steel legend And ryzen5 2600x Kingspec m.2 512gb special Seagate Barracuda 4tb Gloway ddr4 8gbx2 3200 Amigo RGB 1200...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Computer Build Thoughts?

    I haven't figure out which cooling unit I want and I'm on the fence about the case. I don't even know why cases come with so many internal and external drive bays. Who uses a drive bay these days? What I am really interested in is maximum air flow to keep everything running cool. I also don't...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Can my system run any games well?

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.0ghz GPU: GTX 1050 Ti Memory: 8GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 I'm worried about my CPU for gaming, and I'd like to get like 30 fps with most games if possible. (And if VR is even a possibility)
  6. SeaNature

    Build Advice Please help with comparison, and my questions

    Hi Guys, Practically a newbie builder. My use case - gaming with possibility for starter streaming/youtube videos(from what i gather they have similar requirements), workflow for photo editing and some video editing, Cad and light 3d modelling. I've had to go for a wifi mobo as i'm nowhere near...
  7. C

    Build Advice Hows the build?

    I have been looking to get a VR ready computer and I have never built a PC before but I have upgraded them before. My goal is really to just run all VR games, don't care about the quality as long as it is not bad. I will be using a 60hz monitor with this build since I am low on cash...
  8. T

    Question Is this build decent???

    Hi, everyone I am trying to decide between a few baords in the 150 AUD price range, for my new build. I am trying to decide between this one: This one...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Dont know what mobo to get with 8700k

    i have bought a 8700k off a friend of mine for cheap but am not sure what mobo and ram to pair it with i dont want to spend alot of money but i would also like the choice if it available to me for a good price.
  10. M

    Good first gaming build?

    I am going to purchase a gtx 960 soon after building the pc. For the time being I am going to use onboard grpahics to just run games like League of legends.