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  1. O

    Question UBS and or SDHC to DVD

    Hello, Wasn't sure where to post this but I'm looking for a device that can burn DVD's from a USB thumb drive or a SDHC card. Does this exist?
  2. B

    Question M-Disc?

    Can anyone tell me if this drive actually supports M-Disc??? Recently I wanted to archive some photos and files so I bought this on New Egg . Pioneer 6x BDR-XS06 External Blu-ray Burner+100GB Verbatim M-Disc BDXL+Software I assumed this Drive would support M-Disc but the documentation and specs...
  3. J

    Question G41m combo 2x4gb ddr3 issue

    Hi guys i have team elite plus 4gb ddr3 1600 installed on the mobo(work fine). When i bought the same ram and put into my mobo trying to dual channel and then my pc restart continously, i tried everything including clearing cmos, reseating cmos battery, reseating everything. Still wont boot So...
  4. J

    Question Need help deciding Headset

    So, i have 100 dollars to spend on a headset. I did some research. I was looking towards hyperx cloud alpha or arctis 5. I will usually use headset for mobile gaming, pc gaming and regular everyday on the go music listening. Im also open to other headset suggestions. Im also not looking for a...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Build or pay for build?

    I got dilemma. I can pay £206 to SCAN(UK) and they will build for me system that I want or keep that money and buy 1tb m2.0 ssd. I'm a bit terrified with building pc on my own with parts worth around £2000 (that's a lot of overtimes). Any advice? I know basics and I have watched many of yt diy...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Dual channel question

    Hi! I'm planning to build 2 budget gaming pc. I want them to run in dual channel, supposedly 2x4gb (total of 8gb). In our store they only sell 1 stick 4gb and 1 stick of 8gb same brand, not in pairs. Is it ok to buy two 4gb for each pc even though it doesn't come in pairs, will it run dual...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] PC won’t boot to windows

    I recently just upgraded my CPU and motherboard to a i5 8400 and B360M DS3H. After replacing both the CPU abd motherboard it keeps taking me to the Automatic Repair and I can’t see my SSD on my bios. I made my SSD my startup and windows should be on there, but I can’t find it in the bios. I...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] Will these parts work together

    This is my first time building a pc and I just wanted to check all my parts can work together and nothing is over or under kill. I'm looking for 1080 60-75fps in games like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. These are my current components I'm thinking of buying: i5 8400 Gigabyte Z370P D3(ATX)...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Helping Friend Make a Pc

    So my friend is trying to build a gaming pc so I helped him create a part list but I would also like recommendations on what I should change. PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZntTB Price breakdown by merchant: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZntTB/by_merchant/ CPU: AMD -...
  10. M

    Question BIOS won't boot, so I Have to Press Reset Button.

    Hi, every time i turn on my PC, none of the USB input devices work, as well as the monitor but all of the LED's and fans work. So I have to reset the bios by pressing the bios reset button and changing the bios via a switch, and then it finally turns on after 5 minutes of resetting the bios. I...
  11. gdmaclew

    Question Problems with Login page

    The main forum page still shows "Login" at the top right hand corner even after I log in. Refreshing the page doesn't help. However, going to any other page shows my User Name there. No biggie, just a small problem. Thanks.
  12. S

    Question Can I plug a different microphone into a wireless headset? Or at least just make the corsair hs70 mic sound better?

    I'm getting a new wireless headset. The headset itself is fine but the microphone quality is a little lacking. I don't really want to go and buy a mod-mic wireless because they're ridiculously expensive. I was wondering if it was possible to plug in another microphone dongle into the headset...
  13. E

    I have a very complex issue in which I lose connection (on Ethernet) and lag spiking my game but only happens on some games

    Games such as For Honor and apex legends have been giving me such a hard time. For example i could be playing a game and get a Massive 5-20 second lag spike. But after that i would be normal until it happens again. I've tried *Restaring everything (Modem router and computer) * changing Ethernet...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Corsair H110i Humming Sound Stops with One Fan Unplugged

    Hi. So, earlier today I unmounted my Corsair H110i to wash the radiator out, which I have done before, and never had issues with. This was partly because it was dirty, and partly because I wanted to apply some new thermal compound (I was using some really crappy stuff and bought better). Now...
  15. B

    CSGO performance changed in the last 6 months

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could check this for me. I purchased a custom 3XS system from scan back in October 2015, the machine specs are: Asus X99 motherboard I7-5820k Overclocked to 4.2GHz 16GB Ram EVGA GTX 980 2.0 SC ACX 750 RMI 750 PSU 256GB SSD 2TB HDD My problem is that since I...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] ASUS Prime z390-p issue

    Hello everyone !!! Recently i built a new pc but .... lucky me, I'm facing some strange issues. Was looking all over the internet but didn't find anything similar to my problem so i decided to look for help here. Following the mobo manual i added the 2 x 8 ddr4 sticks into A2 and the B2 slot (...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] BitFenix Fury series

    I am looking to change my power supply because of its sound (coil whine)... My recommendation for my budget is this: BitFenix Fury 650W Gold Modular I know BitFenix Fury is an old series but i found it on the craigslist for only 40 euros with remaining guarantee... Do you think that this is a...
  18. I

    Dead Mobo - need advice!

    Hi everyone! :D So I ran in to some issues with my build (2 months old, was otherwise a happy PC) and the motherboard died - CMOS won’t reset via jumper or battery removal, won’t POST. Tried everything I could then had it confirmed at a repair shop. I’m replacing it with a board of the same...
  19. D

    Laptop crashes when I play games, does weird screen flicker/jitters. NEED URGENT HELP!

    My laptop crashes. The first time it crashed was 3 or so months back, after that it used to crash very rarely, so I paid no mind to it. Last month, it got to the point that it crashes every time I run a game, it crashes after about ten minutes. I was able to use the laptop for my other works...
  20. I

    [SOLVED] Red HyperX Fury with White HyperX Fury

    I already have a white HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz (HX426C16FW2/8) memory stick, and now I'm interested in buying another one, the red HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz (HX426C16FR2/8). Both share the same specifications on HyperX's website, except the heatsink color. I'm almost sure, but would like to know...