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  1. F

    Question Lagging whilst on 300FPS on fortnite

    I dont know if this is a graphics issue or not i have a rx 590 and a i7 8700k OC to 4.7Ghz but as title says i only have discord and fortnite open with fortnite on high priority i get big lag spikes but when they finish it doesnt start from 0-300 it just stays on 300 i get 0% packet loss and my...
  2. W

    Question Change unavailable power setting in audit mode

    Hi, i have Windows 10 configured via audit mode in Virtual machine (Vmware workstation). I'm one click from sysprep, last thing to do is change power setting. The image will be deployed by SCCM task. I need to configure "lid close action" but it is missing in virtual machine. How can I do it if...
  3. saadzqr

    Question Using a laptop for streaming

    Hi , currently i have two systems 1 - i5 8500 with rx 580 8gb 2- i5 6200u with intel 530 can i use the laptop just for streaming and use the PC for gaming ? will be laptop be able to handle it?
  4. P

    Question Please Help! FPS drops to 5 after not playing games for a couple of months!!

    This has happened for the third time now. When I don't play games for a couple of month the fps goes down to 5. CPU usage barely reaches 60%. GPU usage at 92% with normal temperature at 62 celsius. It resolved on its own the first time after playing the game at bad fps a few weeks. But the...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] How to fix micro stuttering in Apex Legends

    So I have an i5 4670k, 16 gig ram ddr3, RTX 2060, 600 watt power supply. Windows 7. All drivers are up to date. I am wondering if upgrading processor would get rid of stuttering. Thanks.
  6. T

    Question Is my laptop compatible with geforce gtx 1050?

    Processor: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU 2.50GHz RAM: 8.00 GB and i have 64 bits
  7. S

    Question Upcoming Ryzen 3000 Compatible with B350 boards?

    Hi will my MSI B350 Gaming Plus be able to handle one of the upcoming 6 core Ryzen CPUs? Thinking of switching from a 1500x when they come out, but I don't really wanna upgrade the board. (tight af budget)
  8. V

    Question z390 aorus master RGB's blinking and unable to boot

    Hello, So I am trying to build a PC. It's my first time. Everything is in place and there is this weird thing happening with the rgb lights and power button. As soon as I plug the computer, it happens. It's impossible to boot the computer and I'm still trying to figure what is going on but help...
  9. J

    Question Searching storage server

    Hello, I'am searching company which producing Storage Server with HDD(about 3-4 PTB) for my project(possibly the cheapest option available in the market) , server must have interface to changing disks with target data and sets another useless at the time disks to offline/standby. I'd...
  10. C

    Question RAM BSOD

    Hi, recenty i've bought a gaming pc and I get BSOD, first, RAM memory link...
  11. A

    Question System Boot up issue after CPU upgrade

    Hey Guys, I was using an Intel Pentium E2140 @ 1.60 Ghz processor for a long time. My motherboard is of 775 LGA socket type. After making a number of researches in the internet and online forums, I came to know that my current motherboard (775 LGA socket type) can support Core 2 Duo processor...
  12. A

    Question Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB

    I purchased this card less than a year ago and recently its begun occasionally blacking out and recovering its video with this message: " Display Driver Stopped responding and has recovered, Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernal mode driver, version 418.91 stopped responding and has successfully...
  13. A

    Question Low Cost Gaming Laptops

    Hey ! How you doing? Me good since fortunately i managed to get the money to buy a bit better laptops, so now im choosing between these 3: Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Core i5-8300H 8GB RAM 1TB HDD NVidia GTX 1050 4GB HP Pavilion 15-cx0056wm Core i5-8300H 8gb RAM 1TB HDD NVidia GTX 1050 4GB MSI GV62...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] Is this a high end pc that could work?? Do i need anything else?

    Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Ed Prosessor (1) ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, S-1151 (1 ) Kingston A1000 480GB M.2 SSD (1 ) Corsair TX750M, 750W PSU (1 ) Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5'' HDD (1 ) Corsair Hydro H150i PRO RGB CPU Kjøler (1 ) MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Duke OC (1 )...
  15. [SOLVED] Computer seemed loud, wasn't able to figure out how to fix it

    Hello, so I noticed my computer was sounding louder than I thought it should as soon as I'd turn it on. I was concerned and asked a friend for help(he is good with computers). He instructed me to go to the bios on startup and to look at smart fan settings, which I did. He told me the RPM was a...
  16. D

    Question Screen goes black while playing

    Hello guys i woud like to ask for some advice, my english isnt best so pls be strong. Recently i bought this new monitor -27" Samsung C27JG50 My PC specs are : Cooling for CPU : Arctic freezer 13 CPU: I7 8700k, 32GB RAM GPU...
  17. N

    Question Strange situation with my D: Hard drive after a power outage

    Hello I've been looking for an answer and I need your help :) My D: hard drive is damaged and I have no idea what to do. It happend after a power outage a few month ago. Here are the symptoms : Can't creat new folders nor files (Error : 0x8000FFFF) Can't delete anything from the hard drive...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Turned my PC off and after reboot my monitor isn't receiving a signal now.

    Hey there, I'm currently having some issues with my setup and would really like any input or help to get it resolved. I went to sleep and now am unable to get my second monitor to work. It's not detected by the windows display settings or Nvidia control panel. I am part way through upgrading my...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Help with code A2 in new build

    Hey all, I'm new as can be, just coming back to PC after over ten years as a Mac user, and decided to build a gaming PC. Here's the build: ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero mobo Intel Core I7 9700K CPU Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition GPU GSkillz Trident 16gb RAM in two sticks Corsair H150i Pro RGB...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] pc shutting down

    my pc keeps switching off. guessing its a heat issue. could it be due to bad thermal paste or could it need redone? or is it a power issue? pc is around 6 years old now. or how do i test what is wrong? only get about 4 minutes before it shuts off. then the more it goes on the quicker it...