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  1. D

    Question Trying to decide which monitor to buy

    AOC G2460PF or AOC G2590FX. The only differences I see are color contrast, built in speakers and portrait mode(being able to turn monitor vertically) which isnt necessary for me, as for speakers, i have my own thus I dont need built in speakers, yet is it worth to buy one over another just...
  2. S

    Help picking best 1080p HD Tv out there?

    My TCL tv some how fried by me accidentally knocking the cable out of its outlet, gently, and won't turn on. I don't want a 4k tv as they suck for normal TV watching .I want something with just really good picture/colors. I'm looking to be around 40-50" Want to buy one by friday and willing to...
  3. B

    Question Should I buy a bulk GPU?

    Hello, today I have found a new bulk GTX 1070 for around 200 dollars lower price than the retail version (nearly 40% lower). The warranty is 3 months, instead of 36 months retail version. Is it worth a buy? BTW I need it for gaming.
  4. adamkiss994

    [SOLVED] SSD to buy within budget (500 GB to 1 TB)

    Hello all, I want to buy an SSD to run my operating system and my games on. I am completely inept in PC building, I had my current PC build suggested by this forum. I both would like some opinions on what SSD would be worth it the most, and if it would be compatible (my build is below). Should...
  5. A

    Question Samsung 500GB VS PNY 1T

    Hi Guys , i wanted to buy a SSD and In my city Samsung 500GB and PNY CS900 1T Costs Much the same! which one Should i get? reliability Is importent to me . Thanks
  6. M

    Best laptop around 550e

    Hello. I'm currently in Germany so i want to buy a laptop around 550 here as prices are much more reasonable. I found that THINKPAD® E485 20KUS02700( ) is a good option, and also VIVOBOOK™ 15 P3500FA-BQ145 .(...
  7. S

    Question Should i buy GTX 1080ti or RTX 2070?

    My friend want to sell his GTX1080ti after he RMA the GPU...but my original plan is to buy RTX what gpu should i buy?
  8. J

    Question New pc parts!

    Hey everyone hope you are all doing well :). I ordered new pc parts yesterday for my new pc build. these are the parts: i didnt buy from the us btw. just something i used to show you the parts. Anyways i was told by some people to change out the 2700x for...
  9. L

    Question What should i get ? Any recommendations?

    Hey guys im looking to upgrade my motherboard and my CPU. Something compatible with the i7 8700. I currently have i7 3770 and my motherboard is Asus b75 pro3 and yes both are really old :D My GPU is Nvidia gtx 970 and i have 8GB RAM. If u could recommend any good CPU's and motherboards i will be...