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  1. N

    Question Games freezes + buzzing/humming speakers

    Hello everyone (English is not my first language), Long story short - I'm facing that kind of a problem: While gaming (mostly demanding AAA titles) there is an annoying sound coming out from my speakers + multiple random freezes occuring at the same time. My PC specs: Motherboard: MSI B450...
  2. Y

    Question Buzzing sound in the microphone when the GPU is under load. Why is this happening?

    When I playing games and my GIGABYTE 3060 ti is at 100% load or near it has a strong coil whine. Thats ok, I don't mind. But recently my friends say they can hear an annoying buzzing while we are playing games. And yes, this is true, if I record a video I can hear it too. I link the recording so...
  3. F

    Question Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT humming noise

    Hello! Yesterday I built a new PC and one thing kind of caught me off-guard - the AIO cooler fans seem to be creating this very awkward non-stop humming noise (pattern is like a slow rap beat and it sounds like a very toned down siren) on higher RPM. I made sure to tighten every single screw as...
  4. Teguu

    Question Case fan randomly doing buzzing noise

    Sometimes i turn on the pc and one fan starts doing a loud buzzing noise (and it doesn't stop) , other times it doesn't and the pc works fine. I cheked if the temperatures where high, just to see if the fan was working at max beacause of that, but that was not the case. Could it be that the fan...
  5. 708jn

    Question Weird unknown buzzing sound (Not PSU)

    My pc buzzes but sometimes stop but its almost all the time it is not my psu I just got this a month ago its a 650w rog strix psu and my system isnt power hungry what could be the problem and is it bad?
  6. JelkoBG

    Question Buzzing audio

    Hello, I tried to use my wireless earbuds with my ps4. To do it I used my monitor port for headphones. I plugged 3,5 mm jack in in and plugged the other side in my computer microphone port and it works but there is constant buzzing noise. I tried my to connect my wired headphones directly in the...
  7. F

    When I enter AUX mode on my stereo, a buzzing/humming persists.

    This happens even if there is is no AUX cable in the AUX port. Simply selecting AUX mode causes the humming. The Stereo I have is a Panasonic SC-PMX70B with 2 speakers. The humming comes out of both speakers. The stereo is not connected to any additional devices. Can this be fixed?
  8. Pururaj

    Question Gigabyte P850GM making static/buzzing noise

    I just recently made a new build with a ryzen 7 5700x and an rtx 3080 10gb, everything is running fine until recently my psu started making this buzzing or static noise, its coming right from where the power cord is connected and its not the cord i checked with a different one, the noise is...
  9. Apolepth

    Question HDDs have become much louder a week after changing case and PSU ?

    Hi, recently I changed my PC case and PSU to new ones, I assembled everything and it worked fine and quiet, After a week my both new HDD and older HDD drives became significantly louder after turning on PC in the morning, they sound like fans or a vaccum or something. Since then these HDDs are...
  10. I

    Question Pc makes a buzzing noise ?

    When I turn on my PC it makes a buzzing noise. The noise is coming from the I think GPU. While running Cinebench R23, Cpu temps, clock speed, load are all stable, no buzzing. When I fire up Heaven I start to hear the buzzing. So is it my gpu? All of the fans that I can see are spinning (all the...
  11. M

    Question New SFF build, humming sound and buzz

    I just built my latest system yesterday in a Meshlicious case. Cable management is a pain and I feel like I need to replace the stock ATX cables with some customs as well as reseat AIO block head to a different orientation so the tubing fits easier. That said it's the coolest system I've ever...
  12. A

    Question GPU buzzing at idle

    New builder here, rx6650xt hellhound My GPU started making weird electric buzzing noises when idle, it's not coil whine that happens at high fps, this is kinda lower pitched. I should also mention that the GPU has a zero fan mode (not the sound of fans hitting anything because they're not...
  13. samuel.winborn

    Question Buzzing/electical sound coming from PC

    Recently my PC has started making a buzzing sound. It started off only here and there, but has become more persistent. I've taken it apart and temporarily disabled the fans yet it continues. I believe I've pin pointed the noise around the AIO(towards the front of the case). I've also checked the...
  14. Y

    Question Weird electrical sounds coming from PC ?

    Hello, I just bought this pc and its making these noises and i cant pinpoint where its coming from or whats causing it, can anybody help? It makes them even when idle , just sitting in BIOS or desktop. Its definitely not a wire rubbing in a fan, doesnt seem like coil whine. MOBO speaker beeps...
  15. nanocurry

    Question 3080ti buzzing (not coil whine)

    I just bought a new EVGA 3080ti (XC3 Hybrid) a few months ago. It was silent at first, but it's been steadily getting louder. I'm fairly certain it's not coil whine. It's not a high-pitched electrical sound. It sounds more like something touching a fan, even when the fan isn't spinning. It...
  16. F

    Question Weird constant buzzing noise from PC when playing a game!!!

    Dear reader, I have just recently replaced my old gtx 970 by a 2070 super, everything seemed great, until i fired up a game. When in game, i can hear a slight buzzing sound coming somewhere from my pc (I think from the middle). When I alt-tab out of the game, i do not hear the sound, but when I...
  17. owem

    [SOLVED] CPU fan making buzzing/whistling noise

    Hi forum, Several days ago my one of my CPU fan making noises like a whistling sound (coil sound ?!). So I tried to stop the fan using my finger and the noises stops. I decided to replace the fan, I got the new one, replace it, and the noises still there. I stop the new fan using my finger and...
  18. P

    Question Buzzing / humming backround noise when playing games, screeching in headphones when moving mouse, not from hardware ?

    Hi! i would have put this in Audio if there was one but i guess this will have to be good enough i recently went all out shopping spree got basically all new PC first monitor LG 27GN850-B and mobo Asus strix 590 F gaming + cpu 11600K i noticed some audio dropouts coming from my SPDIF only dac...
  19. TwinDenis

    [SOLVED] Audio micro-stutter issue ?

    I recently had this issue where in any audio played (usually videos online and offline) there would be audio micro-stuttering (persisting after clean install, transitioned from windows 10 to windows 11 and still the same issue), The issue happens once in a while but is noticeable enough to...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] AIO "buzzing" noises when idle and under load

    Hi there I bought a pre-built last year, the ASUS ROG Strix GA35 during a sale. Recently I have noticed a "buzzing" noise coming from the AIO cooler, I'm not sure if it's coming from the pump or radiator. It also makes a different noise under load, it's kind of buzzing/clicking intermittently...
  21. TwinDenis

    Question Screeching sound from during computer use on a newer computer

    Hello, I have noticed a screeching sound from whichever app is playing audio rarely (which makes it hard to replicate, about two times in the past 2-3 days). It can happen from games to video and so on. It is like a micro-stutter but only for audio. Any ideas what may be causing it or what to be...
  22. C

    Question Buzzing in PC at specific points in time/use

    Hello everyone, I built a PC in November, so no part can be labeled old/used, of course they can always be faulty, and last week I noticed a loud whine/buzz at certain times while using my PC, primarily playing a game. I have tested it on Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) , God of War (GOW) and Mass...
  23. I

    Question Laptop Overheated and got shutdown automatically and not turning on. What could it be?

    Hi, guys! My Lenovo V310 got overheated while I was at work and got shutdown automatically. Now, it's not turning on and is constantly making a buzzing noise. When I try to turn it on, it makes more buzzing noise but more like a bit stronger clicks. At first, it wasn't making any noise at all...
  24. bloodybritan

    [SOLVED] Buzzing /whirring sounds coming from the CPU area.

    Hello, I have switched from a R5 3600 to a R7 5800x yesterday and so far everything is working absolutely fine except for a buzzing/whirring sounds coming from the CPU area. I have already tried stopping the fans while the PC was running which didn't help. I'm 100% sure it's not the PSU, GPU or...
  25. soupcansam

    [SOLVED] High pitched noise in CPU area ?

    There is a high pitched noise coming from around my ryzen 7 5800x in an Omen 30L PC. It isn’t very loud but it’s always there and super annoying. It goes away when I use ryzen master on any setting or when I boot into safe mode. I’m very confused and any help would be appreciated :)
  26. B

    [SOLVED] PC making buzzing/electrical sound but when ı touch the case it stops

    When ı entered a game like Forza 4 ,witcher 3, world war z, cs:go, valorant etc. etc. etc. pc making a buzzing/electrical sound but if ı touch the case it stops(continuously), pushing the psu cable into the case it stops(continuously), and I folded the paper and put it under the left front foot...
  27. TheCheapGamer

    [SOLVED] Electrical buzzing when connected to UPS

    So I dont know much about power/voltages and all that, and this may be an easy fix but I am currently lost. PSU - Seasonic 520w S12II series 80+ Bronze GPU - RX 580 8GB CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo - X470 Gaming Pro Recently we have been having regular power outages (South Africa), and my family...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] Is it possible for a graphics card to develop coil whine after years of use?

    My ASUS Strix GTX 1070 started to have coil whine in games even with V Sync enabled at 60 FPS. Is it possible for a GPU to develop this over time and should I be worried?
  29. F

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus-GX Electrical Buzzing noise

    Hello! I have a Seasonic Focus GX 80+ Gold 650W that I bought in December 2020. It has been fine until about January - February when it started making some buzzing sounds. It's worse under load, as I can sometimes hear it though the headphones. If the load isn't high, then I have to get close...
  30. kennn

    [SOLVED] Why is my computer turns to random color with a buzzing sound after 15 minutes of running CS:GO?

    Hello everyone! So recently my PC always turns to random color with a buzzing sound after 15 minutes of running CS: GO and I need to force reset my PC. Only CS: GO! I run other games such as GTA V, Valorant with constant 90-100% GPU usage as well, l had no problem. But if I try to run CS:GO even...
  31. Cmac777

    [SOLVED] Weird slight constant buzzing noise from PC when playing a game

    This started after I just installed a Noctua NH-U12S Air Cooler on top of my Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake 6-Core CPU and so far the core temps seems to be normal, being around average 30C while idle and then about 50-60C while playing a decent looking game. However, when I start up a game, like...
  32. Magpeye

    [SOLVED] Weird Robotic/Echo issue for Tonor Mic, happens about every 15 minutes... Need a fix

    Hi, So I have been having an issue with a Microphone, mixer setup, it seems to work perfectly fine for like 15 minutes then it just makes this terrible buzzing echo kind of robotic it seems. I will post the exact models of what I have and the bottom. The only way I can get it to work is to...
  33. J

    Question Cooler working normally and abnormally fast(and loud) at random

    So i've noticed that my cooler has been acting up lately. Thing is: sometimes, it works completely silently, and if my laptop gets heated it does make a "whoosh" sound, nothing too loud, even when I play graphically demanding games; but at times it starts buzzing quite loudly and I can't figure...
  34. dalobu

    [SOLVED] Weird buzzing sound coming from video card

    About two week ago I started to notice this buzzing sound coming from my GPU. It only happens when the GPU is under load. I normally only play League of Legends (I don’t hear anything) and Guild Wars 2 (I hear it depending of what I am looking in the game and on some maps). To push the card, I...
  35. G

    [SOLVED] laptops makes buzzing sound when plugged in

    I have a helios 300 And I recently noticed that when the laptop is turned off and plugged in in makes a buzzing noise the noise is faint you have to put your ear against the bottom of the laptop to hear it, is this normal? thanks in advance
  36. L

    [SOLVED] Weird buzzing noise at high GPU usage

    whenever i run minecraft with shaders my computer begins to make this weird buzzing noise. this is not any of the fans in the system as I unplugged both fans from the fan header and the noises persisted. it also only does it when the shaders were enabled and when Fortnite was at unlocked FPS...
  37. Nova12321

    Question Strange Buzzing Noise - Motherboard / CPU Area?

    It is not: Any of the fans (stopped them one at a time to check) or any harddrives (there are none) The noise appears to be coming from the motherboard around the CPU area but I'm not sure, any ideas?
  38. Brenoonon

    [SOLVED] Strange Buzzing Coming from PSU / Graphics Card Area

    Around 25% of the time under heavy load (and usually for a few minutes after) I will hear a strange electric buzzing coming from the general area of where the PSU / graphics card is. I don't know what coil whine or loose fans sound like, but I'd assume that's it? I highly doubt it's from a hard...
  39. J

    [SOLVED] Really Weird Problem with Power Supplies in my House

    So recently I got a new desk and put my PC on top of the desk. I have now noticed a very annoying buzzing sound coming from my PSU. I reached out to EVGA who agreed to send me a new PSU. The new PSU was still making this buzzing sound. To confirm, I removed the PSU from the PC and it was...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] A laptop speaker buzzes and then crackles loudly after using the laptop for some time, even when the speakers aren't used.

    Hello everyone! I have an Acer Aspire 792g. For some time now, the bottom left speaker (the one underneath the laptop) starts making a quiet buzzing noise after I've been using the laptop for some time, even when the speakers aren't used, as in when the sound is muted, or I'm using the...