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  1. PlsHalpSmile

    Question Bootleg vers. of W10 Corrupted

    Pls halp me :) I was helping a buddy of mine diagnose his streamlabs crashing problems.... So I had him install visual c++ redistributables... ( https://github.com/StreamlabsSupport/Streamlabs-OBS#install-visual-c-redistributable ) He installed those and I also had him update his drivers. He...
  2. E

    Question Why C# is so underrated ?

    Hello guys . I'm a C# developer i started developing with C# because of Unity3d and overtime i realized that because of Xamarin i can actually build app for any device with a lot of options . but everywhere people are talking about Python , C++ and Javascript . i think a lot of it might be...
  3. P

    Question Is Code::Blocks C/C++ IDE still updated?

    I use Code::Blocks as my main C++ IDE, and I couldn't help but notice that the last version released was in 2017. Is Code::Blocks still updated?
  4. L

    Question Which laptop for Unreal Engine 4

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a laptop for my 3rd year at university in September, where I will be doing Games Development, and programming using Unreal Engine 4. I've been looking and I want a 2-in-1 laptop as I can use it with a stylus during lectures to write notes on and I also indulge in...