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  1. DeadAlpaca

    Question I installed an SSD on my laptop and cloned my HDD to it. Now what?

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 330 15ICH laptop and I recently installed a Gigabyte A2000 M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 500 GB SSD onto it with the intention of cloning my hard drive to it and using it as my primary storage option (i.e. as my C drive). I wanted to do that to improve the load times of my...
  2. D

    Question Laptop suddenly auto-deletes everything on Desktop and, programs not found

    Hi, I am using a 5 year old Lenovo (Ideapad S1500p) laptop with original windows 8.1 (64 bit) with 4 GB ram and 500 GB HDD I am presented with a peculiar sort of problem in my laptop, whose solution I am unable to find. this has happened twice in the last 3-3.5 months. I am working in...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] Is 250GB enough for OS and Applications?

    Hi there, Is Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB SSD enough for OS and applications? Or should i go for 500GB? Software I will install (Important ones): Adobe Illustrator After Effects Photoshop Adobe Animate Adobe Premier Pro DaVinci Resolve Adobe Audition Pinnacle Studio Wondershare Filmora And a few...
  4. Zdos123

    Question Uninstalled Windows Store Game (Prey) from C Drive via Windows search and no space has been freed.

    Hello, I had to install Prey on my C Drive as that is the only drive it allows you to install it on, i went to the search menu when i had finished it and clicked uninstall. It finished uninstalling but now the space prey was taking up is still being taken up, i only have a small boot drive...
  5. J

    XFX GTR RX480 8gb "crashing"

    Specs: MSI B350 Tomahawk AMD Ryzen 7 1700 XFX Radeon 480 8GB 2x8 gb Cosair Vengance ddr4 3200MHz Problem: Hey i have this problem where i cant play PUBG Fortnite og CSGO with out my pc "crash" or my screens go on lose signal and go on standby mode. Thanks for you time and if you find a way to...
  6. I

    Upgrading all components in pc except power supply and hard drives

    I am about to upgrade pretty much all the parts of my pc except my power supply and my hard drives. I was wondering if there are any dangers in maintaining the hard drives the same ( with all the files, and windows installed) or weather I should format the drives before the upgrade. Thanks in...
  7. N

    Memory Cache/Optimization of high end parts

    Here is my rig set up : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qNQPtJ I am not computer illiterate, but I am not an IT genius either. I am looking for the best way and ideas to optimize this system. I just completed this build after splurging on some seasonal deals. I had to clone the Kingston SSD...
  8. Leonel_3

    TOSLINK vs RCA with 24-bit files. What should I use?

    Good day fellow users. I currently have the Logitech Z906 connected to my PC through the Sound Blaster Z's TOSLINK port. I just recently got my hands on some sweet material; Rush's 2112 and Jethro Tull's Aqualung on 24-bit; for each, I have the stereo, quad and surround (5.1) files. My...
  9. D

    Dead Old Dell XPS410

    My 10-year old XPS410 finally died. It doesn't even start the ROM boot on powerup. Nothing on screen whatsoever, just a loud fan-type noise. I have files backed up but not saved games - use the machine primarily for old gaming. I'm thinking a new motherboard would be in order at this point...
  10. C

    What to get? Gaming

    So i want to play division, arma 3, witcher, etc etc some new gaming coming out but i dont know what I should be buying. 1000 - 1500 price range. Memory isnt a priority but performance is
  11. K

    is this 1070 build good any improvments

    antec gx500 black kingstone 8gb ddr4 2400mhz fury black seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm 64mb asus gtx 1070 8bg dual oc ocz tl100 120gb ssd corsair cx500 intel core i5 6500 Gigabyte Z270 HD3P if any improvments pls write me in the anwser it si like 1331 dollar
  12. B

    Gaming PC for Minecraft and Steam gaming?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a decent gaming pc for minecraft and steam gaming (rocket league, gang beasts, etc). It will also be used for recording Youtube videos so needs to be able to handle that as well. Would appreciate any help as I don't know much about PC's. Thanks.
  13. R

    New case fan ideas for oc

    Hello, I'm currently thinking of an add on to my current build right now for fans. I have a corsair spec-01 with cougar turbine fans and the stock fan right trying to cool my 1080 and provide air to my 212 evo currently. I want to oc my hardware a little more so I was thinking of getting some...
  14. G

    Case fan dust filters

    How long do individual fan dust filters last before they need to be replaces and do they make my fan louder? Thanks!!
  15. I

    why my games are lagging

    i have gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2PV, processor- AMD FX-6300, ram-Kingston fury 8GB, graphics- AMD radeon HD 5450 2GB, operating system- win 10 64bit, all updated drivers., but i have very poor gaming experience on my PC, every game is lagging, i cant able to play any of the game on my PC, please help...
  16. G

    Which parts should I sell / Reuse?

    I just took apart my old computer and I'm wondering which parts I should sell and which I should re-use (I want to build a new computer, something that will be able to run new games and be upgradeable for the future) Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D 1.02g Processor: Intel '86 Q8200 // Intel Core 2 Quad...
  17. assassinslo

    Gigabyte R9 390 G1 Gaming

    Should I buy mentioned GPU, is it worth it in comparision with others, because I'm planning to buy this one for 300€. Should I know anything about this card? Currently I have Asus gtx 770 2gb.
  18. L

    Best 7.1 surrond sound card

    Hello I was wondering what's the best 7.1 surrond sound card for my sennheiser 363d? (I know it has a sound card but I picked it up on sale for 150 $ and have room for a better soundcard)
  19. 11skip11

    Is my motherboard capable of handling 2 gpu's?

    Hey, I'm planning on adding a new gpu to my computer. I already have a nvidia geforce gtx 760 and I was planning on adding a 980 Ti without using a SLI bridge, I would just use them for powering individual monitors. But after doing some research about my motherboard (ASRock z77 Pro 4) I got...
  20. Y

    USB "No media" Can't Format , No Disk

    hello, my usb when i plugged it ,there is no volume on it and i tried to format it but it say write-protected after that i followed step to remove write-protected..and i tried to format again and now it say no media in your disk my flashdrive doesnt show on disk management status : no media...