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  1. S

    Build Advice Help with remaining components.

    I am thinking of buying a new PC and these are the components. I want to know whether everything is O.K. And help with remaining components as well. CPU: Ryzen 3 3300x GPU: MSI Ventus GTX 1660 Super MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max/Gaming Plus Max RAM: Help needed. (16 gigs) HDD: Help needed. SSD...
  2. viper23

    Question Antec Dark Avengers vs Thermaltake H200

    Hello All, I want to know which isthe best cabinet between these two:- Antec DA601 Dark Avengers Thermaltak H200 My PC specs are:- CPU:- i5 4th Gen MB:- Gigabyte H61 GPU:- Aorus RX580 RAM:- 6GB (going to upgrade too) PSU:- Antec EAG Pro 750W Gold also better alternatives with same price...
  3. viper23

    Question Need help in choosing right case

    Hi, I am going to buy a new case for my system however i found some by own which i found cool but i don't know much about cases. My location is India, Following is the list which i found:- Corsair Spec 06 - 8000INR ( approx 110 USD ) Aorus C300 Glass - 7200 INR ( approx 96 USD) Thermaltak...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Best hardware config for graphic design and programming computer

    Dear Team, I need two PCs for my office. One for Graphic design and 2nd for Android developer. Graphic Design Work: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw If Possible to run any Video Editing Software Developer: Android Environment Setup SDK JDK Full Android Development Kit Able to...
  5. memo333

    Question Hello! Just wandering, what this pc cabinet names/model?

    The frontal USB are disconnected, cant find a way to connect them to the mother board, any user manual, or even its a cool master but dont know model. View: View: View: thx
  6. HaKr

    Question Installing 4 HDD's in Ant Esports ICE-400TG

    Hey guys, I'm buying Ant Esports ICE-400TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet but as per specs it says it has only 2 HDD bays(3.5") and in my current installation (NZXT Gamma) i have like 4 HDDs (All 3.5"). Is there any way i can mount these 4 Hdds in the Ant Esports cabinet or do i have to look for...
  7. O

    Question smallest cabinet for micro atx?

    Micro atx mainboard and standard atx power supply. Which cabinet is smallest? Thanks.
  8. palash89

    Question Display comes when I use the pc without cabinet

    I have been facing a wired problem lately and its driving me crazy for a month. When I power on the machine the display comes at windows login screen (no bios info screen) or sometimes no display. This problem generally don't occur if I restart windows. But if I shut down the machine for a while...
  9. F

    Question Building a Gaming PC, need help with some components

    I'm building a gaming PC and want to future proof it so these are the components I am sure about, if there are better suggestions by not exceeding the price a lot, I'm open to them so this is what I've concluded in my system till now. I'll be doing 1080 and 1440 gaming mostly CPU- i7...
  10. W

    [SOLVED] Overclocking an Acer aspire

    can i overclock an acer aspire 1 with an intel celeron processor n3350 if so how and i have been hearing that if you go on msconfig then boot if you enable number of processors then select the maximum it will increase performance but some people say it doesnt help it makes it worse is that true...
  11. E

    PC Build for Graphic Design & Digital Art

    hello everyone i would like to build an art focused pc like photoshop sai that sorta of stuff (I need to work with big size psd files and images) but i am not sure what should i be looking for to make art software runs smoother and not make my pc explode when i try to open multiple draws my...
  12. R

    Will this system bottle neck ?

    Okay so i got a ryzen 2700x and a msi 970 but for some reason its a lot laggier ( is that how you spell it ? ) than my previous build ( i7 4790k) So i was looking at these parts. CPU (
  13. C

    Does a card output in multiple ports of different types?

    Hello everyone, firstly thanks for taking the time here to help me out, it really is appreciated. I have recently come into possession of two new monitors, both of which are HDMI, and I plan to acompany them beside by current monitor (Also HDMI) My Graphics card (GTX 460) has three ports...
  14. A

    Advice for components I choose to upgrade please.

    here is a list i have made. i love gaming and i like performance over cost, but i know there is such thing as going overboard. if there is any info that i should add to what i prefer please let me know, specifically the motherboard is what i'm unsure of the most. i personally only care about...
  15. S

    Should I Consider Upgrading?

    My PC is mainly used for light-gaming but I occasionally like to be able to record something, as of now I play Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, I love the game and am wondering whether or not if I should invest in an entire new build. Here are my Specs. CPU : AMD FX 4130 Quad Core GPU : AMD...
  16. J

    G4560 Stress Test

    Hello, I have a G4560 and I want to see what is the max temp it can reach on heavy load. Can you recommend me an app about that?
  17. E

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 is unusable, good upgrade replacement?

    So I'm browsing through new graphics card because mine isn't working anymore. I don't want to buy a card that forces me to change the power supply, motherboard, etc. Which model should I buy that's an upgrade from the 770 and that I could just pop the new version in where the old was? Specs...
  18. I

    Need help which graphic card to buy!

    Guys im wondering between 2 graphic's cards, it makes me insane ! Should i go 200EUR for Gigabyte GTX 1060 windforce oc 3GB GV-N1060WF2OC-3GD Or should i go 280 EUR for Gigabyte GTX 1060 windforce oc 6GB GV-N1060WF2OC-6GD Is it really worth spending 80 EUR more?? Thanks in advance, Cheers !
  19. G

    New Computer Build ... No video output

    Put together new computer, switched on, no video output on monitor. Have run through the checklist in this link, still nothing. Pretty sure there should be no compatibility issues as I'm replicating a...
  20. M

    Cpu Drops Performance

    I have a Intel i5 4690k with a Gigabyte G97 Gaming 3. Lately i have been playing a lot of Rust but my frames drop all the way back 30/15 after only minutes of playing unless I lower the graphics A LOT. I also have a GTX960 4gb so I am sure it's not the GPU fault. Please help! Edit 1: I forgot...