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  1. Banks12345

    Question 5Ghz cuts out after connected to modem

    [Moderator Note: Moving post from Graphics Cards to Networking.] This is probably the strangest internet problem I've ever encountered. I have a Deco XE75 router, my modem is the CM1150V, and my Cable internet provider is Cable America. I have had 5Ghz work on their previous modem/router...
  2. HisokaDFK

    [SOLVED] 8 pin cPU cable

    Hello I'm considering buying this PSU...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable issues

    Hello! I have a strange issue: All of a sudden my ethernet cable (5 meters) stopped working. Thus, I bought a new one (10 meters) and this also doesn't get recognized. It seems to be a cheap chinese generic cable. However, the old one, a very short one of 2m does get recognized. The wifi...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] PC caps ethernet link speed at 100mbps.

    Hello Guys, whenever i plug an ethernet cable into my pc (Asus prime b350 plus mobo), it always picks a 100mbps link speed, instead of the 1gbps i am looking for. The cable i brand new (CAT 6) and the router is a TP-Link Archer C7 v2, i have tried the exact same cable with my girlfriends...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] (Rural) Wanting to Ditch DSL & Need Help Choosing Alternative.

    Hello everyone. I will be starting online college soon, & I would prefer a faster internet connection. I currently live in a rural area outside of a small town in NE MS. I have Frontier Communications DSL & get 1.2 Down & 0.08 Up. I play games on PC like League of Legends & World of Warcraft, &...
  6. ofek cohen

    Question SOLVED: performance drop after few minutes of gaming

    hi, i recently upgraded my gpu from 1050 ti to 1080 ti, but im experiencing bad performance. when i start up a game it runs very smooth (above 80 fps on ultra 1440p), but after a few minutes there is a sudden fps drop to arround 30fps, and it stays like that until i restart my pc, then it goes...
  7. Y

    Newly built computer won't turn on after mb update

    So, I just built a computer for the first time. I thought everything was going really well. I was able to install windows, VLC and chrome before I went to put in the disk that came with my mb. It asked me to restart after it finished and I did. After it booted again I turned it off to add...
  8. K

    Brand New Custom PC runs fine without GPU but when GPU installed there is no display

    I just recently build my custom pc (specs below) and every time I try booting the pc with my graphics card installed it turns on but doesn't give me a display. I've tried plugging my monitor directly to the gpu and that doesn't work. Every time I boot the pc all the fans turn on and the vga...
  9. crispy4u

    For my Phanteks Enthoo Pro-M Tempred Glass, for the front fans.... 3 120mm's or 2 140mms?

    I have the Phanteks Enthoo Pro-M Tempered Glass and I have heard controversies about using 2 140mm fans or 3 120mm fans. I was planning on getting three noctua fans for the front and then using the 2 140s for the exhaust and then 2 on top (By purchasing another), is the wrong move? Or should I...
  10. M

    Is it ok to select MBR in 2018?

    Hello Everyone, So I just finished building my gaming PC which has a 250GB ssd for OS (Windows 10 Pro) and Programs and 1TB hdd for data. My second drive wasn't showing on my PC so I went to disk management for partition. It asked me to select MBR or GPT and I don't know why I selected MBR...
  11. M

    PC running SSD

    I want to be able to use an SSD instead of the usual HDD. If I want to assemble my own desktop PC from scratch, does it mean that I still have to buy a kit with the HDD or I can just go straight on the SSD? Can anyone please point me to the right direction where I can get any information on how...
  12. A

    Questions about GT 710 2GD3H H2D

    Hello, Is this graphics card for laptop or will it fit on atx/ mini atx. What can I expect from this card? I don't need something powerful just cheap for occasional low demanding games and emulators.
  13. Z

    My new graphics Card wont work

    I got a new card and i put it in my pv anf i gey no video
  14. J


    I have a question. If the cpu in my desktop is blown, and that is the only issue, will that keep the light on my motherboard from lighting up? I know you can't power on the motherboard without a working cpu, but I am just wondering if, without the cpu, will the light still come on. If not, then...
  15. T

    Microphone problems. HELP!!!!

    The in-built microphone in my laptop (gigabyte aero 14) wasn't working today, so I tried the microphone built into my headphones and that didn't work either, but a usb mic did. I then checked for driver updates (realtek audio) and mine were up to date, so I uninstalled and reinstalled them and...
  16. A

    C5 and C6 warning from crystaldisk

    Hi! I had issued with booting up and succeeded to boot up into safe mode and decided to check my disk status and it gives me a warning, I wonder how bad this is? It has less than 11000 hours used.
  17. CursedBubble

    need important Suggestions about my current pc situation

    Hello People . I'm really in need of your help about my what to do about my current system, 2-3 years ago i bought this system ( ) and i was on budget really for my needs at that time when i bought it, i just got 8 GB of ram as minimum in the past i never...
  18. B

    Low Latency WLAN network design

    Low Latency WLAN network of a Two-floor building with dimensions 400m x 400m Users must have access to the network from every point ,including outside The network must support 300 users simultaneously per floor. I have to consider scalability, performance, reliability and management. What I...
  19. N

    wi fi connection not shown on network connections connections

    i am trying to find my wi fi password, but when i look on connections, it doesnt show the wi fi connections only the ethernet one. wi fi is working on android and iphones also i cant locate the wi fi adapter
  20. C

    Sudden Restart, then an only fan spinning for 30s, then POST

    Specs: Mobo, GIGABYTE GA-B75M-HD3 CPU, Intel i5 3330 3.0 GHz RAM, Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR3 VGA, Zotac GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB PSU, Dazumba 80plus 600W SSHD, Seagate Firecuda 1TB This happened two times when I was playing games. Also happened once when I'm just browsing the internet. First...
  21. M

    PSU making terrible noises

    Hello, some 10 months ago, I've bought a Zalman ZM600-LX 600W PSU (yes, I know it's a garbage). The PSU was behaving strangely since I've installed it on my PC. At first, the fan was extremely loud under load, as if it was spinning at its max speed and the air coming from it felt extremely hot...
  22. S

    Compatible with this?

    I want to get the Intel Core i3-8100 instead of the Pentium G4560 but I don't know if it's compatible with my motherboard and/or my build so I need your guys' help. Note that I haven't ordered any CPU yet so it's not like I'm upgrading from G4560 to i3-8100 PC Specs: GPU - Zotac GeForce GTX...
  23. T

    pc turns on but no signal no beep or anything

    Hi Firstly idk which category to go in so please do tell me that too Secondly i recently started getting a problem in my pc, I was on idle for an hour or so and suddenly screen says no signal but the pc fans and light are on. I don't know what exactly to try other than turning if and on...
  24. S

    New gpu and power supply installed, computer boots but no desktop icons and cant open anything

    Just installed a new graphics card (nvidia gtx 1050ti) and power supply (fsp hydro 600w), turned computer on which was slightly slower than normal, no icons on desktop homescreen but still have screen saver, taskbar is there but cant open anything off it and not icons in bottom right present not...
  25. N

    internet Problem I only have with CSGO

    I've been plagued with a problem exclusive to counterstrike global offensive for a while now, whenever i see an enemy or am within about 50 feet of an enemy my ping spikes from a comfortable 30 - 40 ping to around 170 - 200+ ping. This doesn't happen in other games like call of duty...
  26. R

    using a 5Ghz channel with a Ralink RT3290 Wifi Adapter

    How do I connect to a 5ghz channel with a ralink RT 3290 adapter? Have a HP Pavilion 17-e108nr Notebook. NOTE: the 5G channel does not appear in my list of available wifi network connections.
  27. R

    White lines in almost all games & 3D applications

    (Sorry about putting this in the GPU section, if it's wrong, it's my fault-- first post here) I'm having issues with my GTX 750 Ti. There are small, flickering/shimmering white lines on 3D objects and such, in games and 3D software. I have not noticed this in Blender or other 3D creation...
  28. I

    Wifi low signal

    My laptop since it's motherboard was repaired.... While using wifi it automatically has very low signal of wifi and the application I am using also hangs... For example: if I am using Chrome and the laptop suddenly gets weak signal Chrome also hangs with the whole laptop... And its the laptop o...
  29. S

    PC wont start unless restart.

    I have an issue with my computer where unless I start then restart it will not finish the booting process. It will also sometimes randomly turn off after 2 - 4 hours of being on. Im not sure if is a power issue. I have a 1000 watt psu and have never had problems with it untill now. I have all...
  30. B

    toshiba satellite l755 black screen and shows no OS and have no disks

    I lost my operating system, it now is just black screen and when I try to f12 it shows nothing. I have no disks to reset and have some major important data I would rather not lose.
  31. G

    Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update: What's New And How To Get It

    Microsoft has officially released the second major update to Windows 10, the Creators Update. Here's what's inside and how to get it. Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update: What's New And How To Get It : Read more
  32. E

    Cheap PC for streaming

    Hey! could you tell me would this pc be good for streaming LOL(league of legends)? As I dont know much about pc's. Please help :) The link:
  33. D

    Would Push Pull Fans On A Front Radiator Help Cool The Inside Of The Inside Components?

    As the title state, i was wondering if i do push pull on my front mounted radiator would it help cool other components such as the graphics card in my case? I have a Phanteks P400S case and cannot top mount my radiator, and my radiator is the Kraken X61 so its a 280mm and cant do an exhaust...
  34. S

    Is Gigabyte GTX 1050ti compatible with my Gigabyte H81M ds2?

    I have Gigabyte H81M-ds2. Will it be support with Gigabyte GTX 950 xtreme gaming? Motherboard: GPU:
  35. K

    Kingstone HyperX Cloud 1 Core vs Logitech G430 Prodigy

    So question it is now. What to buy? Logitech G430 Prodigy cost around 87$-79€ Cloud Core is 69$-63€ But problem is I need extra USB sound card for Cloud which cheapest cost around 14.5$-13€ so at end of it it come to same thing. Both thing cost me almost the same because G430 already have...
  36. T

    Using a second router to get 40+ more MbPs DL and 35 more MbPS upload?

    So I am completely stumped..So ATM I am hardwired into our network with an Ethernet cable getting 65MbPS Down and 6 MbPS up... Today my mom as she now works from home was saying her network for work was slow. I was like "hmm lets do a speed test". Please keep in mind we have charter which...
  37. G

    Selecting a NAS and drives

    Hi, I intend to setup a NAS for home purposes (video/photo storage, plus backup of personal files) so I need advice on NAS and disks. No significant budget constraints, but there is no need to waste money, right? Thanks, Galta
  38. E

    Dell XPS M1210 won't boot after processor upgrade

    Hi folks! I've got a Dell XPS M120 with the Intel T2300E processor (1.6 GHz). Because it got slower over the years I decided to upgrade a few things. I upgraded the RAM which now consists of two 2GB units. Next I bought an SSD. Finally I wanted more processing power so I bought the Intel T7400...
  39. D

    CPU and Mobo to make the most of my g1 gaming 1070

    Hi there all, as title states i'm looking for a cpu and mobo to compliment my new g1 gaming gtx 1070 in my gaming rig. Have been told my AMD fx 6350 will be bottlenecking my gpu, and that i'd get the most from an intel CPU. Can anyone confirm this, and is possible recommend a CPU and Mobo...
  40. F

    Will and FX8350 work on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

    PC: CPU: AMD Phenom 955 Black Edition with a CM Hyper 412S MB: GB 990FXA - UD3 Revison 4.0 I got the F3 Bios which is from 2015 i believe i want to know if i can run a FX 8350 on it.