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  1. R

    [SOLVED] Which Cable Should I Use For 144Hz Gaming?

    Okay, this is a re-post but I will try to explain myself better this time: My old GPU was a 970 that had DVI, VGA and HDMI. My old monitor was an ASUS VG 278 HV (it had 144hz but they could only be accessed through DVI or VGA, no matter what HDMI cable I'd use, be it HDMI 1.x or 2.1 , the 144Hz...
  2. Karan Yelve

    [SOLVED] Do cable adapters/ converters kill HDMI 2.1/DP1.4 cables full potential?

    Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if cable converters/adapters kill the potential of HDMI 2.1 cables or DP 1.4 cables. For example if I were to use a simple/cheap adapter for my HDMI 2.1 cable (Mini HDMI to HDMI) will it work without any issues or will I suffer loss in quality...
  3. M

    Question Dell Battery Cable pinout

    Hello About a year ago I bought a used laptop without battery. Product model is Dell latitude E5250. And due to the constant use of the charger as a power supply, the laptop BIOS had a serious problem. After getting it repaired, I bought the battery (P/N:RYXXH), but there was no cable to connect...
  4. N

    Question Cable for a USB C 3.2 Gen2 Front Panel Header

    I was looking for a option to use my front panel header on my motherboard. I just need a usb c port for my Oculus Quest 2. Motherboard is Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite AM4 ATX Motherboard.
  5. andretyuio

    Can I use this cable on my playstation 2?

    I have a cable rated for 7A, 125V. Can I plug it into my SCPH-39001 Playstation 2 or will it explode?
  6. Jamie.baird1985

    Question Cable Help

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know where to get one of these cables? Looks like a 2 pin DIN to 6 Pin ATX. It’s used to power a motor for an electric desk, thanks, jamie
  7. Jawd000

    Question No display on monitor

    Weirdest thing happened to me. My pc was in sleep mode when I woke It up, the display came in for 10-15 seconds and then went black, now everytime I turn on my pc it says no signal. (The pc does boot into windows) Things I've tried: Different PC Different monitor Different HDMI/DP cable in...
  8. K

    Question Sparking noise when plugging in PSU power chord

    is this normal? when i plug my power chord in my PC with switch turned on, i hear a sparking noise coming from the cable the PC works normally and for long hours so far, but can it damage my PC badly or something

    Question HDMI stopped working for one monitor only ?

    Hi I've been using the hdmi port on my GPU for years without problem. I use it for my main display and for tv when I watch youtube etc. Today as usual I switched it to tv hdmi cable ( only one hdmi port on gpu ) watched some tv and then switched back to monitor. But there is no hdmi signal on my...
  10. G

    Question Have to re-plug the ethernet cable to get back to 1gbps

    As you read the title, when I start my pc I always get 100mbps till I plug out my ethernet cable and plug it back in it spikes back up to 1gbps My speed & duplex is on 1gbps I' ve tried multiple things that I dont remember anymore but it just annoys me to run 100mbps instant of my max that I...
  11. Mkznd

    Question PCI-E cable problem

    Hey! Just bought a pci-e cable but the joined pins don't fit in my PSU. What do I do?
  12. odbmeister

    Question I bought a monitor ASUS VG248QE but i can't find a cable for it..

    So, i bought a monitor (the Asus VG248QE) and at the moment i'm using a HDMI to connect to my laptop but i can't get the 144hz that the monitor can do. The monitor came with a DVI-D cable but i can't use that because my laptop does not have that type of port. (My laptop btw is the Omen by HP -...
  13. B

    Question Sony MHC-GX99 Speaker Set's subwoofer cable is broken.

    Title might be confusing. Basically, I have the Sony MHC-GX99 Home Theater set. It comes with a subwoofer (model no. SA-wg99). This subwoofer has an input on the back, which connects to an output on the speaker hub. The cable that came with the system has since stopped working, and I'm trying to...
  14. kook

    Question What cables do I need for this ancient computer?

    So I have this old computer from like 1990 and I want to power it on but I don't have any power cables for it. On the back of the big monitor there is this socket: View: Surprisingly it looks just like the socket I have on my modern computer. Does that mean any...
  15. ErinXC

    [SOLVED] Networking help

    Hey Guys, I'm having some difficulty... To start I was originally just trying to "activate" already pre-installed Ethernet ports in my other rooms to provide a hard wired connection to my devices. I read this post...
  16. M

    Question GOXLR with a Speaker the Yamaha HS 8

    I know you can connect speakers to the GOXLR on the line out or line in thats for sure but how can I connect 2 Yamaha hs 8 on one goxlr there should be a way if someone can explain to me how would be appreciated. thanks everyone who reacted
  17. kook

    [SOLVED] Computer awakes from suspend when turning on lamp

    If I suspend my computer and then for example plug in my mobile charging cable in a different socket, the computer awakes from the suspension and turns on. I think it also happens when a lamp is turned on. So it happens when theres power activity somewhere. Is this normal?
  18. C

    Question Dell Inspiron P87G screen power failure whilst moving hinge.

    Hi, slight movement of the hinge results in the screen blacking out. Only at a certain angle is the screen working. Nudging the cable connecting the screen to the motherboard replicates the fault at any hinge angle. See link to pinterest. Freeing the cable running through the hinge does not...
  19. [SOLVED] Can't plug in power cable

    I tried to plug it in but it just doesn't go in fully. I can only get it a little bit inside but the cable always hangs out a bit. I've tried it with force but I don't want to do it too hard or else it might break. What should I do? Do I need to do something else first to get it in?
  20. BlockyPenguin

    Question What power cables do I need to plug into my motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte Z490 Vision G motherboard, a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10700K CPU (not overclocked), and a Corsair TX750M PSU. I've connected the 24-pin power cable from the PSU into the mobo, do I also need to plug in the ATX 12V 2x2 and/or 2x4? If so, where would I find them on the PSU? Thanks!
  21. khodex1997

    Question Help finding a cable?

    I can't find a USB type-c internal header (or USB 3.1 gen 2) extension cable. (this is the best picture I could find of the connection I'm talking about. The zoomed in part. Forgive me I'm on mobile at the moment of posting) I just want one that extends it a couple inches ideally. A male to...
  22. Michael Kelvin T

    [SOLVED] what budget psu should i pick

    hi, next year i want to build my first pc, after searching lot of component, i stuck with what PSU should i bought, can someone help me found good budget semi modular PSU, i found that cx650 is good but i don't know if the cable will fit in my bottom of the case because i want to use hdd in...
  23. F

    Question How hot do power cables get? (Damage/Fire Hazard)

    I'm trying to hide some cables (Ps4, chromecast, TV and power strip cable) and was thinking of using pipe insulation. Here's a pic: I Bing'd it but didn't find much. Is my attempt a bad idea? If so, please call me stupid quickly since I don't wanna damage components...
  24. I

    Question ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 - mesh configuration

    Hello, I have just ordered the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 duo pack to replace my Xclaim Xi-3 terminals. The ASUS will not be used as a router but will be connected to my current router (Gigabox). Currently, the two Xclaim terminals that are in the same network are both connected to the router by a...
  25. xrh

    Question 3070FE cables?

    I'm looking for a custom extension cable for my rtx 3070fe but I'm unsure on what cables will work, If there are in the UK or companies that ship to the UK for cheap please drop some links of cables that would work please
  26. thomfranken

    Question Unstable wired connection

    Hello, Since a year or 2 i've been getting unstable ping in games, to the point that it became unplayable. My connection is wired and have enough download speed to have stable connection. So at this point i've tried countless software related things to solve the problem. I even changed my...
  27. S

    Question PSU extension cable with broken pin

    I have a PCIe 6-pin extension cable with a broken ground pin. My PC has a GTX 1650 SUPER in it. I know my GPU draws around 100W of power and the motherboard power connector should be able to deliver 75W, as for a normal 6pin connector. If one ground pin is broken on the connector should the...
  28. Kaid Kaid

    [SOLVED] Can A DVI to HDMI cable work for gaming?

    I recently built a pc but my monitor is kinda old so I needed to use a VGA to HDMI converter. But whenever i play games the screen kinda flickers. Now my friend wants to get the MSI Mech RX 5500xt but his monitor only supports dvi and the graphics card only supports dp and hdmi so he said he'll...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Does a HDMI 2.1 to DVI cable exist?

    Does a HDMI 2.1 to DVI cable exist? I'm looking for an HDMI 2.1 to DVI dual link cable, even an HDMI 1.3 or above is fine but I can't seem to find a product that specifies that the HDMI is 1.3 or above. I want to use my monitor at 1920x1080 120hz, according to this guide that should be enough.
  30. dhruvky94

    [SOLVED] How much stretching/bending is acceptable for a 24 PIN power connector for Motherboard?

    I recently build a PC and for cable management, the best I could do for the 24 PIN cable was to push it behind the cable bar of NZXT case. However, that is introducing quite a stretch and bend in the cable and I am not sure if this would affect it's life. Should I change it? Here is how it looks...
  31. HarryGRGamer

    [SOLVED] Help me understand the connections of my Yamaha-RX363

    Alright so I want to connect my AV Receiver to my PC is there an easy way that it can be done? It has an HDMI port but it's mainly for video not arc How do I use RCA/spdif cables from the receiver to my motherboard, I of course connect the speaker cables to the AV Receiver and the subwoofer on...
  32. O

    [SOLVED] PSU with one PCI-E and two connections vs two PCI-E cables

    Hi, Just a quick general question. The GPU I am looking at, the RTX 3070, needs two 8 pin connections. I have a PSU with one PCI-E cable with two 6+2 pin connectors on the end. Will this suffice? Or do GPUs with two 8 pin connections need more than one PCI-E cable? Or is one cable with two...
  33. V

    [SOLVED] Which adapter should I go for ?

    Hello there. I have got Lenovo Thinkpad E14 for business which has i7-10510u. My laptop doesn't have a GPU so I am using it with iGPU. There is HP ZR24W monitor at my office. But my laptop does only have HDMI output whilst the monitor doesn't have one. What would be the best adapter I can get...
  34. P

    [SOLVED] Is this the sign I need a better PSU?

    Thought I did my homework but maybe the "super" in my new 1650 is what did me in? *After installing 1650 Super in my modest desktop... ...I turn on power, get a quick flash on and off from my power light and then nothing. Then, I remove card, unplug for 10 seconds, and it powers back...
  35. Prestianni

    Question Using different PSU cables

    Hi all, I’ve got a 550w fully modular Corsair power supply. My fans however even though the case is new, came with fans requiring a 4 pin molex connection. I bought a cheap 6pin to molex off of eBay as the PSU didn’t come with one, is this safe and if not whats the chances of something bad...
  36. S

    Question Converting USB 3.1 Gen 2 to USB 2.0

    So I got an NZXT H210 cheap and am currently moving my PC into it but have run into a problem. The NZXT H210 has a USB 3.1 Gen 2 front usb port. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3. I have already bought a USB 3.0 20 pin male header to usb 2.0 9 pin cable for the usb 3.0 port but am...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Does qvl in PSU Imoptant????

    Hello - Is it important to use psu in Motherboard QVL list ? another questions : does this PSU from EVGA Good with MSI Unify Z490? is this PSU has 2x8pin cpu power connecter beacuse the mother board has 2x8 pin cpu power connector ? does this PSU good in general? PSU LINK ...
  38. A

    [SOLVED] Will any dual-link DVI cable work with my ASUS VG278 monitor?

    I have an ASUS VG278 144Hz monitor and was thinking about replacing the DVI cable for it since I think it's faulty. Will any dual-link DVI cable work with it (such as this DVI-D 24+1 dual-link cable) or do I need a specific cable from ASUS?
  39. Vox

    Question GTX 760 DisplayPort - no signal

    Hi there, I just bought a new monitor (Acer XF240H) and tried to connect it via the DP cable (came with the monitor) to my good old MSI GTX 760 OC graphics card. I used that graphics card via DVI cables before without any problem. Now everytime I plug the new DP cable in, the monitor...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] 200ft ethernet cable recommendation for front end of house to my room in the back?

    I am trying to run an ethernet cable from the front of my house to the back where my room is and I know a 200ft cable is what I need. I plan on running the cable mainly alongside the ground and wall, as well as possibly around a couple of door-frames. So I am hoping anyone has any...