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  1. D

    Question Is this cable position safe for 4070?

    In the paperwork that came with the GPU it states to not bend the cable for at least 35mm I have added pictures below showing the ark of my cable, with the glass door closed also. (Dark images are with the glass closed) Is this safe? I thought so, considering its not exactly a straight right...
  2. J

    Question O.MG Cable networking features ?

    Hello, guys, has anyone heard of O.MG Cable? It is a potent hacking tool that looks just like a regular USB cable. After being plugged into computer, it can act as a WiFi client or it start broadcasting WiFi hotspot an attacker (being up to 300 feet away) can connect to. Then, it is possible to...
  3. JUDGE DREDD2013

    Question Fing Warning - You have connectivity problems.

    Fing is showing the warning You have Connectivity Problems - Ethernet link speed is not optimal. I am running Windows Ten Pro 64. The Router is a PlusNet Hub 2 . The adaptors in PC are Gigabit Network Connection. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  4. J

    Question Can i use my old Corsair CX-650M PCIe cable (type 3) on my Corsair CX-750F that came with type 4 PCIe cable ?

    Hey i was wondering if i could use my old corsair cx650m (2017) pcie cable on my new corsair cx-750f The cx650m 2017 is listed as having a type 3 pcie connector while the cx750f uses a type 4 pcie connector They both also have a different missing hole on the connector (Left side: cx750f ...
  5. G

    Question Is this ethernet wall jack supposed to work like this? (Because it doesn’t)

    I’ve got my cables set up like this And I was wondering if this wall jack is even supposed to work like this. The cable coming from below is connected to my modem, the cable going up is connected to my pc. Whenever I connect a cable directly to the...
  6. vikaskumar2299

    Question HD audio on front panel started working after few hours of building PC

    Hi. I finished my pc build today. In my B660M-A Pro WiFi, front panel audio wasn't working (it wasn't even detecting) which is connected to JAUD1 on motherboard. I tried everything. Tried reconnecting wire/cable two times. (The rear audio ports which are built on motherboard itself on worked as...
  7. K

    Question Does the direction of the native 12VHPWR(16-pin) cable matter?

    What the title says. I got the vertex from seasonic and the 12vhpwr(16-pin) cable's both ends look identical to me. The only difference between both sides is that one has a sticker and the other does not? The port on the psu also looks the same as the gpu(unless there's a difference that I don't...
  8. Dylan_joyce05

    Question Display cuts out when DisplayPort cable is bumped ?

    My display keeps cutting out when the DisplayPort cable gets bumped; the only way to get the display back is to pull the cable out and put it back in, which sometimes takes a few tries and sometimes makes the display appear square and low-quality. This happens on both of my monitors. What do you...
  9. lamont228

    Question PC - TV Connection problem

    I've ran into a strange problem for the first time. Whenever i connect my network cable into my computer, the tv's image and sound start lagging (connected through signal cable). Both my Pc and Tvs are connected to the same router. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
  10. kuj1o

    Question RGB fans not lighting up or spinning, fan headers not working.

    I recently just built a new pc, and everything was plugged in correctly and I made sure of it. But, when I turned it on only the rgb from the ram worked. No fan spins, rgb or etc. I have a CPU: RYZEN 5 5500 Motherboard: x570 aurous elite used Ram: trident z 16GB SSD/HDD: 500GB western GPU...
  11. H

    Question PCI-E Cable ´wont fit into my PSU

    This may be a stupid question so I apologize in advance. I recently got a new GPU that requires a 6pin conector. I have a Modular PSU Corsair CX600M and I lost the PCI-E cable for it, so I borrowed one from my friend and it doesnt fit.. do I need a original corsair cable and if so where can I...
  12. radeunder

    [SOLVED] Where to connect pins

    Hello I have 4 leftover pins to connect but idk where. 3 PIN FAN 3 PIN ARGB 3 PIN RGB again and some USB 3.1 cable which comes from the front of the case View:
  13. randompunk

    Question Power connector for HP ML370 ML350 G6 SFF Backplane Board 511785-001

    Hello All, I am wondering if this board could be added to a PC and be powered by the current PSU? If so are there any adapter cables that can utilise spare Molex cables and turn them in to a 10 pin EPS ( I think its an EPS ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers See pics below, If...
  14. PaPies

    Question Need A Proper HDMI 2.1 Cable That Supports 4K/144

    Hello, I've recently bought a 4K/144Hz TV (Finally decided to get a TV after being a hardcore PC gamer) but I am having a small problem. I am from Balkan, and companies here sell you good TV's but good luck finding cables that support such technologies. I've bought 5 HDMI to HDMI Cables (3+...
  15. frogalert

    Question Problem with the fans on the Kolink Observatory Lite case ?

    So some time ago I bought the Kolink Observatory Lite case because it was really cheap and I thought it looked good. Now that I have it I have one big issue: the fans are doing what they want. Using the remote works, but after some time the fans either stop spinning or change the colour mode...
  16. S

    Question 12VHPWR Cable for Antec Signature Titanium 1000w

    Hi, I’m looking for a 12VHPWR cable for the Antec Signature Titanium 1000w which I would used to connect it directly to a RTX 4090 FE. I can’t find a cable specifically for Antec Signature power supplies but I have read it is a revamped Seasonic Prime power supply. In that case would a Seasonic...
  17. L

    Question Sorry for Dumb question - But will this cable work? Upgrading from RX 570 to RX 5700 xt

    I'm changing my old RX 570 to a XFX RX 5700 XT THICC III - And I'm confused if these cables will work that are included with my power supply, Here is the image Sorry again about the dumb question - I'm pretty new to this.
  18. M

    Question Can I connect a Corsair MP600 SSD as an external drive?

    I have a Corsair MP600 SSD, which is currently plugged into my motherboard. The invoice from the people who built my PC says it's a "Corsair Force PCIe Gen.4 MP600 1TB NVMe", which I think must be this one. I would like to be able to remove it, and plug it in as an external drive, but am a bit...
  19. willyburns

    Question Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSUs for powering an RTX 3080 Ti?

    Hi, Everything is contained within the title: Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSU for powering an RTX 3080 Ti which I can buy separately so that I don't have to use the weird micro-penis 2x8 pin PCIe adapter that Nvidia provide? I can't seem to find anything...
  20. christofferskr

    Question Ethernet cable stops working properly

    I've gon through 4-5 ethernet cables the last 2 years. I use 30-40 meter long UV-protected outdoor ethernet cable and every single one I've had stops working properly after a few months. The one I use now and the last I used both have the same problem. After a month of use, I start getting...
  21. K

    Question PSU input problem

    i was having problems with my old PSU cable that my pc instantly shutted down if i accidentally touch my PSU cable or moved the PC a little bit i have bought a new PSU cable thinking it could solve the problem, but i did a test and i heard a sparkling noise coming from the cable or PSU (im not...
  22. vikaskumar2299

    [SOLVED] Has anything technically/physically changed with this kind of monitor power cables over last 10 years?

    I have a 10 years old Samsung SyncMaster 933 monitor. It has this kind of power cable and a monitor input design. Basically it's a 3 pin input. Middle pin is slightly bigger than other two and PSU of monitor is built inside the monitor only: (see Photo below): Photo 1...
  23. cydewaze

    [SOLVED] Cat 6 wiring question

    I'm in the process of running some cat 6 cable from my main router to my basement in hopes of getting a better connection to my Xbox that's in the basement. Right now, my ISP-provided router lives in an addition to the house, which is separated from the main house by an old exterior brick/block...
  24. K

    Question Where does this cable go??

    My Y4-N6-BW Mesh ATX Musetex Case came preinstalled with a few cables for the fans that came preinstalled. However, it came with one cable called "LED" and I have no idea where to put it. It's responsible for changing the rgb for the fans but I can't just leave it hanging there. Anyone...
  25. jops

    Question HDMI to Display

    So, recently I bought myself a brand new ASUS VG248QG gaming monitor (165hz), and there's two things I am not happy about. First I noticed that I could only make it go up to 120hz, so, I did my research and found out that it was because I needed to connect it with a DPport and not HDMI, but...
  26. Netbreak

    Question GPU cable for EVGA GQ 650W

    Hi, I bought this PSU around 5 years ago and lost the cables it came with. I'm going to get a 3080 which requires 3 pcie 6+2 connectors but I only have 1 2x6+2 cable available. Tried looking at cable sales but they are all offbrand and go in the CPU port in the PSU, not the VGA one. I'm...
  27. Fire-Wire

    Question How to deal with a snapped Mobo cable?

    Hi, smart folk! So, while blitz-cleaning the interior of my case, very superficially so, I noticed one of my cables (those that go on the bottom pins to power the power/reset/usb/LSD thingies) was snapped. I swear I don't know how that happened and I was shocked for a few seconds. I turned the...
  28. P

    Question 4 pin jacket headset microphone doesn't work with adapter, but does work without it ?

    Hi, I have a headset that I had to fix the middle of the jack cable, the problem is that using the 4 pins all work fine (mic and audio), but if I use the USB adapter of 4pin that my headset bring (that before the fix all worked,), the microphone is not working but other headset with microphone...
  29. EnchantFortnite

    Question My monitor screen is turning green and purple ?

    ]Its Really annoying, its keeps happening every 6 Hours or sometimes 1 Hour... Also my DVI cable is plugged in properly! (Graphics Card is Working) PC Specs: I5 2400 8GB DDR3 500GB HARD DRIVE GTX 760 Twin frozor PSU: 500W EVGA Ask More questions if you need!
  30. T

    [SOLVED] Can I use a different power cord?

    I'm building a new PC, so I ordered a new PSU: "Adata XPG Core Reactor 850W". I noticed that the power cord that came with the PSU (the one that connects the back of the PSU to the wall) has a plug that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug as shown here...
  31. T

    Question Which gpu vga cable?

    Which brand gpu vga cable do I need for my EVGA SuperNOVA 120-GP-0850-X1, 850 G+, 80 Plus Gold 850W, Fully Modular power supply and 3080ti graphics card? It has three 8 pin connector slots. There’s a bunch of different cables on Amazon but a lot of them have reviews that say they fried a gpu or...
  32. R

    Question Is it safe to plug and unplug ethernet cable to Laptop daily?

    I have just purchased a laptop and and an Internet service which comes with a cable, and I'd prefer using it since it's much faster and reliable than using Wifi Connection. But since I am University I have to bring the laptop to school everyday, so my plan is when I'm at home I plug the cable...
  33. ScalesQ

    [SOLVED] Random cable

    Ok, so i'm really confused. My case came with 3 ARGB fans that are connected together and have an output to SATA. But there is also another cable - VDG in 3pin that connects to my motherboard. I pulled it out and nothing changed, the rgb on the fans still works, the rgb switch on the case still...
  34. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] Cable Connection Opinion

    Hello guys. hear me out, I know this can get a little bit confusing but I'm trying the best solution in here. so I have a 1660 super that has 3 ports: DP, HDMI, and DVI. My Dvi and HDMI are not working for unknown reasons and what I want to do is, I'm trying to connect 2 monitors on the DP port...
  35. F

    [SOLVED] [Solved] New Ethernet Cable not working on Desktop PC, but works on Laptop ?

    Hello Everyone I got a real tricky issue with my Desktop PC. Recently I got a new Ethernet cable(15m) for my Desktop PC which my PC didn't recognize, here is the details of the connection: 15m cable to the Wall --> connects to a wall Ethernet inline adapter --> then another 15m cable runs to...
  36. C00kiie

    [SOLVED] SATA power cable, cant find connector

    Hi! Just received my Corsair H100i, but I cant figure out where to connect the SATA power cable... I have an SF750 PSU, and a AsRock X570 ITX mobo, in a Lian Li Q58 case. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  37. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] 8 pin splitter needed?

    Hello, I have a 1660 super and it came with an 8 pin cable that splits into two cables 6 pins each. what I did is used my PSU 8 pin directly without the need to use any splitters. now I'm wondering is this wrong? or is my GPU able to use full performance? This is the 8 pin splitter that came in...
  38. A

    [SOLVED] Modem Micro-Cuts very often ?

    I re-made this post since that last time I posted it everything pointed at it being an electricity problem but I now have the modem connected directly to a UPS so I don't think that can be the problem anymore For the past 8 months or so I've been having trouble with my internet where the modem...
  39. Sicross1989

    Question Ethernet cable not detected if I boot with USB devices plugged in ?

    Good Morning all! I have spent the whole day yesterday trying to solve this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE: If I boot my windows 10 pc with usb devices plugged in, it won't detect the ethernet cable (so no internet connection). If I boot...
  40. P

    Question Need help - is everything plugged in correctly?

    PC Parts: Hey! This is my very first 'own' build, basically all done by myself and after a bad experience years ago I never did anything on my hardware again until now. I hope I found the right sub-forum for this entry as well. Please don't kill me or go...