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Forum discussion tagged with cable.
  1. H

    Question can i replace my asus rog gl503vm sata with this cable?

    so recently my sata cable has gone bust,and i was looking thru the internet and its hard as f to find it.but i found this , this was originally from hp pavillion.looks the same and about the same length than this one...
  2. R

    Question 200ft ethernet cable recommendation for front end of house to my room in the back?

    I am trying to run an ethernet cable from the front of my house to the back where my room is and I know a 200ft cable is what I need. I plan on running the cable mainly alongside the ground and wall, as well as possibly around a couple of door-frames. So I am hoping anyone has any...
  3. Lecc

    Question Can you connect a laptop as a secondary display with a cable ex: connecting a DP cable to my gpu, and having the other end go to my laptop.

    I have a laptop i don't use and saw that you can use them as secondary displays. I tried using projection but my desktop doesn't support miracast projection. So i wanted to know if i can get a cable which would let me have my main desktop display, and my laptop as a secondary display. ex: a DP...
  4. M

    Question Can I use Seasonic S12ii AC Power cord (or other PSU) with Corsair TX650m PSU?

    My newly purchased Corsair TX650m came with the plug that does not fit in any of the wall sockets or even my UPS socket. So I was wondering can I use the power cord of my older Seasonic s12ii 620W with Corsair until I find a better solution? Will it be safe for rest of my PC components?
  5. k3njh1555

    Question first time doing this RGB enthusiast

    ok guys i need some dire help here you see RGB/aRGB was growing fast and im left behind with my good old 2013 build now my real question is i brought this so called GPU holder aka GPU Bracket aka GPU anti-sag holder when the item is arrived i look at this clueless were to put it? image 1 image...
  6. FalconHD394

    Question Fan hub cables

    I have some problems. I got a new case and it has an argb fan hub conector but the cables are kinda weird for me. It has 1 sata which I connected to the PSU, a 3 pin argb 5V which i connected to my argb slot on the motherboard, and it has one 3 pin VDG connector and 1 4pin pwm which I dont know...
  7. Jamry

    Question Static display on my PC

    Hi, im using an old AOC e936Vw. Could there be a problem with my DVI cable? This static display im getting is the same as what you get when you are using the PC and something hit the dvi cable. I've been getting this randomly from quite a while now while playing, but now it happened when I...
  8. Trytomiss2

    Question Can you power a DVD drive with Molex to Sata adapter

    Can it do it or i am assured to have problem if i do so. If possible can i put it on my SSD too?
  9. J

    Question 6 pin cable needed for GPU, but not supplied with PSU

    I am building my first PC. My GPU has a 6 pin and an 8 pin connector which I understand is fairly common. My PSU has only 8 pin connectors. 2 of them are blue and labeled "CPU" The cables they supplied include 2 that are blue on one end. These are 8 (6+2) pin. I also have one 8 pin (4+4)...
  10. K

    Question hdmi to vga help.

    so i found this hdmi to vga adapter and i can't tell if it is an active adapter of not, i couldn't find more info and that is the only thing avaliable to me nearby. can you tell if it is active or not? http://www.s-box.biz/en/artikl/6452
  11. B

    Question Need help with display cables

    What cable should i get. My graphics card has only display port and hdmi cable, whice my 144hz monitor has hdmi dvi and vga. Do I need a converter and if so which one would you recommend
  12. L

    [SOLVED] No signal detected! Dunno what to do.

    Basically, one evening, I was gaming. I went to sleep, in the following day I tried to start pc, it wasnt working. I found out that my psu was dead. I replaced it, and now, when I start pc, monitor says signal not detected. Hdmi cable looks fine, gpu fans spinning. Im in deep trouble, and im not...
  13. vistagamer6969

    Question Weird display problem on laptop

    Hello! I've found about 3 weeks ago my old laptop - fujitsu amilo li 2727 model 2228 - and when I power it on it just displayed a white screen then slowly (about 1-2 minutes) became black. I've plugged it in my monitor thru a VGA to VGA cable and it showed up an error "Cannot display this...
  14. R

    Question PCI-E cable goes directly into the PSU??

    View: https://imgur.com/a/16j7NhW As you can see there are 2 ends on the PCIe Cable both are 6+2. But shouldnt one go into the PSU and the other into the GPU? Because one more end which can not be unplugged goes directly into the PSU. Does that mean I have 2 6+2 pins available for the GPU...
  15. A

    Question Will routing CPU cable under graphics card cause any problem?

    My motherboard covers the cutout for 8pin CPU connector cable in my cabinet. So I am left with two options either to route it over graphics card or under the graphics card. I decided to route it under the graphics card for better cable management and looks but I wanted to know if it will cause...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Where do I plug in the PCIE Cable?

    Where do I plug in the PCIE Cable? View: https://m.imgur.com/a/g6uBXWA I am abojt to buy a MSI AERO ITX GTX 1650 Super which has a 6pin connector. My cable is a 6+2 on both sides and I am not sure if I should plug in 6pin into the PSU or 8pin and where exactly. Thanks!
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Cat6 cable vs modem, where is the fault ?

    I have a D-Link WiFi router where my Internet cable is connected. Due to reasons, the WiFi is not strong enough to be received with considerable speed on the other end of my house, I figured I will run a 10 metre long CAT-6 cable on my old router Netgear configured as AP(Access Point) mode to my...
  18. H

    Question New Build - please help me with unknown ARGB Controller cables-nowhere to connect?

    New build PC Specs: ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 Motherboard AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU + Ryzen Stealth Cooler Gigabyte GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6GB Corsair Vengeance 32GB RAM (16GBx2) 1TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD 256GB Integral M1 M.2 NVME 2280 AeroCool Integrator MX600W PSU GameMax KamiKaze Pro MicroATX Case My...
  19. D

    Question Would moving cable from sata 3 slot to sata 4 make hdd go faster?

    Picture 1: View: https://imgur.com/B8MCJrx Picture 2: View: https://imgur.com/CRRjVgB Picture 3: View: https://imgur.com/t2olAK6 First of all I know the drawing on picture 3 is stupid but I wanted the image to be more comprehensible. I'm wondering if moving the cable from sata 3 slot to...
  20. vistagamer6969

    Question Weird display behavior (might be broken?)

    Hello! So a few days ago I found my first laptop ever (fujitsu amilo li 2727 ms2228) and when I powered it on it showed me a black screen with 2 white vertical lines and a small white spot in the right down corner. I remember some years ago when I powered it on it did the same thing and I...