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    Question Cleanest computer, with these components?

    Hey guys! I need some help for my coming pc. I use the parts from my last pc. These are the parts: Asus Strix 1080 Asus Z370-f I5-8600k Corsair H110i GTX (maybe buying the Enermax 240mm rgb cooler) Corsair RX650m Pm961 128gb NVME Kingston A400 240gb SSD Intel 256gb SSD I also need help...
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    Question Questions for someone knowlegable in cablemod rgb strips!

    I have some questions regarding the cablemod rgb strips: 1. there are hybrid like RGBW and RGBUV and the normal one! whats the difference cuse i want to use tham in aura sinc and dont know if the software even supports uv or white! if the difference only the white and uv i would stick to the...
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    Graphics card upgrade

    I just bought a start up gaming pc and was wondering if I upgrade my graphics card slightly, would I need to upgrade anything else?
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    Driven me crazy for years - video question on PC Windows

    So I'm no expert, I know a little but not enough it seems. There is this issue with video on a PC I have seen for years, no matter the GPU or Windows version. When a video is playing, and the screen scrolls along to move the scenery, the scene seems to "skip" frames and try to catch up. Could be...
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    Can't decide between two monitors

    Hi guys, I'm going to buy a new monitor but can't decide between these two and...
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    How future proof is my rig?

    CPU: i5 4690k GPU: GTX 770 2GB RAM: 12GB PSU: Corsair VS650 MOBO: Asus H8M1-e Can someone tell me what I need to upgrade right now for gaming? I want it to last at least 2 years for triple (A) titles. And I am not looking to game over 1080p.
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    New Motherboard and CPU. CPU Temp High

    I just finished installing my new motherboard, CPU, and RAM in my old Dell XPS 630i case. Motherboard: Asus H97-Pro Gamer CPU- Intel Core i7-4790 (Non-K) While sitting at BIOS the CPU temp shows it increasing to about 72-75 Celsius after just a few minutes and I'm using the stock CPU fan which...
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    amd fx 4350 quad core

    I have amd fx 4350 quad core and i want to know whats the size of my cpu because i want to buy a new cpu fan