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  1. S

    Question What type of Ethernet cable can i get

    Hey everyone so I need some ethernet cable for a project im looking for CAT6/CAT6A but does anyone know of cabling that does NOT have a thick plastic separator inside it is extremely difficult to terminate the ends let me know
  2. R

    Adding an SSD

    Which is the better SSD H/D SAMSUNG 500gb SSD 970 EVO PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3 V-NAND 3-bit MLC MZ-V7E500BW SSD 970 EVO 500GB PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3 V-NAND M.2 (2280) @ Samsung $119.99 Or MZ-N6E500BW...
  3. vexzite

    Should I upgrade from my FX-8350?

    I'm hoping to get 60fps on most games on high-maxed settings. The biggest thing I'm hoping for is to be able to run GTA V on max settings, 1080p, at 60FPS. Should I upgrade to a better CPU, or will not be worth it. Will I be able to run GTA5 60fps with my setup? CPU: FX 8350 @4.7 GPU: MSI...
  4. E

    Best 2014-15 Android Under 300$

    Hi Im looking to buy an android under 300$ can some one tell me which is best ? Thanks
  5. M

    Replacing my primary drive

    I currently have a 60gb ssd with windows and some programs on but i would like to replace this with some raid 0 samsung evo 840. I also have a 1TB drive and i was wondering if i could simply replace the old ssd and still be able to use the data on my 1TB drive.
  6. D

    paste application help

    I am trying to understand why too much paste applied is a bad thing. Aside from the obviousness of it being wasteful why is it so bad if you have some "squeezeout" As long as it is not electrically conductive, wont just the use of a couple of q-tips take care of it? After all, if you get a...