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  1. T

    Should I buy GTX 1060 3GB?

    (I'm using my country's price) It's roughly $160. It was used for mining and has no box. Currently, a new 1050ti is $200 and a used 1060 6GB is about $240. Should I buy the GTX 1060 3GB? Usually, miners undervolt their gpu so it might actually be "minter" than those used for gaming.
  2. M

    DVI-VGA performance on 1080p60hz

    I have dvi from my gpu into vga in monitor. My case is damn stupid and because of a tiny metal thing(not removable) i cannot use any hdmi ports. Does this affect my gaming on gtx 1080 for 1080p 60hz? I got decent enough components otherwise. Thank you!
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Vmware MacOs Sierra to High sierra upgrade issues

    Hey there guys, been running Sierra on A virtual machine for the past month(Vmware) and i want to upgrade to high sierra as the option is available, but whenever the update attempts to install, it always fails saying there is no space on where the virtual machine is installed, where as there is...
  4. J

    Connected tv to laptop as second monitor.

    I've taken on streaming and decided to use my tv as my second monitor via hdmi cord. It works perfectly however I don't want the sound coming through the tv. I rather leave it as coming through the laptop. I have Windows 10. I tried using tutorials on fixing this, went to sound settings and it...
  5. S

    i3-4150 and GTX 760 4GB Bottleneck?

    In my current pc I have an intel i3-4150, I saw there's an MSI twin frozr GTX 760 4gb for sale on letgo near me, would the i3 I have be able to keep up with this card or no? Also the price is listed as negotiable so there's no number, what would you guys say is a good price for that card? I'm...
  6. Y

    i5-4440 + GTX 1070 Ti

    Hi all, at the moment I have the low-mid PC: i5-4440 + R9 280 + B45 MB + 10 Gb RAM. I hope some day I'll get enough money to buy something really special: something like i7-x700k + GTX xx70 + 32 Gb RAM, but now I'm able to afford only one specific high-end component. Since I'm so tired to...
  7. M

    144 Hz compatibility?

    Hi everyone! For the past month I've been trying to assemble the right "parts" for a gaming computer (my first time doing this, got sick of the lag when playing with my 5 year old laptop). I've bought the MSI Infinite VR7RC desktop recently, and now I'm looking for a monitor. I stumbled across...
  8. NetBlaise

    How to clone a OS partition to another drives partition/unallocated space and not to a drive

    I need help cloning my c:/ OS partition (not the whole drive) to another drives partiotion (unallocated partition. Disk 2 OS Drive (WD WD800JD-75MSA3 80GB-$20) Partition 1 c:/ 80gig in size with 2gig left to use. There's another partition here for recovery 20gig. Total drive space...
  9. A

    Looking to upgrade my PC (AMD-6300,GTX 1060)

    Hey there, need some help/suggestions on what to get to upgrade my pc for better performance. Right now, i have the AMD-6300 CPU and GTX 1060 GPU, 8GB ram and 2TB HDD. I want a GTX 1070 for better game performance which im looking for but after researching, im learning that it will bottleneck my...
  10. A

    Upgrade for GC GT620

    I want to upgrade my pc with a more powerful Graphics card, y currently own a GT620, is very basics for the things i do with it , which card do you think could be the best option? Here are my specs and some photos Summary Operating System...
  11. S

    Cannot find a new Laptop Screen

    Hello Tom's Guide Forums. A few months ago a buddy of mine stepped on my laptop and the screen shattered. It still works, but there is a spidering crack that moves from the center to the edges, making it hard to work on. The model number is the HP-Y013CL. I've already looked on the PartSurfer...
  12. G

    Help for choosing my new laptop

    Hi, I'm buying a new laptop soon, and I can't decide between these two ASUS and Lenovo models: ASUS: Intel Pentium N4200 processor with dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® 920MX (N16V-GMR1) GDDR5 2GB graphic card Lenovo: Intel® Core™ i3-6006U Processor with Integrated Intel HD 520. Which one would be...
  13. P

    My laptap not turning on

    My asus notebook pc x453SA won't turn on and the status indicator just keep on blinking green why?
  14. P

    Acer aspire v5 ZRQ 573 cant turn on

    Hello, when i try to connect usb mouse, I push inside connecors. But i push it to not usb place. Now i cant turn on laptop. What i need to change? Image
  15. M

    Running RGB in serial vs parallel?

    I have an Asus Rog Strix Z270I mobo, which has 1 12V, 2 Amp RGB header. I want to use it for lighting, specifically with an RGB four-way splitter with individual RBG strips attached to each splitter. I'm seriously confused as to how many this can handle. If a strip is 12V, and you're attaching...
  16. O

    Securely erase 100gb from 1tb hdd?

    Are there any programs that allow you to securely erase only a certain portion of a hard drive? I have recently upgraded my hard drive and would like to securely erase the space that I had used up, which is 100gb approx from a 2tb drive. Whats the best program that can run in the backround of...
  17. J

    Very strange popup

    Every few weeks when i start up my computer this pops up, windows defender says nothing's wrong. should I be worried? edit: turns out it was a corrupted file that usually comes with lenovo computers, thanks for the help everyone.
  18. S

    Optimum space for ssd

    I have a 200gb ssd that I have my os on and a couple games. It has 135gb left so including extra space left for saved games, how much space should I leave for my ssd? Also does having my os on the ssd affect how much space should be left?
  19. K

    VGA dies after repasting by Liquid metal

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I repasted my MSI 1070 Gaming X with Liquid metal. When I plugged in and turned on PC, I heard a busting sound from the VGA and the screen went black. How can I fix it now? Thanks
  20. Icaraeus

    Corsair 600W or Silverstone 700W Power Supply?

    For a system that will be using: Ryzen 7 2700X Cryorig C7 Cu + Noctua NF-A9x14 Asus X470-I motherboard 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM m.2 SSD EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Dan Cases A4 SFX v2 Exact PSUs are the Corsair SF600W 80+ Gold and Silverstone SX700-LPT 80+ Platinum. Corsair model is an SFX and...