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    non wireless tv

    can anyone help me my daughters bedroom television canonly have internet via a ethernet its not wireless i have a fibre optic router downstairs can anyone tell me if tgeres anything on the market to buy that i can get so she has a ethernet ?
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    What cable is this

    Really quick question. What cable is this, and where do I connect it? Case: Nzxt rog 450 Mobo: strix 370h Bonus question: What does it do?
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    My PC specs and best monitor for them

    With tax money coming in I was looking to buy some new monitors. Willing to spend around $500 for one and here's my predicament. Keep in mind I'm new to PC gaming and hardware in general so bear with me as this might seem like a noob question haha. I have an i7-7700K with nvidia GTX 1060...
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    Can't open CMD on my User... but can on added guest??

    Hello internet. So I've had an issue for some time with the following a) Unable to open command prompt (opens for a flicker, then vanishes) b) Computer can't read from substitution paths like Z: However if I add a new user or guest and load into that, I CAN do these things. I don't know...
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    Gpu fans not spinning, no power

    I was using my computer just fine one day when the screen went suddenly black I turned of the computer and turned it back on but no signal I checked my pcie cables and reseated the card it’s self nothing. If the card was dead I would suspect it would still get power. Please Help Gtx 780...
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    GTX 480 Strange Lines on Screen

    Hi guys, my name is Eduard. Yesterday my GPU got burned and today I bought a second hand GTX 480 at a very good price from a guy in my town. When I plugged it in my pc it started fine but when it showed the windows logo it started to draw strange horizontal lines on the screen. I started...
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    Games to play

    I'm looking into a computer that has an AND A6-7400k with 8gb of ram and a Radeon R5 integrated graphics
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    MSI Bazooka b350m ez bios led CPU + ryzen 3 2200G

    I have ryzen 3 2200g but when I turn on my pc,the cpu ez debug led lit up and the screen was black. This is my build: MSI b350m bazooka ryzen 3 2200g 2x4ram 3000mhz 400w psu Anyway, if anybody could help me with this ASAP I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for the attention!