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    Question PSU Calculation

    When i try to calculate my PC's power consumption with OuterVision Power Supply Calculator it shows a value of 230 Watts. But when i calculate it by hand i get this: CPU(E5200):60W GPU(R7 240): 30W RAM(2*2GB):10W HDD(Sata 7200):10W Motherboard: 30W 4*USB2.0 : 10W In total i get 150W. Which...
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    [SOLVED] Help me with calculating the cost of running my PC

    If my electric company charges "10 cents per kilowatt hour". Then if my PC consistently draws 500 watts from the wall, this is called half-a-kilowatt/hour, correct? 1. Does it cost 5 cents per hour in electricity to run my PC? 2. Running my PC for 24 hours each day will equate to $1.2/day or...
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    Trying to fix laptop

    Hi there my Laptop was stolen but I have got it back. From I have got it back I can't get into it. When I start it up it says checking media fail the new screen says no bootable device -- please restart system . It is a toshiba satellite c50d can any one help me please