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  1. M

    Ti 84 plus ce-t not working

    This might not be the best place to post it but i'll post it any way. I have the TI 84 plus ce-t graphic calculator but it stopped working. It doesn't turn on anymore. When i try to charge it i get the orange light indicating it is charging. It will turn green after a while indicating it is...
  2. M

    NVS Quadro 110M performance

    How terrible is the NVS Quadro 110M? Do you think it would be able to run something, say war thunder for example?
  3. D

    Ultra M.2 slot occupancy priority.

    I'm currently configuring a budgeted gaming/workstation hybrid build, and I'm trying to gather as much information as I can to optimize my build to great performance and slight future-proofing. That slightly irrelevant tidbit aside, I'm concerned with how I should priorities the use of the m.2...
  4. R

    Vega 56 for £390 or Vega 64 for £470

    Hi guys, The title says it all. I've been waiting for a gpu for ages (i have a 7950). I was trying to wait for a AIB version but they seem like months away. Out of the 2 options what one do you think is more worth it. Vega 56 for £390 from Overclockers or Vega 64 for 470 from Overclockers...
  5. Cookezilla

    Horizontal white lines on screen, graphics card not being detected! (Please help)

    I launched the brand new game, The golf club, and the screen went black with green stripes. The system then shut down and it launched in the same state. It claims the graphics card is not connected via device manager. Ive done a system restore, here is an image. Ive never had this problem...