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  1. Zelotus

    Question Call Of Duty MW19 and BO3 both crash seconds after starting ?

    Hi all, Ive spent hours upon days trying to fix MW19 and BO3 from launching on my PC at all, it struggled on my old PC too no fix. only improvement ive found was that unplugging my VR headset added 3 seconds before BO3 would crash but i feel like that is more of a placebo change. Specs are...
  2. Adrian Garcia

    [SOLVED] It's only allowing me to port forward one of two ports at once, trying to get an open NAT type, and other issues.

    Hello, I'm trying to get an open NAT type for Call of Duty: Black Ops III on PC. I've tried turning UPNP on, tried putting my network on DMZ, and nothing has worked. I even rebooted my router. So I had to resort to port forwarding. I have an ARRIS TG1672. But I have a couple questions and a...