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CAM software

Forum discussion tagged with CAM software.
  1. J

    Question Kraken CPU Fan RPM reading all over the place

    Hello everyone, Hope you're all well. So, I removed two top RGB 120mm case fans that had two cables coming out of them and replaced them with two 140 mm Silent Wings 3 fans which only has 1 x cable for each one. When I restarted my PC, CAM seems to be reading my Kraken CPU fan (silent profile)...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Fan control - NZXT Cam

    Hello, Case NZXT H710i I have just built my first PC, and for the most part, I am an idiot, as the name suggests. When the case arrived the 4 NZXT fans were pre installed. 3 in the front and one rear exhaust. I believe: The 3 fans at the front were already connected to the came. Each connection...
  3. T

    Question Best way to configure fans

    I have: NZXT H710i case, comes with 4 NZXT fans - cam hub 3x Corsair LL120 - got two hubs in the box, one much larger than the other and my MOBO is the Crosshair VIII Hero. What is the best way to configure all of these? Is there one software I could use to control the speed and then just...
  4. RGBillie

    Question Can't change light color in H500i case

    I just got the NZXT H500i case, and i downloaded the CAM software to change the colors of the light strips inside. But i cant/dont know how to. It just says "Please select on or more channels in order to apply changes" but there's nothing to click on.