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  1. A

    Question Hard disque of CCTV

    Hi, I have a CCTV with 500GB Hard disc, i want to check the DATA stored in the hard disc, when i connect it with Laptop, it doesn't work, the laptop detect the hard drive but it doesn't show up,.. I need your help please to get access to the hard drive . Thanks.
  2. M

    Question Best low light DSLR for under 750usd/670Euro

    I recently had my car robed with all my camera gear, i previously had a Sony SLT-A58 and a lot of gear for it. but almost all the gear got stolen only have a tripod and little gorilla tripod left so im in-need of a new camera and since all my gear got stolen i can start from scratch so i wanted...
  3. S

    Question What are some good home cameras in 2019 where I can watch live through a tablet?

    Hello, I live on the top floor of my house and I am looking for a very high-definition(like crystal clear) home security camera to put downstairs in the living room where it is constantly recording live and the security camera comes with a easy-to-open tablet like an Ipad where I can just press...
  4. O

    Question Am4 mobo question

    I have a HP Envy 750-610. It has a basswood am4 mobo with a ryzen 5 1400. I will be upgrading it at some point in the future and plan to get a Ryzen r7 1700 and will want to OC which I can not do on this mobo. I will be using it for gaming. I'm interested to know a good cheap mobo for this.
  5. Benji19912

    Question blurry image on 1920 x 1080

    Hi all, I have paired a GTX 960 2gb with a samsung T22E310EX 1080p moniter via HDMI. but the image isnt crisp. logo's and text and everything are not crisp. need help to remedy this cheers. the HDMI is connected to the STD port on the moniter, not the DVI. samsung website says to change the...
  6. P

    Question Strange issue on Wifi not on 4G

    Hi , I have a Archer c6 gigabit router and a home broadband connection of 100 mbs fed into it and 2 channels 2.4 and 5 ones I am using a firestick 2nd gen and an paid Iptv service Now when i use Wifi and either of the channels the live streamings buffers a lot Now the most interesting part -...
  7. G

    Question PC won’t boot

    Hi all .every time I mist update amd video drivers I can’t boot in to Windows.first boot goes in to black screen after soft reset it goes to Windows logo with infiniti cycle spin.after numrous atemts it boots and after video driver update everything normal til next amd video driver...
  8. N

    Question Ryzen 3 2200g + RX 570 + B450 MoBo ?

    I have two options presently Ryzen 3 2200g + Rx 570 + msi b450 gamingplus mATX. Ryzen 5 2400g + msi B450 tomahawk ( with this i cannot afford gpu i will have to wait 8..9 months maybe 1 year to get myself a gpu) SO MY QUESTION is will i see any massive performance difference between ryzen 3...
  9. A

    Question Trustmaster tmx pro compatibility with differentshifters

    Hello, I wanted to ask what shifters does the tmx pro gaming wheel support aside from trustmaster TH8a shifter
  10. SkyRock1986

    [SOLVED] SSD drives (M.2)

    I am currently building a new rig using a X470-Pro Asus motherboard. This will be my first time using what they call a M.2 drive. I guess it is faster than your typical SATA SSD? I have decided I want to use a fast SSD for Windows 10. I went ahead and purchased a 240GB Western Digital with a...
  11. R

    Question My GPU rx 470 and my psu have no compatibility?

    I have a problem with my GPU and it is not all the time, but if in some games it crashes, the pc does not turn off, and all devices are still on, but it loses the video and does not respond, like the keyboard and the mouse remain on but doing nothing, my question is this, I have two psu, 600 w...
  12. K

    Question DisplayPort 1.2 vs 1.4

    i have a monitor Dell alienware aw2518hf and a graphic card 1050 as i saw i can use g.sync even if my monitor is a freesync one...the only thing i have to do is to buy a display port monitor is 1080p 240hrz....what display port i need to buy to use g sync? 1.2 or 1.4?
  13. nero1024

    Question Why not?

    Hi. Maybe someone know, why don't we have HBM RAM for system? Is it only good as video card memory?
  14. A

    [SOLVED] From 4th Gen i5 to 8th Gen i5

    So, i decided to totally upgrade a whole new system. Things that i might be reuse, would be the PSU - Deep Cool 530W PSU (DE-530) GPU - Leadtek 4GB GTX970 HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB Upgrade CPU - Intel i5 8400 2.8GHz Mobo - MSI B360M PRO VH RAM - 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 (1 Stick) SSD - Kingston...
  15. G

    Question Port forwarding with wifi extenders

    Hello, ok so my setup is like this Isp router--nexxt router on extender mode--tp link on extender mode too-- my pc via ethernet. I tried port forwarding to my pc ip but that doesn't work so maybe the extenders are the problem? Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  16. S

    Question Which motherboard should I use?

    I have two motherboards and I can't find a clear answer on whats a better pick My first motherboard is a Lenovo CIP67M, my other is an ASUS P8P67 The GPU will be a RX 580 Sapphire 8gb The CPU is an overclocked i5 2500k
  17. S

    Question 6700k high temps/100% usage

    So I went out and bought a 2080, blew the dust out of my case and installed the 2080. A day later I started noticing I was getting massive stutters in games like Battlefield V. Checked my cpu temps in HWMonitor and they were through the roof like 90c+. Usage was going from anywhere to 50% all...
  18. A

    Question problem with streaming nba games

    i have a problem with my laptop on streaming the games from nba league pass on Windows 10,before last night everything was running perfect i haven't touched anything and now i can play only top plays and the video highlights posted below of the game but when i try to watch the game itself...
  19. D

    Question Expectations vs. Reality

    Basically, as the title says, unsure of whether I am getting the most out of my PC or not as I am for all intent and purpose - a newbie, barely above a beginner and just competent enough to cobble together my own rig. So here are my specs before we get started: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x...
  20. J

    Question Need help choseing gaming laptop

    I was just looking to get a cheap gaming laptop. I see a few on curries both have good customer reviews. I don’t really know what I’m looking at, is the second one worth the extra £150? £629...