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    Question External Hard Drive "A device which does not exist was specified" on Bootcamp only

    I had the bright idea to set up bootcamp on my macbook and then use an external hard drive to extend the space of my windows partition. However, the drive seems to have stopped working. It keeps on erroring out with: "Location is Not Available" D:/ is not accessible A device which does not...
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    [SOLVED] External hard drive freezes / hangs up / locks up Windows 10

    I have a Seagate SRD00F2 p/n: 1d7ap3-500 3 Tb external hard drive that's getting flaky. I had it being accessed by a Windows 7 PC, and one day the drive / letter simply vanished. The drive does power up and spin when powered and plugged into a USB port, but the Windows 7 PC refuses to...
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    motherboard gone bad

    hi. i have ASUS laptop- x453m model. i just left my laptop on and when it off the screen (sleepmode) i tried to turn it on after a moment then it suddenly won't work. power button didn't work. not charging and no light indicator at all. i already went to diff technician and they said its the...
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    games automatically "minimize" or "alt+tab"

    when im in a game, it will start flicker for a sec or two, then just minimize. when I then open the game again..... 2 sec later, same thing. This also happens if I alt+tab out of a game to check skype or smtn like that. i've scanned with malwarebytes, bitdeffender and some other programs, and...