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    [SOLVED] Is this prebuilt PC a scam?

    So I was looking into buying a new PC since my current one is relatively outdated, and I came across what I thought was a good deal. The specs seemed good to me and I checked pcpartpicker to see if it was a good price for what was in it, and it still seemed like a good deal. It was on sale for...
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    [SOLVED] .

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    [SOLVED] Best cheap RTX 2060 laptop with 6 cores - 2300 CAD

    BUDGET : 2300 CAD/ 1750 USD - Preferably CAD because I need it in Vancouver British Columbia. Basic specs needed : 6 core processor 16gb ram RTX 2060 Best possible display for color accuracy Not too big Good Thermal Performance Decent Battery SSD Storage (even if it is in dual config) Please...
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    ASRock P67 Pro - crashes when I run WEI, 3 different graphics cards tried

    Hi All, It's mostly all there in the subject line. I'm trying to run Windows Experience Index (WEI) on this machine, but it always crashes (reboots) during the Direct3D 9 section of the WEI tests. I've tried 3 different PCI-Express graphics cards so far, and always the same result. 8Mb RAM...
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    Weird BSODs After upgrade

    Hello! I recently changed my MOBO,CPU and GPU and then i installed windows 8.1 everything is fine, i can play older games just fine but i just tried far cry 4, assassins creed unity and dying light at for each one of them after around 20-25 minutes of gaming on maxed out settings i get a random...
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    low-scores on benchmarks

    Just wondering, I have an fx 8350 at 4.0 and a MSI r9 290X gaming 4gb edition(1030/1250) and ive been getting a score of 2400 - 2500 in Unique Valley 1.0 (depends on the driver I ques). On another forum they told me it is a low score for the setup. Also in Firestrike its a score just over...