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  1. arnabgx

    Question Samsung EVO 256 GB SSD detected in BIOS, not detected in Disk Management Windows 10 Pro

    Hi Everyone, I have been trying to set up my new Samsung EVO SSD 250 GB by replacing my DVD/CD drive. I replaced the DVD drive with a fitting caddy, attached the SSD to it and inserted it into my Laptop. The SSD is detected in BIOS. But when I tried to set it up from Windows, it doesn't show...
  2. Tyler17

    Connecting A Linksys E2500 To An Existing Modem/Router - Questions Please

    As I just upgraded my router this week, I was thinking of giving my old Linksys E2500 (running Advanced Tomato) to my brother since his existing wireless router doesn’t seem to provide a very stable wireless signal in his apartment. There might be signal interference issues because his router...