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    [SOLVED] Printer appears in control panel but not in settings.

    Alright, so I'm trying to connect an old printer to my Windows 10 PC. I've plugged it in via USB and it appears in the control panel (Hardware and Printers) as 'Canon InkJet'. Great right? No not really, becasue in order to print the printer has to be available in settings. But it isn't. It...
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    Slow 2nd Hdd

    Hi guys. Looking for some help. I recently built a pc for a mate: I7 3770k cpu Asus p8z77 v lx Crucial M500 120gb ssd drive Sapphire R9 290 gpu I tested it with my ram and put windows 8.1on and it ran great. He was to put his old hdd, dvd drive and ram in when he received it. He has said...