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  1. O

    BSOD- Crashing and Buzzing

    My brand new PC build has started to crash up to 3 times a day, freezing with a continuous buzzing from the speakers. Updated a load of drivers today, and the latest crash came with a blue screen of death, and a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. Used BlueScreenView to view the dumpfile and it says the...
  2. R

    Phone Not Turning On

    Hello, I have found a phone in a bush next to my local Dunkin' Donuts, it had a cracked screen protector, under it was a un cracked and mint screen. The outside was beat up. When I charge it a light turns on. Before I was messing around with the buttons and Android recovery popped up. I reset it...
  3. computerman1234

    How much power is too much from a specified wattage of a power supply?

    I was reading online that you should buy a PSU so that your parts consume 50-60% of its total available power to allow for upgrades and more efficient performance. I currently have a 600W PSU and use about 500W power with it as I have already upgraded my GPU to a 980Ti. I am looking to upgrade...
  4. R

    Connecting a wireless Network to a Server

    We are trying to connect wireless Laptops with Windows 10Pro to a Server via a Draytek router. But having an issue connecting.
  5. X

    Computer freezes during boot up at windows loading screen

    PC Specs: PSU: Corsair CS650M Motherboard: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming CPU: Intel i5-4670k GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW RAM: 2x8gb HyperX Fury HD: Crucial 128gb SSD/Seagate 1000gb SSHD OS: Windows 10 Home The GPU is 7 months old, the RAM about 1 year, while the rest of the build is about 3 years old...
  6. Myronazz

    Unable to install Visual Basic 2010

    Hello, Probably the most bizarre and weirdest issue i have ever gotten but I'm trying to repair my Visual Basic 2010 installation and every time i try to run the installer it pops up with "Setup.hta is not a valid Win32 Application" Weird thing is... that i have successfully runned the very...
  7. O

    Gigabyte H110M-A motherboard

    Does the gigabyte ultra durable H110M-A motherboard have built in wifi?
  8. D

    is this server over kill ?

    is this server over kill for cs:cz 26 players ? the ssd is because i think an hdd would die from being on so long .
  9. A

    GT 730 compatibility

    Hello,i have this current build, i want to know if it can support gt 730 ddr5 2gb graphic card. CPU: G2010 2.8Ghz Mobo: Gigabyte H61M-D2H RAM: 4gb ddr3 PSU: foxin fps 500s, 500w Currently i am using gt 610 ddr3 2gb. Would appreciate your answers
  10. D

    greeting to tomsguide

    hello everyone im rohil dass from fiji n a new member to this site n i find this site very interestings n informative
  11. M

    Help with Pc decisions

    I have a desktop with a GTX 1060 and an i5 6500. I also have a Dell inspiron gaming laptop with a GTX 1050 and an i5 7300HQ. Would you guys recommend me selling my desktop and using my laptop for all my main gaming? I could probably sell it for like 800-900 dollars. I could just put the laptop...
  12. T

    Is This Compatible? I made a list of hardware components and periphals that I wanted to buy to build my computer. Before I do this, I just wanted to know if its compatible.
  13. F

    Is my monitor gonna be compatible with gtx 1050 ti

    My monitor is Samsung 2243NW and I want to make sure is it gonna be compatible with gtx 1050ti.
  14. T

    5960x overclock big air vs aio

    Hello, I recently upgraded from a 5820k to a 5960x. I was wondering if an aio such as the x62 kraken, 115i, evga clc 280mm improve the thermals compared to a r1 ultimate which I have already. The r1 kept my 5820k oc to 4.5 w/1.275vcore at 78c during stress tests. With the 5960x, attempting a...
  15. V

    Looking to buy good speakers for home with bluetooth/wifi connectivity

    I need a speaker (or two) and a subwoofer for home, which I can use with both a computer and a phone. They will be set up in my bedroom for most of the time but will be moved to the living room if I'm having people over. I generally listen to electronic and deep house so I'm looking for good...
  16. L

    No System fans slot on motherboard

    I have a Gigabyte motherboard GA-B250M-Ds3H which comes with one system fan header . i have 120 mm 5 system fans and my motherboard only 1 sys fan header. Is there any way to do this ?
  17. P

    Hp laptop internet won't work

    Hi. My new hp probook internet won't connect at home even though it says it's connected to the wifi.. it works everywhere else and all the other devices in the home work fine. Laptop is very new and current. Internet provider says there are no issues with modem
  18. M

    Gaming laptop ~$1000

    I'm going into computer science this upcoming semester and I want a decent laptop with overall good performance and build quality. I have three options: Acer Aspire VX 15: http:// ASUS M580VD-EB76: http:// Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming i7 GTX 1050ti version http:// The three relatively have the...
  19. I

    Thunderbolt EX3 installation/configuration

    Hi, I installed the driver of the TB3, however when I put in the card and follow the steps here: I still cant get it to work. appreciate your support, Regards
  20. L

    How to bring music back

    I accidentally deleted my music I want it back but how I will