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  1. V

    PC Turning Off and On at Random

    My PC has been doing this for a while, but at random times, my PC will just shutoff and come back on, as if I flipped the back power switch off then on. It seems to happen most often while playing a game, then each time the system boots back up, becomes more common to the point where my PC is...
  2. T

    NZXT s340 Elite case: Would a Kraken liquid cooler also cool case?

    I just did a new build in a NZXT 340 Elite Case. I have an I7-770K air cooled with a cool master hyper 212 Evo. My gpu is an EVGA Geforce 980 TI Gaming ACX 2.0 (the one with two built-in GPU fans). The case only comes with two fans. (140 & 120). My temps are OK - nothing to worry about -...
  3. JQB45

    Does anyone know anything about this CPU?

    Intel i5-8250U
  4. L

    Horizontal blurred lines.

    Hi there. I am getting random horizontal blurred lines on my screen while I play a game called 'Black Desert Online'. These lines appear more frecuently when I move the camera vertically, and they are always in horizontal position. I tried to record or screenshot this issue but, when I try to...
  5. A

    Fan splitters? PLEASE HELPP

    I am using the NZXT S340 elite and it has 4 chassis fan mounts, my mobo only has 3 case fan headers, unabling me to use all 4, I found this...
  6. G

    Want to buy a new gaming pc can check it out if it's good ?

    There is a pc with Intel Pentium and GeForce GT 1030 for pretty cheap but I don't now about the motherboard it's a FUJITSU D3400-B2 µATX Here is the site and all the...
  7. A

    can you put a m.2 wifi card from a laptop into a desktoppc with a m.2 slot

    i got a m.2 wifi card from a laptop ther motherboard was fried so laptop is junk but will the wifi card fit in a x99 asrock motherboard that has a m.2 slot i believe the key is the same and after all a m.2 is a m.2 right there ether storige or wifi cards
  8. J

    GPU compatible with my mobo

    Hello, I have a ASUS P7P55-M and im trying to run a MSI GTX 980 GPU. is my mobo good enough for this GPU?
  9. S

    Weird status indicator

    I know the question doesn't really fit this site, hope you'll understand. I bought the Redragon k558 anala keyboard a few days ago. Something I noticed is that there are 3 status indicators which are: caps lock, num lock, and a weird one that has an arrow pointing down and a line below it (Like...
  10. R

    want to upgrade Graphic card to play new expansion pack in world of warcraft

    upgrade Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 to 6000
  11. D

    what performance can i get with a gt 730

    the specs are i5-7400 8gb ram gt 730 1tb hd am i able to run battlefield 1 and gta 5
  12. F

    My gpu is DVI-i can I plug in a DVI-d cable

    So I bought and old gpu and I noticed it was dvi-i but I only had a dvi-d cable my question is do you guys think it will work or does it have to be exactly dvi-i i for it to display on my TV?
  13. A

    DCR-TRV17E Camera but not conected pci card

    please fix my probluem
  14. A

    Migrate from HDD+SSD to one SSD

    I have a lenovo u310 with a 500GB HDD (only 150 GB is used) paired with a 24 GB mSATA SSD for fast booting. I bought a samsung evo 850 250gb SSD and I want to migrate from both the HDD and the 24 GB SSD to my new SSD. My concern is the fastboot SSD. If I use a data migration tool, Will it be...
  15. G

    GTA San Andreas used to run without problem, now keeps crashing

    Sorry for posting this a second time, but last time my post got closed for falsely accusing me of piracy. The game is NOT pirated. I bought the hard copy (CD) of the game years ago. I then copied the game folder (C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA SA) to my portable HDD (because I lost the CD)...
  16. Noah M

    Internet turns to "No Internet Acess" randomly

    Hello! For the past few days I have been having some internet issues. Probably around every hour I will lose connection on my computer and the full bar internet symbol goes away and turns into a monitor with a cord and a yellow triangle symbol that says "No Internet Access." It does this...
  17. P

    Completely destroyed by malware

    Hello! I'm currently writing for a friend. She downloaded a virus by accident, mystarting123, which took control of Chrome and started downloading other malware. Now she can't turn on the pc anymore. There's only an error message and then the entire thing shuts down. What's the message? We have...
  18. J

    Computer won't send any information to monitors.

    I had my computer working for several weeks then one day it wouldn't turn on. I messed with some stuff and everything would turn on but nothing to my monitors. I tried new ram, a new power supply, vga dvi and HDMI chords to two different monitors. I send my mother board in back to asus two times...
  19. R

    Is this a good build for gaming

    Hello, so i am build a gaming pc and i need help. is this a good build for a gaming pc or do you have any suggestions
  20. alanps

    Not starting after power off

    Hey everyone, My computer is not working after the electricity of the house went off. Everything was working fine before. This exact same thing happened before but I solved it by just changing the cables to the drives (both SSD and HDD). Now that is not working. When I start the system, it...