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    Confused about amazon purchase

    I recently bought a few parts for my new PC from amazon (Corsair vengeance ram, corsair RMX 650 PSU and a Hyper 212 x CPU cooler) and i have only been charged for the CPU cooler (this was 3 days ago) and i haven't been charged for the PSU or Ram. I bought all 3 at the same time and they have all...
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    How much can I sell this rig for?

    Hey All, Was just wondering how much I can sell this rig for? Thanks in advance!
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    I5 7500 temperatures

    Hello, I have i5 7500 and Im cooling it with Silentium Fera 2 v2 and Im getting about 60 degrees Celsia when playing Overwatch and about 60-64 when doing stress test to 100% load. Are these normal temps with this cooler?
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    Bought a new PSU, connected everything, PC only boots for a fraction of a second

    Hello, I need your help. Recently I've been considering buying a new GPU (especially since the old one gone bust), XFX RX480 GTR, but I figured I should buy a new PSU for it first. My system specifications: Asrock H87M mobo i5-4590 (with aftermarket cooler) No GPU atm, only integrated Win 8.1...
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    Simple question, need help, Sound Card - ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo 7.1.

    Hey guys, so i got that sound card, but i have an doubt, i plugged in the sound card without a problem, but the card came with a power cable, but that power cable as 2, pin entrances (sorry i dont know the name in english since im not a native), now my question is, do i need to plug in just 1...
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    Is i3 can achieves what i need?

    Guys i'm confused right now as i don't know if i3(mostly 6th gen) can achieves my requirements or no. As i need to run some programs like after effect CC 2017 and other programs like this.. Also i like to play some little games like PES 16 And AMD Radeon™ R5 M430 is good enough for this...
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    Good speedtest bad downloading

    So speedtest shows 90/9 and about 12 ping. All sites load fast as they should, but when i try to download a file or a game from steam the download is really slow 1mb/s< and randomly goes to zero. I have no clue what could be causing this
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    how to extract chip

    graphics chip on inspiron 1525. An intel GMA7xx I think. Won't move with mild pull/rocking. Is there a lock?