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  1. T

    Question After enabling SecureBoot and resetting FactoryKeys(PK), PC turns on, but Peripherals are not working

    Valorant requested TCP 2.0 and Secure Boot Enabled after I recently switched to Windows 11. I followed this video (Guide) until ~1:35, then I pressed Save&Exit. After that my PC turns on, but non of the peripherals are working. All the fans and LED inside my PC work perfectly while mouse...
  2. Lacci85

    Question Can't access BIOS on Asus X99-E-10G WS ?

    Hello! First, I have to say, this motherboard had the 24 pin power connector burnt by a faulty PSU. The system shut down, but the board stayed powered on, and got pretty hot. ( fans turned off for some reason) There are no visual signs on the board, no browning, or burnt, melted components, or...
  3. super_computer

    [SOLVED] Can't access BIOS and Windows not starting ?

    Dear Sir, Please help me! I can't enter BIOS even after pressing DEL/F2/F8/F12/END KEY, it only shows 'Prepare to Enter'. After that an undersore symbol keeps blinking at top-left of screen. I can't start Windows either. I did every possible trick but nothing works: RAM Changed, Processor...