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  1. Daylennn

    Question Ethernet on computer capped at 100mbps

    I use to get around 900mbps on a good copper cat5e cable. I have the same cable and have had the same router. All i have done is download games on steam and, yet my internet speed has now capped itself at 100mbps, On the ethernet status is says the speed is 100.0mbps. It's set to auto...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Cable Connection Capped at 100mbps

    I'm trully stumped on this one. I recently upgraded my ISP plan to 200mbps, and my PC has not been getting those speeds, staying at the usual 100mbps. I called in the ISP tech support, and in doing several tests, here's what we found out: Wi-fi works on 200mbps. It works on my notebook...
  3. B

    I think i need a PSU...and possibly an electrician.

    Hello guys, im back at it again hassling you guys for answers! Anyways, I have an old house with subpar wiring. I have 5 tenants living throughout my house I notice my lights dimming about 2-5 times a week. Correct me if im wrong , I feel like my gaming PC may not be getting adequate power...