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  1. christophergeo

    [SOLVED] 1080p Video Capturing system

    Hello there, I am building a system for capturing 1080p video ( ~100Mbps ) with a Decklink duo PCI card ( ) and using VMix software. I have built the below system according to the reference system found on VMix website (...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2400g Stream 720p 60fps with Capture Card

    Hi, so I was wondering if a Ryzen 5 2400g would be enough to stream 720p 30/60 fps using a capture card (elgato hd 60) using streamlabs obs
  3. J

    Question Cycle/Loop Connection on Capture Card

    So i'm planning to buy a capture card (Probably Avermedia LGP Lite since its cheap), but i have some questions about capture card (the first 2 question might be dumb questions but i'm curious though) Is it possible to have cycle/loop connection (or whatever it should be called) on capture card...
  4. K

    Question Which Elgato to buy?

    Should I get the Elgato HD, HD60, or HD60s to record my Xbox One, given the specs of my laptop and pc? Hi guys I would appreciate your input on this. I am looking to start making Machinimas on my Xbox One and would like to get a capture card. My only problem is that my laptop isn't that great...
  5. A

    Question Hauppage Colossus Capture card wont work using HDMI

    I recently Got a Hauppage Colossus capture card inside a pc from an estate sale. I put it in my main computer thinking i could use it to capture video from another pc. I installed the drivers and the capture software from hauppage Website and I launch the Capture software the card is detected...
  6. R

    Question Which cpu to buy? (deep learning and streaming)

    I'm planning to build a deep learning machine that does a lot of post processing on images on the cpu too. Currently Core i9 9900K turns out to be the fastest cpu available on market but with only 16 PCIE Lanes. My concern is I will be needing 2 GPU (RTX 2080Tis) and a 4K video capture card...
  7. S

    Programs on laptop crash when using dedicated graphics card, only integrated works

    Hey guys im having a bit of a problem with my laptops dedicated graphics card and i cant seem to find a solution anywhere. The laptop is an Asus FX53V with an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti graphics card, as well as an integrated Intel 630. The operating system is Windows 10 version 1803. About a month ago...
  8. C

    I want to upgrade my [2010] prebuilt system but i dont know if my motherboard needs a BIOS update

    Hey i want to buy this gpu Zotac GeForce GT 1030 2GB to upgrade my system but i dont know if my mobo [foxconn 2abf] want's an BIOS update. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks...
  9. Marrobot

    Software glitch or faulty hardware?

    My friend had a strange glitch recentely where some of the roof textures in Fortnite turned into multicolored garbled messes. Is this just a glitch, or could this be a faulty graphics card? Cheers! [Edit] Specs: Intel Core i5-7400 8gb ddr4 2666mhz (running @ 2400mhz) NVIDIA Geforce 1050ti b250...
  10. D

    Computer starts but can't enter Bios or Setup

    Hey guys, so I have had this problem for a few years now but ignored it as I always found a way to boot. However, my feeling is I am not using max PC power. So at first, when I start the PC, i have to press F1, otherwise it will just stay stuck on the first screen. So i press F1, wait for 3...
  11. T

    Not seeing all the computers on our network all of a sudden

    Hello, Up until the last couple of weeks we were able to see all the computers on our work network. And now we have gone from 16 to 10 and I can't seem to get them to come back up. I can ping all the computers, I have checked to make sure that they are all on the same network. I have checked...
  12. R

    Best website to buy a prebuilt gaming PC?

    What's the best website (in terms of customization and bang for your buck) that you guys know of? Thanks for any responses !
  13. J

    Thermaltakes Floe AIO vs NXZT Phantom 410

    So i can understand why the 360 and the 280mm verisons of this cooler can't fit inside my Phantom 410 case. But can someone explain to me why the 240mm verison can't when the Thermaltake water 3.0 aio can. From when I can tell the floe's block being is 240x120x27 compared to the water 3.0 being...
  14. B

    Upgrading from a gtx 970 to a gtx 1070 regarding PSU

    Hello i am looking to upgrade from a gtx 970 to a gtx 1070, the first time i had my pc custom built but however i am now looking to upgrade it myself so i can actually learn how to do it. My power supply is a Corsair CX-750 750W V3 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply I've read about different power...
  15. HoboJoe527

    Trying to install Dlink DWA-192 Driver on Ubuntu, Please Help!

    So I have recently installed Ubuntu 17.04, and I have a wireless adapter from Dlink, (DWA-192) but im trying to install the network drivers for it, but it is nowhere to be found. I need to be able to connect to wifi with this but I just cant figure it out. Does anyone know how to successfully...
  16. E

    Can ı run watchdogs 2 or gta 5 in low graphics.

    Can ı run watchdogs 2 or gta 5 in low graphics. •Intel Core i5-2500 3.3 turbo boost 3.7 •8gb ram DDR3 •250gb Hard Drive •nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 2GB
  17. L

    Please help me choose.

    Hello So i was trying to buy a new keyboard worth about 35$ or so and i was able to find this mechanical one. Its a chinese brand and apparently it has kailh switches. I wanted to know if it was worth getting it for only 35$...
  18. SkittishGaming

    Optiplex 790 (large tower) and a 750ti?

    I have a dell optiplex 790 for free from work. I wanted to upgrade to a gpu. I decided to have a 100 euro budget for the whole system (without OS, monitor) . I can get a 750ti for 85 and a crap hdd 320GB for 15. I was wondering if it would fit and would be powered adequtly? Can you upgrade a psu...
  19. ArYcEz

    Windows 10 Default Audio Format What Do I Choose?!

    I've recently bought some new headphones (ATH M50X) and I've been wondering what Default sound format will make my experience best when listening to music (on spotify) and playing games? From 16 bit 44100 Hz to 24 bit 192000 Hz
  20. M

    Please help me!

    Just received a window R5. There seems to be a couple of issues with it - the window side panel is warped (the window itself), making it very difficult to close it properly. There is a small gap between the window edge and the white panel; is this common? The middle latch for the latching...