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  1. C

    My car is wired ! Pls help, urgently !

    Hello, My car is audio and video wired. I don't have device to spot locations. Car is ford focus 2006 EU edition Croatia. Can anyone tell or ask their friends asap who are professionals in that field where I need to check. I am ordinary citizen and scam do that for fun for months. Want my...
  2. Remiguillette

    to start a computer via the key ignition? possible?

    Hi, I am Rémi. I have a project to make it easier to start my computer using my vehicle's ignition key. Here is my problem: I have a utility vehicle equipped with an on-board computer running Windows 10. In the current example of police vehicles. If I want to start it, I have to move my...
  3. Xmias3

    Question Car noise while driving slow and reversing

    I recently started to hear some noise coming from my car, is a toyota 2007 yaris and I started hearing this noise on the front left wheelafter going to visit a family member. (Video attached) i was in a rush so I had to go in the highway and the noise suddenly stopped. Before arriving home I...
  4. L

    Question 12v to power 3v LEDs

    Hi, I want to use those 2 pronged 3v leds in my car, however I have trouble understanding how to choose a right resistor, and also I am worried that resistor will get very hot and make a much higher power consumption. So it would help a lot if anyone can spare a little time and explain this to...
  5. Bumbar

    Which laptop to buy for charging in Van on 12V

    Hello, Can someone help me with my issue. I have a Van that I use for traveling/holidays. Because on traveling I do a lot of photos I like to edit them in my Van. In Van I do not have any inverter, so I would like to charge my laptop using 12V cigarette lighter socket. Is this possible? Please...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Should i buy a monitor or a car?

    I am thinking of buying lg 34uc79g ultrawide gaming monitor that costs around $400-$500. For that money i can also buy a 90s car that is in good shape mechanicaly and esteticaly with nice mpg.The car is Yugo 55 ,and before you say its [censored], imma tell you that i live in serbia and you can...
  7. D

    What would be better for me? Coaxial or component car speakers?

    I was looking at upgrading the speakers. I was looking at the best buy one's. IDK if they do the installs thou. They used to at the future shop i remember. I can prob find a shop that does it if not easy in my city. I was thinking just getting coaxial as i can keep the radio (kicker speakers...
  8. robax91

    Question Which of these speakers should I pick for my entry level sound system?

    I have a JVC KD-X370BTS receiver and I wanted to know which of these speakers would be best to pair with it. This is just an entry level setup for my older car, so a pair of speakers for $15-40 is right around my budget. Honestly I am OK just getting the cheapest ones unless there is some reason...
  9. alexanderwe6

    Question Chrysler 200 Wont stay running

    I recently purchased a 2013 Chrysler 200, after a few days of owning the car, the car would start, the red safety light in the dash would turn on, and the car would turn itself back off. I had the keys reprogrammed, and that fixed it for a few starts. We had the car hooked to a computer, and...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] can an android phone be used as a gui for a mini pc

    I would like to install a series of mini cameras in my car. The cameras would have to be connected to a storage device. A mini pc would be perfect but I would need a way to control the mini pc.
  11. A

    Question Some of the music (within sub-folders) on my USB flash drive does not show up in my car anymore. They used to. What can I do? (More details below)

    I drive a 2015 KIA Forte, with the factory audio system. I'm using a 128 GB Kingston DataTraveler G4 flash drive 3.0 (in properties it says "FAT32"). The flash drive has only music, audio files: .mp3 file type. In the flash drive, most of my music is divided in the following way: Genres...
  12. C

    Question Computer in a car???

    I would like to ask what is the best possible setup to build for inside a vehicle. a car build but will be moved into a van after camper conversion my plan is to place a second car battery for leisure in the boot somehow safely wire a computer hooked up to an inverter somehow. my question is...
  13. Edward_102

    Question Automatic boot closer for Nissan Wingroad 2012 (Nissan Y12 Series) OR automatic boot opener and closer.

    Hey guys, As the title says, I'm looking for an automatic boot opener and closer for my Nissan 2012 Wingroad or commonly known as Nissan Y12 Series. If you look at this video here you can see this function work on a Ford Focus 2015 model. If I can get that same functionality that'll be great...
  14. tegacius

    Question Android computer for car

    I am looking for android board for car. Something like odroid board. I need powerful enough to run some games, watch movies , google maps, spotify . I need that I can put all components behind panel .. and only display is on top. Any suggestions ? I am looking for budget one. Also it would be...
  15. D

    Question Point to Point in movement

    Would it be possible to have a moving P2P connection? I have an Engenius EnstationAC installed in a location and want to know if it'd be possible to install the other end on the roof of a moving vehicle. There will be a clear line of sight throughout the whole drive. Its a relative short trip of...
  16. strea

    First time installing a GPU, will this be an easy install / plug and play? (Pictures inside)

    Hello everyone and thank you for your time. I am upgrading from a 980 Ti Hybrid (1x6 pin / 1x8 pin) to a 2080 Ti Hybrid (two 8 slot pins). Will I be able to simply remove the 980 Ti and put the 2080 Ti in without any problems? I figure I am just using the 6+2 pin into the left slot of the 2080...
  17. G

    New custom PC randomly restarting

    Edit: It turns out one of the cables in my PC had become dislodged from the PSU. I've corrected this and now the PC seems to be fine. So around 2 weeks ago, I bought a custom-built PC from CeX, and for the first week or so I had no problems with it. However, now I am having a few issues...
  18. S

    FPS drops when I play RE 7

    Specs : MSI Rx 480 4gb i7-4790 1900x1080 monitor I played Doom-dues ex mankind on the highest settings and got 60fps stable. Played RE 7 and my fps keeps dropping every 20 sec to 30-20-10 fps Changed my settings from very high to high still have the same problem (Turned off the shadow cache)...
  19. T

    I have two hard drives in my desktop computer. How can I tell which one is being used?

    What is a thread? I have a windows 7 desktop computer with two hard drives. How can I tell which one is being used? They both have a windows 7 operating system on them. When I look at the desk top or go into control panel I can't tell which one is operating without rebooting and selecting...
  20. M

    ASUS Deluxe II: What happens if I use dual channel ram in slots not recommened by manufacturer

    I'm buying a new PC. I'm getting the ASUS Deluxe II motherboard and the R1 Ultimate/Universal cooler. Because of the size of the cooler, I can't put the ram sticks in the recommended slots. This is the guide by the manufacturer...
  21. White4_20

    Athlon x4 740 confusing temps (overheating?)

    Hey everyone, Just bought a FM2 processor (Athlon X4 740) with FM2-A55M-P33 mobo because my old CPU and Mobo somehow burnt (FX-6300)... I just downloaded a HWmonitor because i tought that with the cooler i have it will have a really nice (low) temps... But i was wrong... I tried switching off...
  22. S

    Eyefinity Connectivity Setup-Will this work?

    Hi guys, I've just received a third monitor and I would like to use eyefinity to display games across all three monitors. All three monitors are the same and have VGA and DVI ports on them. I know that Eyefinity requires at least one of the monitors to be connected via display port, and I plan...
  23. O

    New Computer Build - Won't Boot With Graphics Card Connected

    3rd time building a PC. I had everything connected, everything would power up, but would not get a boot. I checked all the connections, disconnected/reconnected everything, reseated ram, still no boot. All the fans were running (including for the graphics card). Removed my graphics card and...
  24. V

    How can I get my Bose headphone MIC to work with my desktop computer?

    I recently bought this headphone" I wanted to use this headphone to play games like cs go, specifically, using the mic. It has a mic BUILT IN. For some reason, I cannot get the mic to...
  25. J

    2x GTX 780 SLI what PSU do i need ?

    I currently have a EVGA GTX 780, im looking to add another one in for sli, what size PSU will i need, i currently have a Corsair cx750m, is that big enough, im not looking to overclock them.
  26. C

    Can a display driver crash result from a broken monitor?

    The monitor does seem to be working, but once the display driver crashed and sometimes the screen flickers in divided sections like this: This only happens occasionally when I start the computer. The weird thing is it's a new PC from Dell, a high-end...
  27. H

    Can I have 4 sticks of RAM with each pair being a different capcity?

    Currently I have 2 x 4GB sticks of G.Skill Sniper Series RAM. My motherboard is dual channel and can support 4 sticks of ram. Can I safely add 2 more 8GB sticks and have 2 x 4GB sticks and 2 x 8GB sticks for 24GB RAM total?
  28. J

    how to uninstall graphics card drivers if card no longer works?

    Hi all, I heard a loud bang the other day from my PC, no smoke, no smell, but it turns out 4 capacitors on my graphics card had blown up. The PC can turn on ok but the graphics are like a little light show now. I'm reading that before you install a new graphics card you should remove the old...
  29. A

    Setting up Home network with Zyxel PK5001z and PFSense box

    Hey guys, Im working on setting up some lab enviroments at home, (long story short.. VCP5 studies) anyways.. I currently have.. zyxel PK5001z with a static Public address. It also currently runs my LAN (DHCP, wireless, as well as all routing to outside) a PFsense server set up on a Dell PE...