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  1. gantzypants

    How would a 380x fair on a 2560 x 1080 ultra-wide?

    I have the Lg 34" freesync monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. I would like to know how good a R9 380X would do on it. (what frame rates to expect, how high I can have the detail, etc) It is paired with the fx 8320. Thank you!
  2. J

    i have a old apple mac 4 computer at my moms house and want to hook it to the internet how can i do that

    we have a very old desk top computer and it still works good and we would like to hook the internet up to it and i aint sure how to do it
  3. M

    Repair to black screen with cursor win8

    Alright, so this is a long story so strap in... I went to get onto my computer today and it brought me to the regular splash screen. After that, it went to the loading screen for windows 8 and under the logo, it said something along the line of "Automatic repair fix" then it goes to a black...
  4. M

    Win 7 OEM and replace Motherboard

    I need to replace the mobo, but there is nowhere stocking the same model I can find. I have a list of some alternatives, but as I know it you cannot transfer the OEM Win 7 license to another mobo. This still true? Current mobo is the Gigabyte GA H87 HD3. I talked to ms support and they said...
  5. Ragnarous

    Question about partitions and drive letter paths

    Hi guys, i bought another ssd and wanted to take out my old one! I formatted it and also right clicked in the disk management and deleted its volume and it became unallocated space, which pretty much means i deleted its partition (correct me if i'm wrong) However it's drive letter path ( D )...
  6. B

    PC Crashes?(goes black), but PSU continues to run

    My Win7 Ultimate 64-bit will run fine for "a while" (sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks) & then it just goes dark. The PSU continues to run (the fans are spinning etc) & it's on a KVM & the little monitor icon shows that it's still connected, as opposed to when I shut off the PSU or...
  7. I

    Laptop Wifi in Canada and US

    So I bought a laptop from ebay and its coming from canada will the wifi work with it even though its in US? I went to europe before and brang a laptop but it wouldn't connect to any wifi service so im wandering if thats the same even if its from canada
  8. Yrors_

    Will this build cool a R9 390 effectively or should I go with a GTX 970?

    Hi, I am wondering if this build would keep a MSI R9 390 at a exceptional temperature or if I should just go for the GTX 970. Build: Thanks
  9. T

    Laptop CPU swap blackscreen

    I own a Gateway NV55S03u and it started to be slow. I noticed that it could do an upgrade to the CPU. So, I got an A8-3500m to replace the old A4 3300m. It all went fine and then I went to start it. It turned on but I got no video. No BIOS. Nothing. Just black. Before I did the swap, I did a...
  10. C

    Just about to build my first pc.

    I just gathered all of the parts I want to build my first pc. I'm posting this because I want a little feedback on it. Lastly, what kind of fans should I put to maximize my air flow. Case: Nzxt s340 2 front fan spots, one back, and one top.
  11. A

    AMD FX-8350 OC fails/unable to OC properly

    Hello, so I've decided to overclock my cpu since it's pretty common with this one. But after my first try I already failed. I was trying to go for 4400mhz at first with 220mhz bus speed but I wasn't even able to get past login screen before blue screen. Then I looked at my voltages and saw that...
  12. The Darkeye

    What graphics card will suit my i5-4690k?

    Hello, I am building a gaming pc ATM These specs are: i5-4690k cpu (integrated graphics ATM) MSI b85-g43 mobo 2x4gb ripjaws 1600 ddr3 ram (upgrading this soon to 16GB) Thermaltake watercooler fractal design define r5 mid tower Sharkoon WPM700 psu Samsung 850 evo 120gb SSD (i will add an HDD...
  13. D

    Re installing OS onto a new ssd with same product key.

    So I got a new rig a few days back. Made a stupid decision to not get an ssd and had it assembled at the store where they installed the OS for me. Now I got an ssd and when I try a fresh install on it using the USB not generated by the windows media creation it says windows image not found for...
  14. Crabcakes5

    First Build Questions

    Hello. I am new to pc gaming, so I asked what I could do to improve my build and everyone was very helpful. After that, I took their advice and made a few changes to the build. Before I buy the parts I just want to make sure they work together. I have already purchased a Sentey Blade GS-6011 for...
  15. R

    Problem Cooler Master Hyper 612s

    In intel retaining plate when I push nut to the maximum and is not tight
  16. A

    To purchase or not to purchase?

    Hey everyone , my name's Andreas i'm from cyprus and i've been considering to upgrade my pc for a long time now (about 6 months) and go from sandy bridge and gtx 680 to skylake and gtx 980ti . There is a high percentage that i will be going to canada this christmas and the only components i'm...
  17. S

    Computer is making high pitched noises

    Hi my PC build is: I have recently replaced the GPU, CPU Cooler, PSU and Case to my computer build. My problem is that my computer is making a high pitched noise. The noise is always there EVEN when my computer is turned off. It only turns off if I...
  18. H

    PC Upgrade Help

    Hey y'all. I have $200, might get $300 in total soon. I was hoping to add some upgrades to my PC. I know it isn't perfect, but I'm not sure what to add. Any help is appreciated :)
  19. P

    can dell optiplex 960 mini tower cooling fan be replaced?

    i was wondering is dell optiplex 960 mini tower's cooling fan replacable becaus i want to replace it with a smaller fan. sorry for my bad english
  20. B

    laptop(win 7); PC-Vista-backup external hardrive

    A gift in 2009, 1TB western digital My Book external hard drive still works well. Is it possible to backup both windows 7 and the Vista operating system to the same external hard drive. bbunch06