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  1. F

    Overclocking i5 4690k with MSI-g45

    Hi, I used the settings in this video It will show 4.4 ghz in bios, but in aida64/CPU-Z it still shows 3.5ghz, And going back to stock settings in bios and enabling OC genie doesn't do anything either,And I've tried removing the battery to restore...
  2. M

    windows 7 help?

    i have a oem windows 7 softwhere if i get a new motherbord can i re ues my windows 7 and start new wath my oem windows 7 i mean to put window 7 bake to new on my hard drive???
  3. S

    HDD Partition Table Gone

    I have a 4TB Seagate HDD that appears to have lost all partition information. It was formatted to NTFS in Windows 7. I was trying to copy a file over to it and the system locked up during the copy; totally frozen, couldn't even get into Task Manager. I ended up hard resetting the machine because...
  4. M

    GeForce GTX 750 1GBDDR5 compatibility with ASUS B85M-E mATX

    I understand backwards compatible, but I am trying to "min-max" my new build, so should I be upgrading the mobo to one with two PCIe 3.0 slots or find a different GP?
  5. S

    CdaC15BA locking me up

    Guys this is really the only place I feel I can ask questions and get real straight answers. Lately my system locks up and I can't get out of it, I end up having to hit the reset button. My event log is full of these Event ID: 7000 The CdaC15BA service failed to start due to the following...
  6. E

    a10 7850k high temps

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew average temps for the a10 7850k using the stock heatsink/fan. Running 100% cpu speed i get 45c idle and up to 82c under load. Currently running 70% cpu speed getting 45c idle around 57 - 62c under load. Using speccy for temps, used hwinfo before and got...
  7. E

    r9 280 vs r9 285 which one?

    I know this is my second thread i was going to go with gti 760 but these cards above beat in my other thread i decided to go with r9 270 but now im confused as ill pay ore and get a higher end card so which one r9 285 and r9 280 is the same price but one has 3 gb ddr5 and other has...
  8. O

    GTX 970, intel i7 and 8gb of ram, 50-30 fps in LoL on medium

    All temperatures are normal, brand new pc so no virus, fps can even drop to 30 during fights
  9. J

    Which Website CMS to use?

    I know this may or may not belong here but as most CMS's are free and can work on any platform I'm not sure which sub-forum to post this question. Basically I want something simple to learn, easy to use that would allow just a basic information site that has 3 main elements, a forum section...
  10. E

    Emergency help needed! Failing HDD?

    Hi all, I have just encountered what I deem some major problems with my PC. I got home today and started Steam. I can't recall the order of events, however games were acting strangely. CS:GO in particular was unable to start, so I tried to verify the integrity of the local files. Steam found...
  11. J

    Is there a legal way to obtain Win7Pro ISO's now that Microsoft has killed the links?

    Title pretty much says it all, I want to get a legal Win7Pro ISO so I can install it on used machines I am fixing up and selling in local classifieds, letting the customer know that it is installed for their convience and that obtaining a serial is up to them and will probably cost them money...
  12. M

    Harddrive Reporting wrong Capacity

    Okay I won't go into long detail about the history. Suffice it to say A partition failure, loss and miraculous restoration of my HD has left me with a few odd problems. The first being rather curious in that the capacity of the hard drive is being misreported. Now I've checked several forums on...
  13. A

    Got a build for around 1k?

    I need a build asap so anyone who is willing to help ty so much. OS: Win 7 Form Factor: ATX Full Monitor: Yes Mouse/Keyboard: Yes(Wireless pls) Usage: Multi-Task Gaming and occasional Movie/Music When will i Buy: As Soon as i can get the build Mic: Yes(wireless if possible) I prefer to...
  14. G

    Chromecast Most Popular Streaming Device in 2014 With 10 Million Sales And 1 Billion 'Casts'

    Google's Chromecast is now the most popular streaming device in the U.S. Chromecast Most Popular Streaming Device in 2014 With 10 Million Sales And 1 Billion 'Casts' : Read more
  15. N

    Best smartphone under 125$??

    hi, i am finally saying goodbye to my Nokia 5130., Considering to buy a Smartphone under 125$ and yes i am under very tight budget because i also need to upgrade my PC. one of my best choice is Xiami Redmi it has 1.6 ghz processor and 1gb ram best hardware configuration under 100$ but the...
  16. Nadav Erez

    STRIX 970 for 50$?

    I found an eBay listing for an Asus Strix GTX 970- new, mind you- for 50$. Should I go for it? I mean to say, if the card turns out to be bogus or something, am I covered by eBay and Paypal?
  17. A

    HELP! Getting random white or pink patches

    Help! my Graphic card is having weird problem. In every game i am noticing several patches in every game in different way... in GTA IV several white polygon,small box flickering in buildings when moving camera. with ICE Enhancer 3.0 these flickering are even worse.. (i am getting solid 29.3 fps...
  18. RomanEdgez81

    Ram Question for pc

    I am getting some new pc parts and my old rig has 6gb of ram and im ordering 8gb of ram so can i use them and have 14gb of ram in my new rig. My motherboard does have 4 slots for ram.
  19. C

    New laptop for college

    So im buying a new laptop with the aim that it is used mostly for college, but i do enjoy a bit of gaming, so i found a laptop i like the look of, however there are a few things with it i would just like to get a second (or many second opinions) on... First off whats the main difference between...
  20. WAD

    Need help deciding a laptop buy,

    Im buying a laptop I need help choosing between theese two, or if you can find something better in the -500€-ish price range Option one: Option two...