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  1. Meaning_Raptor

    Force Constant Voltage. Will there be any side effects?

    I have a R9 290 Tri-X and the voltage keeps going down to 500 or so when it should be at 1000Mhz the whole time. Can I go on MSI Afterburner and force constant voltage without overheating or side effects or will it ruin my card? I really need to force because it keeps on dropping. And no it is...
  2. R

    What is a good budget AIO Water Cooling Set for CPU?

    I have a PC that run on stock cooler ( AMD FX6300 @3.5Ghz ). Usually it run around 40 - 50 Celcius degree ( 32-40 in idle ) . I want to get a cheap and good AIO Water cooling. Any suggestion? Thanks. ( Please write the price and a link to the product )
  3. kuroisuna

    Problems with network connection: modem > 20m cat5 > router > pc

    Hi everyone, I'm having a lot of problems with a network that I've (poorly) build. A friend of mine is sharing his 2MB ADLS connection with me and a friend of his. I've no networking training. I just figured out how would work: I'm using Windows in my PC and the network sometimes connects...