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  1. Rozi05

    [SOLVED] Memory temperature high and and core temp is low

    I am using rtx 5600 xt for mining and it's mem temperature goes to 80 to 82 and core temp at 38 to 42. Is it normal?? What is the normal mem temperature ??
  2. D


    Hi there, I just got secondhand GTX960 4GB SSC and I have been told that there was failed overclock to the card and then some savings, the story is really complicated so I won't enter it. My question is if there is any way to reset the cards BIOS or something just to be sure ?
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Using a secondary Video Card for VR

    Hi there! I have an odd question. I recently got a video card upgrade (MSI R9 390 8G) but it doesn't have the hdmi outputs necessary to operate an oculus rift. My old card (1050ti) ran the oculus very well and had 3 hdmi outputs. The headset required 2. My question is this: Could I simply have...
  4. P

    GTX 1070 Bottleneck

    Hi guys my gtx970 just died and i plan on replacing with a Gtx1070, i was just wondering will my CPU bottleneck?, i run a i5 -6400 @ 2.70GHz
  5. A

    Need help overclocking fx6300 / new to OCing

    I've been wondering if it's safe to overclock my CPU with that cooler and what to use for overclocking and what to be careful about. cpu: fx-6300 cooler: CM hyper 212 LED mobo: gigabyte 990x gaming sli gpu: asus gtx 1050ti Thanks!
  6. D

    I need help with a new PC! (going to buy a new one)

    Hey fellow computer builders, I am buying a new PC and would like to know if it is any good and will work. I will be using this PC for school work and will be creating a gaming youtube channel. Also a couple of questions. Do i need an m.2? and how would that cope with three different storage...
  7. S

    Can i use Dell 32" Curved Screen U3415W with Dell Inspiron 3650?

    I just ordered Dell Inspiron 3650 desktop with integrate graphic. Im just wondering if i can use my existing Dell 32" monitor (3440x1440)? Does Inspiron 3650 integrate graphic card support 3440x1440 resolutions? I search online but i can't find the info anywhere. Thanks
  8. D

    Devices are no longer working with new motherboard (Mic and mouse)

    Hello everyone, so after weeks with computer troubles I'm finally coming to a forum for help. Alright so, just today I put a brand new fancy MSI motherboard into my tower, however a issue I'm having is when I plug in my mic which is a Blue Snowball the light goes on but utilities like Curse...
  9. R

    Will the Acer AXC-704 4 1TB N3050 be able to run Star Wars: Battlefront??

    It has: Intel® Celeron® processor N3050. 4GB DDR3L, upgradable up to 8 GB of single-channel DDR3 1333 MHz. Integrated high-definition sound. 100 (W) x 369.6 (D) x 266.5 (H) mm.
  10. E

    Need a motherboard that is compatibel with the following:

    i am looking for a motherboard that fits this: Intel core i5 2500 cpu @ 3.3GHZ Asus radeon R7 260x gpu Corsair tx 650 power supply Low cost if possible please!!!
  11. LightAngels

    SLI - GTX 970 different brands?

    Somehow i have these: and Can i use SLI with these two? Thanks in advance :D
  12. I

    Laptop Not Starting After Disassembling

    Hello there people of TomsGuide, I am in need of you help!, Recently, I just disassembled a Lenovo G740 because of the DC jack being misplaced. After putting it back to place and reassembled the laptop, it wouldn't start up. I reput the HDD, reput the RAM. I didn't replace the heat-sink. I...
  13. P

    What kind of wattage am I looking at?

    Hey guys I'm going to build my new pc this week and I need to know what kind of psu will I need? My specs are I7 4790k Gtx 960 Asus z97 mobo One Dvd drive One 1tb hdd at 7200 rpm 8gb ram 1600Mhz I'm on a tight budget so depending on my power requirements I was going togo for the corsair cx or...
  14. F

    Should I use a Corsair RM650 in my Gaming PC Build

    I was thinking about getting a ghetto CX750M Power supply for a new gaming rig (4790K + GTX 970) but then I saw that RM PSUs were not that much more expensive. People buy them so much, but on professional forums they're often criticised for bad quality ( though not bad quality control in favour...
  15. R

    fedora - How to get repository of softwares

    Hi every body . I installed fedora on my system that's very good but one problem: In ubuntu there is this directory : var / cache / apt / archives that you can see every repositories of softwares that installed on that but in fedora when I install a software with yum it just download...
  16. O

    Corsair RM 1000W Gold vs Corsair AX 860

    Just wanted to know which one has more power cause the gold has 140watts more but then the AX is platinum so it uses more power than golds so I am a bit confused.
  17. I

    CPU OC e7500 G41M-ES2L FSB

    i want to overclock my cpu but there's a problem i change the FSB value from 11X266 to 11X273 to increase the cpu core's frequency from 2.93 to 3.00 but when i reboot my cpu its use the old settings and when i press Delete its open my dual bios and the settings saves but its give me error its...
  18. Arom123

    Windows 7 Install With Windows 8

    Hello guys, i need some help. Ive got 2 HDD's and 1 SSD in my tower. Windows 8 is installed to one of the HDD's and i have a bootable USB drive with windows 7. First i tried going through Windows 8 UEFI boot option, unfortunately, the bios crashes. You heard right. i cant change my boot order...
  19. christian11

    Building Gaming PC

    I am sorry to take your time friends but can you help me with specific names of what components to choose to build my gaming pc, any suggestions like... Motherboard Procesor Graphic card Ram And cooling system just like you would buy for your self with a budget around 1000 euro Thanks