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  1. EmberBlood

    Question Buying RAM from two different brands but with same capacity, frequency and timing(variable).

    I have a Apacer Panther DDR4 8gb 2400mhz ram stick on my H110-S2PH mobo. It's timing is 16-16-16-36(while on XMP2.0....The sticker on the ram also says it's 16-16-16-36) otherwise on default, it was on 17-17-17-39(xmp off). It's stock out right now and I have a budget. So I'll probably have...
  2. maxboygamer96

    Question Ram Latency Confusion

    I have checked my ram latency on CPU-Z and i have gotten something like this: "JEDEC 8,9,10,11" "Frequency: 1066 on all JEDEC" Now my main question is What is my latency?? it shows "16.0,17.0,18.0,19.0" while ras to cas is all 15 my ram is crucial 4gbx2 2133MHZ DDR4, part number: CT4G4DFS8213.C8FDD2
  3. ajay12131

    [SOLVED] tRFC not matching in HWINFO versus UEFI ?

    Hello everyone. I recently upgraded my RAM to 2 x 16GB @3000mhz (mismatched sticks) and managed to run them in dual-channel @3600mhz. There is no stability issue yet (over 1 month of usage). However, I recently noticed something called tRFC 990 (I am a newbi to oc) in HWINFO summary. I looked...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Mix RAM with different CAS Latency

    I currently have 2x HyperX Fury 4GB 2666MHz CL16 (16-18-18) RAM sticks, but my brother is getting 2x G.SKILL 8GB 2666MHz CL19 (19-19-19-43). So I was thinking about both of us use one of each memory, so we each get 12GB, but I don't know if the CL16 - 19 is a bad thing. Some people say that I...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Should i buy this RAM for my laptop

    Long story short, there is a sale on amazon for RAM and im getting for cheaper than other options so will this work properly? im attaching my cpu-z image of RAM. The ram i want to buy is : CPU Z Image link(cuz...
  6. PouyAwW

    [SOLVED] Can RAMs with different CAS latency run dual channel?

    For example let's say 2gb ddr2 800mhz cl5 and cl6
  7. Mugsy

    [SOLVED] Faster mem wil CL19 or slower men with CL16?

    I'm in the process of upgrading (3rd gen Ryzen & MoBo with X570 chipset) and in need of new memory. I'm wondering if it would be better to buy 4400MHz memory (the MoBo supports it) with a CL of 19, or 3600MHz memory with a CL of 16? (the 3600/CL16 is slightly more expensive, making me wonder if...
  8. Tim Red Beard

    Question Can I mix G.Skill TridentZ 3200mhz with Different CL?

    Hey tech community, I got a question that I can't really find the answer for. I have some 2 x 8GB TridentZ DDR4-3200 CL16-16-16-32 sticks that are in my Z170 ASUS Hero MB, I want to upgrade it with 2 more 8GB DIMMS but I can't find the same G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3200 CL16-16-16-32 DIMMS for...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] from 3000mhz 15cl to 3600 16cl

    is it possible to get my ram to 3600 with cl16? currently running 3600 with auto cas latency any ideas how should i do it?
  10. willyburns

    [SOLVED] Memory overclock not working? Problem with XMP.

    Yo, I'm having a problem getting the rated 3200MHz out of my 'Corsair Vengeance RGB (4x32GB)' on a new BIOS revision where previously everything was fine. I have an ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme and XMP was working fine with BIOS 2002; however, after updating to 3006, I cannot get my RAM to boot...
  11. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] First time ram OC

    I have a Ryzen 7 3700X on X570 and 2x8GB DDR4 3200 16-18-18-38 memory which I would like to either tighten timings or increase frequency. According to DRAM Calculator, I can either do 3200Mhz C14 at 1.39V fast preset, 3466Mhz C16 at 1.4V safe, 1.43V fast preset, or 3533Mhz C16 at 1.45V fast...
  12. R

    Question What is the difference between CL 19 and CL 19-19-19 in ram?

    I want to purchase a ram stick, I am not sure of my current installed rams CAS Latency, but i know its got 19 as the first number. Online i found two ram sticks, one says CL19 and the other says CL 19-19-19. Dont know which to pick. Please help Thank you
  13. B

    Question CL15 Ram is listing as CL16, but xmp properly set it to its intended CL15 in bios.

    My system is not allowing the correct RAM latency speed - it’s doing CL16 instead of 15. Hardware: Asus b450-f (bios updated) Ryzen 5 3600 16(2x8)gb ddr4 G.Skill Ripjaws 4, 3000mhz/CL-15-15-15-35 To start, the ram needed xmp on in the bios for it to register above 2k MHz speed - thankfully...
  14. S

    Question Will lower Cas Latency give me better FPS in games?

    So currently i have 8gb 2133Mhz DDR4 ram, and im looking to upgrade it to 16GB 2400Mhz DDR4 ram, So there are 2 options for me, one of the rams has 17 CL but the other has 15 CL, i will save about 15 euros if i chose the ram with 17 CL, should i spend more and get the ram with 15 CL, and if so...
  15. Senbonzakura_miku

    [SOLVED] Which is better, 2x4GB CL17 or 1x8GB CL15? Does it matter at all?

    I'm building my rig, and i have two cases. An 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V 2400Mhz CL15 (15-15-15-35) or 2x4GB Geil Evo X 2400Mhz CL17 (17-17-17-39)? Should i care about CAS Latency? I usually play games.
  16. C

    [SOLVED] When i5 4th gen will be obsolete?

    My system is Dell inspiron 3542 laptop with windows 10 and linux mint 19.1 dual boot. I am thinking to swap a ssd in place of dvd drive. But I am concern that is this a good decision to make as it's rocking intel's 4th gen i5 processor.
  17. C

    NZXT x72 with i7 8700k

    I ordered an nzxt x72 360mm radiator to replace my noctua u14s dual fan to help cool my i7 8700k for overclocking and its going in an nzxt h700 case. My question is if I have 3 120mm intake fans in the front and the nzxt 360 aio on the top with one extra exhaust fan in the back will that cause...
  18. P

    Mother board for overclocking core to quad

    I want to over clock core 2 quad 9550 can use g 31 and if not which mother board can I use . And can I do a little overclocking on g 3q to save money and increase value
  19. A

    I5 6500 vs I7 3770

    Hi guys , Let me know which one will perform better in Gaming. I will do gaming and live streaming simultaneously. And how much performance difference between these two CPU ? I will pair GTX 1060 with it . I5 6500 vs I7 3770
  20. M

    It's my Friend's Mobo dead?

    My Friend's PC began doing this, the PC "Blinks" 4-5 times and then the PC turns on but no display. I think it's either the PSU or the Motherboard, any other opinion would be appreciated. Thank you.
  21. B

    W10 - Start Menu not working

    1. Tried restarting 2. Tried to go into safe mode - start menu does not work in safe mode and does not work after safe mode 3. Tried copying and pasting Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”} into...
  22. T

    BIOS update for new CPU?

    I want to upgrade from a a6 6400 to an athlon x4 860k, my motherboard is an a55bm-A which supports fm2/fm2+ socket. My current bios verison is 0302 but it needs to be atleast 1601 for this cpu so i would need to update BIOS, but i heard BIOS can kill ur motherboard?
  23. A

    Will this fit in a NCASE M1 V3?

    My build: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($222.75 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X41 106.1 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($99.99 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: Asus Z97I-PLUS Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard ($148.99 @...
  24. N

    Can my motherboard run 2 graphics cards? Pic in description

    Sorry, I can't tell whether or not I vae to PCI-2.0 slots or not. I was wanting to buy 2 gtx 760's for my dell XPS 9000 and run them in sli. Also, would a 650w power supply be enough to power them? <--- pic of MOBO THANKS!!!! ----> It says on an ebay listing that it...
  25. D

    AX240 rad enough for SLI 670s?

    Hey there, first time poster, bit of a noob and virtually clueless RE watercooling (I have been having a browse of the stickies though!) but I have been considering it. Basically I have 2 4gb KFA2 EX OC 670s in SLI and the temps get stupidly hot, Being SLI and being in an R4 case I expected...
  26. B

    Looking for a nice monitor

    I recently bought a new gaming system and i really need a new monitor for it. I am now using a shitty tv. My specs on my new pc: i7 4770k stock speed sapphire tri x r9 290 oc msi z97 pc mate 2x4 ram from corsair 750watt Cooler master gm I was thinking about a 120 hz+ monitor like this one...
  27. HellboP

    Monitor Display Trouble

    A brief history of this monitor: I've had it since I purchased this PC about 5 years ago and haven't ever had any issues with it. Recently (about a month ago) a friend knocked the monitor off of my desk on accident. Besides having popped the front frame off and dislocating the card with the...