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  1. Fallingoutofyourlife

    Question Pc case with 12 to 13 PCIE Expansion Slots

    Hi I am looking for a pc case with 12 to 13 Pcie expansion slots. I am building a pc with 4 HD 7970's (Asus Direct CU II 3GB) They are 3 slot cards. Yes I could do 4 HD 7970's that are of the 2 Slot Variant or 2 HD 7990s. But these are the only ones I have on hand and HD 7990's are rare to come...
  2. nikgenious

    Question LED lights of case fans are not coming on after PC crash ?

    yesterday my pc crashed because of high tempratures (85+ decrees celcius) and from then on the LED lights of my case fans are not turning on. Could the high temps have killed my led lights or anything else that could happened because of the high temps?
  3. nikgenious

    [SOLVED] does Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 fits in the case Sharkoon TG4 Red

    i have the case sharkoon tg4 red and i wonder if the coller be quiet dark rock pro 4 fits in my case
  4. Barry Cupas

    Question Advice Needed

    Hey Guys, I need some advice on this Build. Here is the PcPartPicker Link to it ; https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mmmL6R Can you see what is overpriced in this...or make some changes which can make this rig even more efficient or cut some unnecessary prices or add equivalent parts which could...
  5. Prad_Bitt

    [SOLVED] Air conditioning moisture effect on PC?

    Hi I am new at PCs and I just built a PC and it's kept in my bedroom, I live in a hotter area (around 40°C in summers) so I have to leave the air conditioning on all night. This causes my floor and other objects in my room to have moisture deposits on them in the morning, like the floor becomes...
  6. H

    Question Power supply connector

    I have building a pc for my dad it's in budget and for typing and little poster creating in graphics I bought athlon 200ge Gigabyte a320m s2h 1tb hdd 7200rpm 8gb 2400mhz ram I bought a case psu combo which is 250w But my problem is my psu have 4 pin connector but my mobo has 8 pin connector is...
  7. Saber19

    Question Best budget case with good airflow?

    Hi apparently im looking for a better case than Cooler master's TD500 mesh case, the case is out of stock. if you guys have any suggestion or substitute for this case please tell me. what i would like in a case is a good cable management and good airflow probably with top vents and ATX...
  8. Uri Abraham

    [SOLVED] 240mm radiator with two 140mm fans?

    I have been saving in the past half year for a new computer, my first ever build so I'm trying that everything will be perfect. I figured up by now most of my components but a there's one piece in the puzzle that remains, can I put a 240mm radiator with two 140mm fans? The question is that the...