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  1. S

    Question Pc case fan not working.

    My pc is newly build. Every thing is running fine but the three case fans at front are neither spinning nor showing any light. Please help. Mobo - Gigabyte B360m gaming hd Psu -corsair vs 550. I need my pc running urgently plz help.
  2. F

    Question CoolerMaster MasterboxQ300L Fan not working?

    So I recently built an office PC for my mother which is working perfectly until I noticed one issue, the fan that came with the case is not spinning. I noticed when I turned on the PC the fan would do a little spin and then stop, as if it were trying to move. The fan is 3 pin and I plugged it...
  3. Vishal_7

    [SOLVED] How to add more PC Case Fans ?

    I have a MSI B450M Pro VDH mobo. It has 2 system fan slots [SYS_FAN1,SYS_FAN2]. I have a current setup of 1 In 1 out case fan, both are 120mm. One fan came with the case(Corsair carbide spec 04) and it is a PWM fan.The other one is not and is a 12VDC fan(planning to replace it with PWM). There...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] NH-D15 - case fans to support the beast?

    I recently got a Noctua NH D15, and a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M (TG) case, but im having trouble deciding on case fans. 3 would be ideal for space and motherboard headers, and also airflow, but im open to suggestions. I dont know what fans to buy. The CPU cooler can go up to 82 CFM, and ill need to...
  5. V

    Question Why did my case fan stopped working?

    I have a Zalman I3 series case. The last 2 months everything was fine, but suddenly the leds and fans stopped working. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you in advance.
  6. F

    Gtx 970 issues in multiple games. Looking for advice on system, or what I can do.

    Hello, I Can't really handle games struggling to stay at 60 when the setting are set to medium, no clue what's going on. I find PC stuff is a struggle and really complex so any answers that dumb it down would be really nice.