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  1. benjamin_a_hu92

    Question Fan hub sync to the CPU fan

    Hi guys! I need help with fan connectivity. If i buy any fan hub (for example a DEEPCOOL SC790), and i connect the fan hub to the motherboard secondary cpu fan header (in this case "water cooling CPU fan header" on a H370 AORUS GAMING 3 MBO), all the fans connected to the hub will react to the...
  2. thomasst

    Question How to connect this case fan hub to my motherboard?

    Hello, I've been building a new PC and I've gotten it to POST, there is only one issue and it concerns the case fan. Now, my case, the MS Fighter V310, appears to have a fan hub in the rear, behind where the motherboard is supposed to be positioned. There are three fan connectors, two LED...
  3. 2 Real

    Question MSI A320M Pro-VH Queries for RGB Fan Hub (Control Board) KEDIERS PC Case - C770 M-ATX Tower

    Hey guys, I was wondering, I have MSI A320M Pro VH motherboard, i just wanted to change my case to Kediers PC Case which comes with 7 ARGB 120MM fans it also comes with a RGB fan hub (Control board), in the product description it says it’s needs a 5V-3Pin to control the synchronisation for the...
  4. frogalert

    Question Problem with the fans on the Kolink Observatory Lite case ?

    So some time ago I bought the Kolink Observatory Lite case because it was really cheap and I thought it looked good. Now that I have it I have one big issue: the fans are doing what they want. Using the remote works, but after some time the fans either stop spinning or change the colour mode...
  5. floorcleaner

    [SOLVED] Connecting 3-pin fans to a 4-pin fan hub ?

    If i connect this fan hub to the system fan header, will all case fans with 3 pins connected to it rotate at maximum speed, or will my system control the speed like shown here?
  6. C

    [SOLVED] 3 Case Fans in 1 Fan Header: Is it gonna BLOW UP???

    So I have a Motherboard that is an ASRock X470 Gaming K4. The problem is I want to put 6 (4 Pin Header) Case Fans in just 2 (4 pin) Chassis Fan Headers so I'm gonna split it into two. The power of a single Case Fan of mine can consume 0.32 Ampere so if I multiply that into 3 it will be just...
  7. Szabi1850

    Question BIOS reads 0RPM for system fan, they always go 100% speed

    Hello everyone! I have a new case (Genesis Irid 505) and a Gigabyte MB (B450M DS3H). I've connected the Fan HUB, which holds 4 RGB fans to the MB's Sys_fan 1 (PWM) pin's. The cable has only two connection on the left and right side, so the two in the middle are missing. I am not sure if that is...
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] PC Fan Hub

    Hi so recently i bought a fan hub and it has a SATA cable, but i don't know where exactly i should connect the sata cable on the psu. heres my PSU ( be quiet! T380699 System Power 9 500w, 80 plus bronze) all i need is just a picture of the psu port thanks :))
  9. H

    Question Case came with fan hub, question about connecting sata cable

    So my MSI MPG Gungnir 110r case comes with a fan hub with space for 6 fans. I’ve connected all the fans and they are powered fine on separate 12v headers. Now the fan hub has two cables coming out of it, the 3 pin RGB cable and a sata cable. I have connected the 3 pin rgb cable to my jrainbow1...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Fan hubs - 3 pin & 4 pin

    Hello all, Maybe someone could help me understand this better as Google is no help. I am building a pc from scratch and everything was going smooth until I started adding the fans. My problem is - I have a fan hub with 10 5-pin sockets which i have connected all of my fans to. ✔ The hub is...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] What kind of Sata Cable i need for this Hub?

    Hey Guys, Recently ran into a stupid probelm. Got a fan set of corsair Sp120 and found out there is no fan hub but a RGB hub. So I knew there is a Fan hub with enough connector in my Fractal Design define R6 stock fan hub in the back. But found out there are 2 segments. The 4 pins are pwm...
  12. T

    Question can't find a fan hub with remote 3pin

    I currently have 8 fan which is Inplay Diamond M30 and I can't find a fan controller. I live in Philippines. Anyone know here I can buy it?
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Fan hub not working with all fans

    I just installed a SilverStone fan hub and two Noctua NF-P12 fans. I connected the Noctua fans and the stock case fan (with 3 pins) to the fan hub, and connected the hub to the motherboard and PSU. When the computer starts, the stock fan works but the Noctua fans don't power up at all. I've...
  14. L

    Question Rosewill Prism T500 Fans won’t spin

    The preinstalled fans are connected to a preinstalled fan hub, that only has a power supply connection, (the head that has those 4 large holes) when I turn it on, the LEDs turn on on the fans, but the fans do not spin whatsoever. I really don’t know what to do man, the fan headers connected to...
  15. Vishal_7

    [SOLVED] How to add more PC Case Fans ?

    I have a MSI B450M Pro VDH mobo. It has 2 system fan slots [SYS_FAN1,SYS_FAN2]. I have a current setup of 1 In 1 out case fan, both are 120mm. One fan came with the case(Corsair carbide spec 04) and it is a PWM fan.The other one is not and is a 12VDC fan(planning to replace it with PWM). There...
  16. P

    Question Fan hub power supply molex?

    So i just got this case caled a rosewill spectra D100 and its nice but it came with pre-installed 120mm fans and they are connected to a hub that has a power cable with molex connectors which ive never seen before and they dont have anywhere to be pluged in at all which means the fans wont work...
  17. T

    Question Fan Hub and RGB Fans, How does this work?

    My Phanteks p600s case came with a Fan Hub. I am looking at the RGB ML140 Corsair Fans. My Mobo is a z390 Gigabyte Designare. (only 1 usb internal connection) The cpu cooler is a noctua D15s just to include all details. Is this a pain to install? I know the 3 pack of 120's comes with...
  18. M

    Asus mini itx motherboard bios reset

    So, I need help fast as I am building a mini itx system very very soon. I ordered a used Asus P8H61-I LX R2.0 When I did a test boot to make sure it worked it booted fine, but the splash screen said RM, which I believe is a company of computers that schools use, then it had like some sort of...