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  1. N

    Question Upgrading radiator fan worth it?

    I'm trying to OC my i3-8350k, but at the temperatures my liquid cooler caps out at, I can only get it to around 4.3 GHz. I'm on a budget at the moment, and started wondering if I could just upgrade the case fan on the radiator. Would a faster fan make my liquid cooler more efficient?
  2. R

    Question H66F Aerocool Fan Hub (Duo 12 Pro)

    Hello,i bought Aerocool Duo 12 Pro that came with there h66f fan hub and my problem is i cannot control my fan speed in bios or in there hub , the remote came with a pwm function but when i press it nothing happened. Thanks you Mb: msi h170 gaming m3 Hub plugged into Sys_fan slot
  3. M

    Question Case fans wont spin

    I have 2 Rosewill LED case fans that need to be powered by my PSU by molex as i dont have an available header for them on the motherboard. I tested both fans by connecting them to the one (currently in use) chasis fan on my motherboard and they spin at full rpm. I also tested every molex...
  4. Z

    Question More fans

    What would you recommend me using to install more fans into my PC. I currently only have one 3 pin and one 4 pin connector and im also using a molex to 3 pin connector. I want to upgrade my case to i can have at least 5 fans inside my case (not including the cpu fan) and I don't want to use...
  5. N

    Question Fan Recommendations

    Hey everyone, Currently on the market for some new fans, however I'm seeing lots about decibels and CFM, etc. Am i right in saying that the more CFM the louder they are. I currently have the fans listed below. Does anyone have any recommendations for RGB fans that are quieter or the same as...
  6. C

    Question PC BUILD - £1500

    Hi all. Looking to build a PC for gaming with a £1500 budget for a tower, keyboard and mouse. Part lists please? Thanks!
  7. O

    Question Help, no slot on mobo for 2nd case fan. Is there another way?

    So bought a corsair m120 pro for my pc and i just assumed my MOBO had more than 1 sysfan slot. But it doesn't. Unfortunately all of the slots on my power supply are taken as well, so i kind of feel like i wasted my money. But i heard of using splitters and i would like to know some more details...
  8. MadsModsat

    Question Recommended software for controlling PWM case fans connected to MB?

    Hello. I'm looking for a piece of software to control my case fans. I only need it every now and again, for when I'm stresstesting / benchmarking and for trying to find the best settings between case fans and the fans on my AiO, and pump RPM of the AiO. It is not something I do too often, but...
  9. S

    Question Case fan question (4 pin connector rgb)

    Hi, my question is how do I connect a cooler master rgb case fan to a older biostar MCP6PB m2+ mobo. It has a 4 pin female but I don’t know what connects into it. I just want the rgb to work. Any help is appreciated. here is a pic of the female 4 pin I’m talking about...
  10. L

    Question Motherboard fan headers + Fan problem solution?

    So I'm currently trying to build an ITX setup with the new Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming Motherboard. From what it's showing the motherboard has 3 fan headers: 1 for the CPU (CPU_FAN), 1 for the chassis (CHA_FAN), and another for the pump (AIO_PUMP). And the current cooling solution that I'm...
  11. J

    Question My case fans aren't spinning.

    So I unplugged my hard drive because it didn't fit well, but when I plugged it back in and booted up, my case fans are not spinning. My cpu fan is spinning. Case: Sharkoon scg1 Window Mobo: Msi A320M Gernade GPU: Nvidia Gtx 1080 Cpu: Amd Ryzen 7 2700 with stock cooler PSU: Corsair VS550
  12. K

    Question Case fan only starting when getting pushed.

    So I recently build my first pc, and it worked fine, but now I have realised that the case fan is not working unless you give it a push, and then it works fine. The case is from a Scandinavian brand: (Norwgian link, could not find any english) Mobo: ASUS...
  13. Question haf 912 plus max airflow

    I have a haf 912 plus computer case and im using a rog strix 2080 ti and 9900ks cooler by dark rock 4 pro, both overclocked. I purchased three corsair LL120 fans that i plan to install in my case. Im wondering where i should put them though, here is the recommended airflow for my case from...
  14. W

    Question Case fans rattle/whirring

    I've recently built a new PC and after a little working I've finally today got everything finished. The final touches were replacing the stock front 3 fans with some MasterFan MF120R argb's. Since doing this earlier today, I've instantly noticed that some of the OTHER fans (two on the top) are...
  15. [SOLVED] Case fan installation : OUTTAKE OR INTAKE?

    I'm buying new case fan and asking for 2nd opinion on how to install it. I found an article but my cpu casing is a bit different from the photo in the article. This is my CPU casing, the PSU fan has an INTAKE fan inside and Outtake on the outside which cannot be change. I only have an OUTAKE...
  16. N

    Question old psu fan on gpu

    i broke the fan on the gpu. i have old (broken) psu, it has removable 2pin fan about 80mm but im not shure it might be 120 as well. At the back it says 12V, but it doesnt say the amps. my gpu's fan specs: 12V 0.15A. is it safe to plug that fan on the gpu 2pin header? the header on the...
  17. iSpextor

    Question Need help installing Case Fan

    Hey guys, So the other day my old case fans (stock fans that came with the case) started rattling, etc. and at the end of the day I decided to have them replaced. Coming to the actual problem now.. I ordered a pair of Noctua NF-P12 fans. Great product really, but I couldn't even get to install...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Where do I connect my GPU cable fan to? (I'm a beginner)

    Hi, I am building my first gaming PC. I have two fan cables I need to connect. One of them is from the case, which I heard goes to the motherboard. The second one is my graphics card fan. The graphic card I have is a ASUS ROG Strix Raedeon RX 5700 Overclocked Triple Fan. My motherboard is a...
  19. Notrix

    [SOLVED] Connecting multiple case fans with motherboard having only one Sys Fan header and no RGB Header

    Hi all, I got 2 antec spark RGB 120 case fan, with one corsair intake fan already pre installed in my cabinet. Now the motherboard only has one sys fan header which I am using for the exhaust fan and is yet to get a small Y connector for the other fan which would act as intake, Now my question...
  20. R

    Question Use a 2 pin PSU fan with mobo

    My PSU recently got fried and all I can salvage is 2 pin fan from it. Its 12 V so it should work like any other case fan. All the fan connectors on my mobo are either 3 pin or 4 pin and I am not able to find a suitable connector/adapter for it. May be I am searching for the wrong terminology...