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  1. Ramiro.Giorgi

    [SOLVED] ARGB lighting cases fans not working.

    Hey people so a few weeks ago i purchased two id coolings TF-12025 ARGB fans to put in my nzxt s340 case. I had to buy an argb splitter cable from cooler master to install them directly to the motherboard and when i installed them it worked fine, giving full argb lighting and spining correctly...
  2. Arisu

    Question Old stock Antec fan

    I'm trying to add 2 fans in 1 header using a splitter, the Cool master fan is 16 amp but the Antec says nothing but it's brand name and logos around it. Is it safe to go with it or should I replace it? Both of the fan were reused from my old cases from when I was in elementary, now I'm in college
  3. SnowMN

    [SOLVED] Daisy chain in the rain

    Hello community,i hope and wish the best for all during these dark times. What i am wondering is this: I have kraken x73,7 pwm 4 pin NF S12A by noctua and Thermaltake commamder pro! A)Is there a way to connecting everyrhing in such a way that all fans will scale with the radiator fans...
  4. J

    Question 3 fans on 1 header?

    Would I be able to run intake 3 fans on 1 header as there are only two chasis fan headers on my mobo (asrock b450m pro 4 - F) and I’m using 1 already for two exhaust fans. The 3 fans I want to connect are coolermaster Masterfan sf120r ARGB’s.
  5. B

    Question Installing case fans

    Not too good at this kind of stuff. Anyway, I was looking to install 4 case fans. 2 at the front for intake and 2 at the top for exhaust. I have this motherboard. Pretty sure this motherboard is quite bad, and cant support too many...
  6. B

    Question Need help with a cooling issue

    So i've had a cooling problem for years now and I want to get this sorted out. Essentially, last week, my PSU died. Because of this, im going to have to rebuild my PC so I thought id try and get this problem out of the way. Whenever I do anything intensive, such as playing games, my CPU can...
  7. Exia00

    Question Case fan questions

    Hi guys so i am using the Deepcool Matrexx 55 case and right now i have 6 120mm 1200 RPM fans installed and was wondering if i replace my 3 front fans with 2000 RPM fans and my 2 top with 140mm fans instead would i get better cooling in my system because touching the side tempered glass panel it...